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Become A Better Leader Today With Free Copy Of Leadership Development Book

Published by francis, 2021-09-14 09:16:20

Description: Olusegun Eleboda announces a new campaign for leadership development. The international best-selling author says that executives should be trained to lead, not dictate. Learn more at

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Become A Better Leader Today With Free Copy Of Executive Development Book

In pursuit of practical education and motivated learning, Olusegun Eleboda is giving away free copies of his best-selling book to help more managers learn about leadership development. \"7 Unstoppable Starting Powers: Powerful Strategies for Unparalleled Results in Your First Year As a New Leader\" defines the simple and effective strategies you can use TODAY to become a better leader in your respective field.

This is important! According to the studies, three in five new managers fail in their roles within their first two years. Teams don't just want to be under a manager, they want to be led by effective leaders. Let’s say it again: People don’t quit their jobs. They quit their MANAGERS.

These new reports imply that you need to adapt to a more values-oriented leadership to improve employee retention rates and maintain productivity. Don't worry: leadership is a skill and can be properly developed using consistent training.

In 7 Unstoppable Starting Powers, you are taught how to become effective leaders to motivate your employees - the key being to take care of those in charge of the work, and not being in charge of everything. The goal of effective leadership is to minimize micromanaging tendencies.

Leadership development suggests a more relational strategy, with you and your employees working hand-in- hand towards a similar goal. Once you request a copy, you will also have exclusive access to a video playbook on leadership development and a biohacking report for optimal living.

A review of the book reads, \"The book is a real-life delivery of leadership principles accompanied by practical action steps.\" \"This has made me be a better leader.\" 


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