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Make Financial Literacy Fun For Your Kids & Teens - Discover MoneyTime

Published by francis, 2021-05-17 03:26:12

Description: The Kids Products Reviews blog is announcing the launch of an online financial literacy game report about MoneyTime. The program teaches kids how to make smart money decisions throughout their lives. Learn more at

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Make Financial Literacy Fun For Your Kids & Teens - Discover MoneyTime

One of the most important things you can do for your children is teach them about finances. Popular blog Kids Products Reviews recommends parents teach kids about finances with a fun online program called MoneyTime.

First introduced to New Zealand’s education system in 2018, MoneyTime is being used in 500 schools by over 30,000 children. The comprehensive online program is now available in the US for use as a homeschooling financial literacy tool.

The MoneyTime online curriculum is made up of 30 modules that cover a spectrum of business and financial courses kids can take on their own, or alongside parents. Parents wishing to guide their children through the MoneyTime program have access to a printable Homeschool Study Handbook and a Frequently Asked Questions document they can refer to as needed.

Through an engaging online game setting, kids learn about earning money, saving money, and accumulated interest on savings as well as resumes and job applications, making smart budgeting, spending and banking decisions, and what it means to rent or buy property, borrow money and shop for mortgages.

As kids progress through the curriculum, they learn about term deposits, stocks and other investment vehicles, business basics, and finally profit and loss, insurance, online security and net wealth particulars. The MoneyTime online program gives parents and grandparents the chance to provide kids with tools they can always rely on to live a financially rewarding life.

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