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Blocky’s Eatery Opens New Outdoor Patio And Excels At Italian Cuisine

Published by francis, 2021-07-09 22:36:49

Description: Loveland, Colorado-based Blocky’s Eatery has announced the opening of their new outdoor patio as well as open employment opportunities. The business is locally owned and bills itself as the only authentic East Coast Italian eatery in the Northern Colorado region.

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Blocky’s Eatery Opens New Outdoor Patio And Excels At Italian Cuisine

Blocky's East Coast Italian Eatery ,, has announced the addition and opening of their new outdoor patio, expanding their seating areas for customers.

The business, locally owned and operated by founder Christopher Talarico and located in the Orchards Shopping Center at 285 E. 29 th Street, Loveland, CO, boasts a substantial menu of authentic East Coast Italian fare, including pizza, calzones, ripiene, pasta, salads, subs, and family dinners for four, including salad, bread, and butter on the side.

There are whole cheese and specialty pizzas available, \"Craft your own\" pasta options, and \"Build your own\" calzones. Blocky's offers delivery through DoorDash, Grubhub, NoCo Nosh, Uber Eats, and Postmates, in addition to take-out and dine-in options.

Founded by Pittsburgh, PA native, Christopher Talarico, who is of Italian and Irish descent, named his business after his grandfather, Anthony \"Blocky\" Talarico, who took him for his first slice of pizza when he was a child.

From there, Christopher worked his way through several roles in the food and beverage industry, eventually launching his life's dream to own an Italian restaurant and pizza shop. Blocky's Eatery specializes in homemade and fresh ingredients, including making their own Italian Multigrain bread for subs, crafting pizza crust in the old 1920's tradition of making the dough without rolling pins or metal screens, and washing and trimming locally-sourced vegetables daily for their

The eatery has a full list of domestic and imported beers, a wine menu, and homemade canoli selection for dessert.

Blocky's Eatery also offers catering options for parties and corporate functions. With a full catering menu available, Blocky's Eatery is able to cater to party size and budget while delivering excellent quality food and several menu choices.

Contact Us At: https://www.blockysea

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