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Home Explore Grand Rapids, MI: Construction Management Experts Expand In Hospitality Industry

Grand Rapids, MI: Construction Management Experts Expand In Hospitality Industry

Published by francis, 2021-08-06 20:52:27

Description: Construction management company Honor Construction ((616) 214-8592‬) has announced the expansion of its service for hospitality businesses ready to take advantage of post-pandemic landlord construction and improvement allowances. Learn more at

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Grand Rapids, MI: Construction Management Experts Expand In Hospitality Industry

In the wake of the pandemic, well-capitalized restaurant and hospitality operators can benefit from generous construction and improvement allowances from landlords.

Honor Construction has the expertise to help operators take advantage of this opportunity. This veteran-owned construction management company in Grand Rapids, Michigan has announced the expansion of its construction and renovation services for restaurant and hospitality business operators.

With upwards of 30% of hospitality businesses not expected to survive in the current economy, landlords are under pressure to lease their vacated commercial spaces in a wide-open market. This has resulted in many landlords offering significant construction and improvement allowances to hospitality business operators who are ready and able to take advantage of the opportunity.

Honor Construction is a relationship-driven company that understands that every job they commit to isn't just a construction project.

As a proud veteran-owned business, Honor Construction's processes are built around integrity, service, and respect. As a mid-sized business, Honor Construction is big enough to offer you the benefits of scale while being small enough to move quickly.

Your project starts with you being supplied with the company president's cell phone number and the guarantee that he will be actively involved with every element of the job.

A spokesperson for Honor Construction said, “There is an incredible opportunity for well- funded restaurant and hospitality businesses to take advantage of the increase in commercial properties following the pandemic.\" \"We are experts at helping businesses in this sector enter new markets and build or renovate vacant spaces to suit their individual business needs.”

Go to https://www.honorpm. com to find out more

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