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Get Plant-Based Health & Wellness Products With Kirkland, WA Zero-Waste Store

Published by francis, 2021-09-17 17:35:59

Description: Scoop Marketplace (+1-206-339-1383), a zero-waste company offering reusable and environmentally friendly products, has launched a new store in Kirkland, Washington. Learn more at:

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Get Plant-Based Health & Wellness Products With Kirkland, WA Zero-Waste Store

Are you tired of all the plastic waste and excess packaging that comes with grocery shopping? How about all those disposable lifestyle products you use?  With over 300 million tons of plastic waste produced every year, consumers are moving towards a more sustainable future.

Increasing demand for environmentally friendly products has led to a growth in zero-waste options, and Scoop Marketplace aims to connect with more customers through its new store. In the Kirkland store, you'll find zero-waste straws that are made from glass or plastic.

These are available in different sizes and shapes, such as 10- inch bubble tea straws, classic 8-inch straws, and specific smoothie straws. Both the glass and the plastic-style straws can be cleaned with the brushes available on site.

In addition to reusable straws, you will see products such as the natural vegan dish soap bar, which doesn't come in a plastic container. You can even buy food and drink products in bulk, without worrying about plastic harming the environment!

The store aims to help you return to the way that generations used to shop, using less plastic, reusing more items, and purchasing groceries in bulk without packaging. A spokesperson for Scoop Marketplace states: “We are on a mission to normalize zero-waste grocery shopping and are passionate about teaching people how to improve the quality of their lives.”

Learn more at https://www.scoopmar

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