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Make Your Next Conference Memorable With This Mountain Climbing Keynote Speaker

Published by francis, 2021-09-06 00:02:13

Description: John Beede has updated his mountaintop keynote speech service. Beede delivers motivational talks to professional audiences while climbing Mount Everest. Go to for more info. 

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Make Your Next Conference Memorable With This Mountain Climbing Keynote Speaker

Ensure your next event really has the wow factor and provide the most memorable experience for your audience with the new virtual mountaintop keynote speaker presentations from motivational speaker John Beede! They have been created for event organizers who want to arrange memorable and exciting keynote presentations that are an alternative to virtual conferences.

During the presentation, Beede takes audiences on a virtual journey up a mountain while delivering motivational content on goal achievement and overcoming challenges. He explains, \"Zoom fatigue is a real thing and attendees of virtual events and conferences are getting bored of listening to talking heads and thumbnails.\"

\"As a Seven Summits and Mount Everest climber, I realized there was an opportunity to level up my game as a speaker by making mountains my stage. There are no other speakers who are doing anything similar.\" The presentations are particularly well suited to students and professionals and are tailored to your requested theme.

All the content is thoroughly researched ahead of the presentation and designed to engage and inspire audiences. Beede says that during his mountaintop presentation, you will learn to become more productive, improve your resilience and build on your leadership skills.

An optional Q&A section is included at the end of each presentation as part of the update. The presentations typically last between 30 to 45 minutes.

A previous attendee says, \"John's experience climbing to the top of Mount Everest will inspire anyone to climb towards their life's greatest goals.\" John Beede has been delivering keynote speeches for over 15 years. He has delivered motivational talks in seven countries and in 48 of the US states.

Go to for more info.

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