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Boost Sales With This On-Demand Simulive Webinar & Online Workshop Platform

Published by francis, 2021-08-11 17:50:06

Description: vConferenceOnline updated its virtual and hybrid event platform. The software’s functionality can be used for the organization of efficient and engaging conferences, tradeshows, workshops, webinars, job fairs, and meetings. Learn more at

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Boost Sales With This On-Demand Simulive Webinar & Online Workshop Platform

Whether you're planning a virtual conference for a global audience or a small internal online workshop for your team, you'll need a platform that will ensure a seamless user experience for your attendees. You can use vConferenceOnline's virtual and hybrid event platform for the organization of efficient and engaging conferences, tradeshows, workshops, webinars, job fairs, and meetings.

The web-based software is convenient for live, simulated-live, and on- demand events. According to a survey conducted by the company, 89% of event planners replaced in-person conferences with virtual ones.

Virtual events offer you a range of benefits, including flexibility, lower expenses, wider audience reach and increased attendee count, easy online networking, and analytics. vConferenceOnline's key features simplify all stages of event planning for you, starting from preparation and registration to post-event review.

Registration confirmations, reminders, and custom email campaigns ensure efficient pre-event communication with your event participants. In-event functionality includes an unlimited number of simultaneous live and on-demand video sessions, customized exhibitor booths, chats, a conference room mode, downloadable materials, quizzes, and polls.

vConferenceOnline also provides a multitude of ways for your sponsors to connect with the event participants, including between- session ads and videos, branding, sponsored sessions, and sponsored chats. Various packages are offered depending on your needs and the event type.

Get a demo at https://www.vconferen

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