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This Longport NJ Real Estate Firm Has Affordable Townhouses Condos & Houses

Published by francis, 2021-06-28 15:30:13

Description: Apex Prime Realty has the services you need to navigate this competitive market! Go to to find out more about the best real estate solutions in Longport, NJ!

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This Longport NJ Real Estate Firm Has Affordable Townhouses Condos & Houses

Looking to buy or sell a home, condo or townhouse? Apex Prime Realty has the real estate services you need to navigate the Jersey Shore's competitive housing market!

The agency has just expanded its services to include home buyers and sellers based in Longport, New Jersey. Apex Prime Realty offers its top real estate services across the Jersey Shore! This latest announcement will help you access Apex Prime Realty’s high-quality residential real estate services in Longport!

The New Jersey housing market has seen continued growth as the pandemic has started to ease. The state’s median house prices rose from $335, 000 to $407,000, up 21% between January and April 2021. As homes have become more expensive, competition among buyers has also become increasingly tense, with many buyers reporting difficulty in finding a suitable house.

Apex Prime Realty responds to these trends by updating its services to offer you high- quality real estate representation in Longport, New Jersey. The experienced team can provide you representation whether you’re looking to buy or sell a house, apartment, townhouse or condo! The agency can also offer you a range of cheap housing options, including foreclosed homes. This provides you with a unique opportunity to find an affordable property in this highly competitive market!

The firm’s team is led by Sherri Lilienfeld, an award-wining real estate agent. Lilienfeld has been recognized by Five Star Professional, a body of market researchers, as a Five Star Real Estate Agent for 8 consecutive years! Contact Apex Prime Realty to get your complimentary home valuation consultation today!

Go to http://www.apexprime. com to find out more!

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