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NYC Mobile Marketing Agency Improves User Experience For Android & iPhone Apps

Published by francis, 2021-08-24 04:07:55

Description: Kindle Media Group (347-551-3564) has announced an updated range of mobile app creation services tailored for local businesses that are looking to drive traffic to their website and keep customers updated on new offerings. Want to learn more? Head to

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NYC Mobile Marketing Agency Improves User Experience For Android & iPhone Apps

With Kindle Media Group’s development solutions, you can request a bespoke mobile app that allows for better attraction and retainment of customers through search, social media, and push notifications synchronized across all user devices.

The company's services intend to help you optimize your customer loyalty programs, promote social media reviews, and improve consumer retention. Its team also works with you to create a mobile application designed to build relationships with and meet the needs of your potential customers.

Surveys have shown that roughly 9 out of 10 smartphone users have not yet chosen a specific brand when they initiate an internet search for a product or service.  Additionally, smartphone access is the primary means for individuals to reach social media feeds. 

The benefits of creating a custom mobile app include expanded reach of word-of- mouth references, improved customer service, direct connection to CRM technology, and more instantaneous communication solutions.

Easy-to-use mobile features can also help you please your customers and provide a more enjoyable user experience. Kindle Media Group offers affordable app development services that can help boost your company's mobile presence and prospective customer engagement.

You can request your application to include advanced push notifications, which allow you to incorporate pop-up messages on user devices. 

Other mobile features include in-app purchasing capabilities and a sync function that will send updates through the Cloud to all of your devices, allowing you to track detailed performance statistics through the integrated Google Analytics function. It’s time for your company to enter the mobile arena -- call Kindle Media Group today for the advanced development solutions you’re looking for.

Learn more at https://www.kindleme

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