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Design Bespoke Video Marketing Content With This Fully Automated Software

Published by francis, 2021-05-14 13:23:40

Description: A new fully automated video marketing production tool has been launched, called YIVE. It streamlines video creation and production to allow marketers to increase interest in any product or service. Find out more at:

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Design Bespoke Video Marketing Content With This Fully Automated Software

Your Instant Video Empire has launched a new version of its cutting-edge automated video marketing platform.

It's designed to maximize client success through 24/7 autopilot video creation and publication. YIVE allows you to build an empire of thousands of niche content videos quickly and easily.

Videos can be created based on RSS feed, through the use of any keyword, or through a URL. In addition to this, the tool has the functionality to design videos based on Amazon reviews, scripts, or video adaptation from previous content.

Historically, video editing and production is a skill that takes years of experience and expensive equipment to master.

With YIVE, business owners in any niche can utilize video marketing as part of their online advertising arsenal. Clients just have to complete the form provided, tell YIVE how many videos they would like, and it works on a fully automated basis.

Users can run multiple campaigns at once, create campaigns in minutes, and promote their products and offers seamlessly.

Videos can be effective across any niche, from auto dealers looking to increase interest in new car deals to Amazon sellers. Check out the new tool today and skyrocket your sales!

Find out more at

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