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In This Digital Era, Companies Use PaaS To Reach Consumers

Published by francis, 2021-08-19 12:00:07

Description: Publishing as a Service (PaaS) is beating traditional advertising in every arena. Nobody likes to have advertisements shoved in their face, thats why PaaS provides useful content that readers and potential clients actually enjoy! Visit to learn how PaaS can help you.

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PaaS Is The Future Of Business Development: Content Automation Is Key

For years experts have known that traditional advertising has been losing its effectiveness. Consumers have learned to ignore many forms of advertising entirely, and often report being annoyed by in-your-face advertising.

The majority of sales in recent years occur immediately after consumers perform online searches. This allows you to take advantage of Publishing as a Service (PaaS) to lower your advertising budget while increasing your ROI.

Using AI combined with programmatic algorithms, it is possible to make published content a single step process between the buyer and the seller. This content has the ability to reach a consumer in their home, office, or on their mobile device, at the exact moment that they are looking for the service or goods that you are offering.

Marketing and branding that used to be accomplished through traditional advertising is now being accomplished with the use of automation and algorithms, combined with human creativity. The new methods of content creation are carefully designed to put your content into the consumer's mind, at the time they are most receptive to learning about it.

Instead of being annoyed by the content that companies are advertising because they are being forced to see and hear it, PaaS matches content with the people searching for it, so they are truly interested in it. Due to not being seen as advertising, rather helpful content, many companies find it easier to shift public opinion and diversify their markets through the use of published informative content.

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