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Plainview, New York, Printing Company Expands Services - Lohrius Blue Print Co

Published by francis, 2021-08-13 15:19:31

Description: Plainview, NY-based Lohrius Blue Print Co has recently expanded beyond its core business of blueprint services to offer a full menu of printing options, rivaling pricing of online competitors.

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Plainview, New York, Printing Company Expands Services - Lohrius Blue Print Co

The company is currently continuing to expand its commercial printing services, in addition to large print and blueprint projects, to clients and is rivaling other businesses and online printers in options and pricing. Originally operating with blueprint services as its core offering, Lohrius Blue Print Co is now equipped to serve clients with all of their printing needs.

Focusing on customer services as well as providing multiple service options has allowed Lohrius Blue Print Co to continue meeting client expectations and securing relationships globally with small to large companies. Lohrius Blue Print Co offers printing of marketing materials, bulk prints, construction documents, and promotional graphics.

Lohrius Blue Print Co also dedicates a portion of their business to assisting businesses with print materials for tradeshows. During the pandemic of COVID-19, Lohrius Blue Print Co quickly responded to the need for multiple types of hanging, sticker, and handout signage needed by businesses to communicate regulations and guidelines to patrons.

Founded exclusively as a blueprint company, Lohrius gradually expanded into the world of full color printing. The quality of printing is what sets Lohrius apart and the company's business model is showcasing a high-touch, attention to detail mindset that benefits customers.

Currently, Lohrius Blue Print Co is led by Jimmy Lohrius, CEO, who brings more than 30 years of printing business experience. Jimmy Lohrius created his business in 2000 after working in his family's print shop for several years, where he learned all aspects of the industry and built solid relationships with an extensive network of customers.

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