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Scan QR Codes To See Where Your Food Came From - Grocery Origin Tracking Program

Published by francis, 2021-08-20 19:50:50

Description: Arizona-based iFoodIQ allows your customers to track their food on its journey from the ocean or the field, right to their plate. Your customers will love this new feature, and it will make them trust your store. Visit to see how it all works.

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Scan QR Codes To See Where Your Food Came From - Grocery Origin Tracking Program

Is this vegetable organic? Was this beef grass-fed? Where was this fish caught? Answer all your customer's questions and more by allowing them to track their food to its source. The recent updates by iFoodIQ take advantage of changes in how consumers use technology in relation to the food they eat.

Using QR code technology, the company can provide instant, detailed information to end consumers about the food they have purchased. With the new information now available to consumers, it is possible to see more than just the location the product originally came from.

Recent surveys showed that 65% of consumers consider the accuracy of the information provided by grocery stores when choosing a regular destination to shop at. The data available to customers through their program includes detailed information about where the food came from, who harvested it, and how they operate their business.

For over 20 years Food Marketing Solutions, the parent company of iFoodIQ, has been successfully implementing food branding and marketing strategies. Food traceability is the next step in the relationship between food suppliers and consumers.

Food traceability is more than just a gimmick - and your customers will know that. Show them you care about what they're eating, by letting them see where it came from. They'll pay back your generosity by making you their trusted source for groceries.

See how it all works by visiting

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