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Home Explore Get IT Network Protection For Patient Data In Baltimore MD From Klik Solutions Today

Get IT Network Protection For Patient Data In Baltimore MD From Klik Solutions Today

Published by francis, 2021-04-29 15:16:31

Description: Baltimore, MD-based Klik Solutions (+1-833-394-4900) have announced a partnership with Medical Business Partners, offering IT management to healthcare providers in Maryland. More details can be found here

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Get IT Network Protection For Patient Data In Baltimore MD From Klik Solutions

Are you concerned about security and efficiency in your medical practice's IT network? Call Klik Solutions today! Klik Solutions, IT management and cyber security specialists based in Baltimore, MD, have announced the launch of a new partnership Medical Business Partners.

The partnership gives your medical practice comprehensive IT assessment to identify areas of vulnerability within firewalls and application coding, as well as operational consultancy to improve data compliance protocols and protect against network breaches. Klik Solutions offer you a detailed risk assessment of medical technology, including EMR, telehealth systems and mobile services.

Through their partnership with Medical Business Partners, the specialist team bring an understanding of the technological demands of running a modern healthcare business. Klik solutions bring expertise in cyber security, offering high- end surveillance and monitoring 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Founded in 2012 by Arthur Olshansky and Neil Konstantoulas, Klik Solutions are now a 60-strong team of IT management experts serving the needs of hundreds of businesses nationwide. A Klik spokesperson says, \"We take inefficiencies out of your IT system, allowing you to fully focus on patient care.\"

Keep your data safe and your business running smoothly with Klik Solutions IT management. If you are struggling to maintain your healthcare practice's IT network and are worried about meeting HIPAA regulations, call Klik Solutions today for round the clock service and support.

Go tohttps://landingpage.klik.soluti ons/healthcare-compliance for more details.

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