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Home Explore This year 7 Spices will make you remember your spookiest nightmares with the Gypsy Circus Halloween

This year 7 Spices will make you remember your spookiest nightmares with the Gypsy Circus Halloween

Published by francis, 2021-10-26 05:04:45

Description: Halloween at 7 Spices Miami Beach: The Gypsy Circus theme will have Stilt walkers, Acrobatic shows, Popcorn stations, Complimentary tarot reading, Live beats, and More surprises.

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This year 7 Spices will make you remember your spookiest nightmares

Celebrate the spookiest night of the year at 7 Spices Restaurant & Lounge.

Their Prime location makes it a must for this Halloween at the Iconic Lincoln Road Strip. Lincoln road is a worldwide famous destination for hosting its yearly Halloween parade.

Thousands of people attend this parade to watch other people's creative costumes and show off their scary ensembles. The advantageous location is between Pennsylvania Avenue and Meridian Avenue, where The leading entertainment, outdoor bars, and Dj stages are set up and, most importantly, where most of the crowds hang out all night long.

7 Spices Restaurant & Lounge provides the best outdoor seating on Lincoln Road.

In addition, its privileged location at the core of the strip makes it the best restaurant to have dinner on Halloween night. This year at 7 Spices, the night will be crazier than ever; their Gypsy Circus Halloween Party will have Stilt walkers, Acrobatic shows, Popcorn stations, Complimentary tarot reading, Live beats, and More surprises that you will never forget.

Of course, that's without mentioning the unique signature drinks and the delicious food.

7 Spices bases its sexy concept on the fusion of flavors inspired by Mediterranean roots blended with the American element of modernity. For years, locals have selected this venue for Halloween due to their lovely and friendly staff, delightful dishes, trendy design, and extraordinary mixology cocktails, making them one of the top restaurants & lounges in Miami.

Contact Us At: https://www.7spicesm

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