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Home Explore Qualifying for an FHA Mortgage Just Got Easier for Oklahomans With Student Loans

Qualifying for an FHA Mortgage Just Got Easier for Oklahomans With Student Loans

Published by francis, 2021-07-06 04:58:13

Description: New guideline upgrades to FHA Loans Make it Easier for Oklahoma Home Buyer's Previously Declined for FHA Loans Due to Student Loan Debt to Qualify for FHA Home Loans.

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Qualifying for an FHA Mortgage Just Got Easier for Oklahomans With Student Loans

More Aspiring Buyer Qualify for FHA Loans

Borrowers Qualify For More $$$ No Longer Limited By Debt to Income Rations

Changing the Debt to Income Rations from 1% of loan balance to .o5% of loan balance Helps Make The Dream of Home Ownership a Reality

Find the Details Here! dfiles/OCHCO/documents /2021-13hsgml.pdf

Home Ownership is a Dream Come True

Contact Us At: https://oklahomarealest

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