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Philadelphia, PA Public Adjuster Helps Homeowners Insurance Claims Settlements

Published by francis, 2021-06-26 22:35:04

Description: A claims adjuster dispatch service has been launched by Philadelphia All Risk Public Adjusters. Homeowners and companies can call 215-394-0018 to get help with public insurance adjusting claims. Go to for more details.

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Philadelphia, PA Public Adjuster Helps Homeowners Insurance Claims Settlements

Make sure you have All Risk Public Adjusters fighting your corner if you suffer an insurance loss in Philadelphia, PA. Don't rely on the insurance company-appointed loss adjuster.

The company has launched a claims adjuster dispatch service for you if you have suffered damage to your private or commercial property. The public adjuster works on your behalf to ensure you receive promptly the full amount due.

The claims adjuster dispatch service will provide you with the experience and expertise of a public insurance adjusting expert who is working for you, not the insurance company if you have suffered damage to your property. You should appoint a public adjuster to represent your interests.

Philadelphia's All Risk Public Adjusters are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and will commit to dispatching a public adjuster immediately if you require help with a claim. The reassuring presence of a public insurance adjuster who has your best interests at heart makes the whole experience less stressful and more bearable for you.

A public insurance adjuster only gets paid in the event that you get paid and only receives a percentage of the recovered funds, so you incur no upfront costs. A Florida study by the Government agency, OPPAGA, the Office of Program Policy Analysis & Government Accountability found that claimants using a public adjuster received payouts ranging from 40% to 700% more than those who did not engage their own loss adjuster.

A company spokesperson said: “You wouldn’t go to trial without a lawyer. Likewise, you shouldn’t file an insurance claim without an All Risk Public Adjuster.\" \"Insurance companies attempt to limit their claim payments as much as possible, and our certified claims adjusters ensure you get the compensation you are due.”

Go to for more details.

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