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Neutered Dogs & Sexual Behavior – What You Should Expect After The Operation

Published by francis, 2021-08-16 23:42:01

Description: Your dog's health is important, but sometimes there are questions that you just don't want to ask your veterinarian. My Best Bark has the knowledge you need. for more info.

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Neutered Dogs & Sexual Behavior – What You Should Expect After The Operation

What changes should you expect in your four-legged best friend after they get neutered? Neutering your dog can lead to a range of changes, particularly to their sexual behaviors.

Dog owners may disagree about whether these effects are beneficial or not. It is fairly common for your neutered animal to be less interested in mating, though sometimes they will still try regardless.

Some dog owners have found that neutering their pets stops their sexual behaviors entirely. While there is always some risk when performing a surgical procedure, it is very uncommon for a dog to suffer any serious issues from being neutered.

The surgery itself has become very commonplace and well- practiced, the largest risk to your dog is usually from the anesthesia used during the operation. Neutering pets is primarily done to prevent them from reproducing, as a way to help prevent overpopulation.

Canine experts have also documented a second benefit to neutering pet dogs: the elimination of testicular cancer and a reduction in the chances of prostate cancer. These cancers do not often affect dogs until later in their lives, but they are often fatal once they have had time to develop.

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