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Diversity And Inclusion Consultant Weighs In On Debates Around Race & Education

Published by francis, 2021-07-16 22:27:38

Description: UK diversity and inclusion expert Buki Mosaku has released a new article regarding the current debates surrounding the teaching of critical race theory in schools. Go to to find out more.

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Diversity And Inclusion Consultant Weighs In On Debates Around Race & Education

If you have been following the recent heated debates on critical race theory in the educational curriculum you will have noticed the deep well of pain and blame on both sides. That’s why Buki Mosaku, a diversity and inclusion business consultant based in London, has released a new article focused on the place of teaching race theory in schools across the United States and Australia. With his empathetic focus, he is advocating a new path to healing the wounds of the past.

The release of the article coincides with the heated discussion that has been taking place in recent months - as broadcast widely on global news institutions like CNN and The Guardian - regarding the practice of critical race theory education in schools. With his article, titled ‘Critical Race Theory in Schools: A Red Rag to a Bull or Inclusive?’, Buki Mosaku lends his expertise to this difficult and polarising conversation.

In particular, as the conservative governments of countries like Australia have moved to exclude critical race theory from the national curriculum, Mosaku suggests that there is a new approach to traversing this difficult terrain, one which upholds a shared understanding of the past. Based on his wealth of experience in the field of inclusion, his latest article advocates for an educational method that informs students about the realities of both past and present structural inequalities whilst encouraging critical thinking regarding the broader nature of the human condition.

As Mosaku said astutely of the issue, \"What matters here, as elsewhere, is clarity void of political interests and the collective guilt and pain associated with most inclusion initiatives.\" Mosaku offers strategies for schools to more effectively tackle problems of bias and discrimination at an individual level and suggests ways that young students can be empowered with bias navigation skills.

He believes that while the past cannot be changed, it can be learned from, and that this conversation provides another opportunity for policy makers to meaningfully benefit young people’s futures. More of Mosaku’s characteristically thoughtful work can also be found in his upcoming book titled ‘I Don’t Understand? A Practical Guide To Navigating Bias In The Workplace’.

Go the website in the description to find out more.

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