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Home Explore This Raleigh, NC HVAC Company Specializes In Keeping Indoor Air Healthy & Safe

This Raleigh, NC HVAC Company Specializes In Keeping Indoor Air Healthy & Safe

Published by francis, 2021-10-25 23:39:07

Description: Raleigh, North Carolina-based 6 & Fix Heating & Cooling are HVAC and air quality specialists (919-736-6661). Serving Raleigh, Durham and the Triangle area, the company is helping residents improve the quality of their home's indoor air. Learn more at

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This Raleigh, NC HVAC Company Specializes In Keeping Indoor Air Healthy & Safe

When temperatures begin to fall, we become more aware of all the places in our homes where cold air is seeping in. And then we work hard to block those spaces.  The problem is, if our indoor vents are full of dust and the heating system hasn’t been looked at in a while, we risk trapping and growing all kinds of pollutants and allergens inside the home. And then we breathe them in. 

A report released by HVAC and air quality experts 6 & Fix Heating & Cooling warns that exposure to harmful particles and allergens can make you sick. The report lists close to 20 different air purifying solutions you can put into practice to minimize unhealthy indoor air.

6 & Fix Heating & Cooling specializes in air conditioning and heating system repairs and installations and indoor air quality solutions. 6 & Fix offers both indoor air quality assessments and cleaning systems that can be used on your home's surfaces to achieve a healthy, safe home environment.

To ensure your HVAC system is not contributing to unhealthy indoor air, it's important to have it serviced regularly. You should also be replacing aging air filters and keeping your vent system dust-free. 

6 & Fix Heating & Cooling offers year-round HVAC repairs and installations and same-day service for calls received before 6pm. They are committed to helping you maintain a clean and healthy home.

Click on the link in the description to find out more.

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