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Home Explore Get Kayaking & Archery Packages From This Outdoor Activity Expert In Cumbria, UK

Get Kayaking & Archery Packages From This Outdoor Activity Expert In Cumbria, UK

Published by francis, 2021-08-05 11:24:59

Description: Don’t let distancing measures keep your family inside this summer - call the local outdoor activity provider Independent Adventure (+44-1697-508295) in Talkin Tarn Country Park, Brampton to get the custom entertainment packages you need! You can find out more at

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Get Kayaking & Archery Packages From This Outdoor Activity Expert In Cumbria, UK

Independent Adventure Ltd. have recently updated their range of outdoor activity packages, offering to host small groups for archery, kayaking, and paddle-boarding sessions at their premises in Talkin Tarn Country Park, Brampton. The newly updated services from Independent Adventure now offer you socially-distanced private archery lessons that can be tailored to your group or individual needs, including if you are a tourist visiting Hadrian's Wall or a local family looking for summer entertainment.

The outdoor activities providers have adapted their services and sessions to ensure that you can now enjoy archery, kayaking, and paddle-boarding on location while abiding by current distancing regulations. Since the 3rd of August, Talkin Adventures have reopened their boat hire services, providing you with open canoes, kayaks, and rowing boats.

With the easing of social distancing measures, they welcome the prospect of offering you mobile archery and activity services at external venues, as well as some larger indoor halls, ideal for corporate away days and school trips. Based in Talkin Tarn Country Park, near Carlisle, the event and activities management company have been operating throughout Cumbria, the Lake District, the North East and Scottish Borders since 2011.

Besides providing extracurricular activities for schools and corporate team building events, their services can be adapted as part of your stag or hen party as a unique, highly memorable experience. Talkin Tarn Country Park in Brampton, the home of Talkin Adventures, is an iconic venue for archery, raft building, kayaking, canoeing, and stand- up paddle-boarding.

Their spokesperson said, “Whether you are looking for corporate activity days, outdoor stag and hen socials, fun wedding extras, things to do as a family or enrichment activities for kids, let us know your desired outcomes and we will provide a selection of package options for you to choose from.” Talkin Adventures are the Talkin Tarn Country Park kayaking and archery experts offering to lead individual and group sessions - call them today at +44-1697-508295 to get custom outdoor entertainment packages!

Go to https://www.independentadv adventures-cumbria!

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