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Pre-IPO Real Estate Investment Opportunity Brings Power Back to the People

Published by francis, 2021-07-26 20:47:20

Description: US - Consumer Cooperative Group, a real estate equity cooperative, announces its pre-IPO investment opportunities for beginner investors. The group will soon start the process to be listed on the NYSE American. Learn more at Power of Cooponomics

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Pre-IPO Real Estate Investment Opportunity Brings Power Back to the People

Are you skeptical about all these real estate investments that sound too good to be true? We're introducing a product that is safe, straight-forward, and made just for people like you to find that balance. Consumer Cooperative Group today announced its pre-IPO real estate investment opportunities for the average retail investor.

Unlike traditional investment groups, the cooperative is committed to bringing power back to the disadvantaged lower and middle-class investors before it becomes listed on the New York Stock Exchange American. The cooperative expands on the new disadvantaged niche market of investors who want a level financial playing field, despite basic investment knowledge.

Tanen Andrews, Founder and CEO of the cooperative, explains that the group will be the first cooperative in history to have 75% or more non- accredited investors for its real estate investment start-up. As the name suggests, the key to its success is through the cooperative - pooling funds and sharing resources to generate passive income.

As the pre-IPO investment opportunity continues, Consumer Cooperative Group is also preparing a Reg A filing, which will be classified as a mini-IPO once it has been qualified by the Securities and Exchange Commission. This means that the group can raise up to $75 million in capital from all types of investments for additional turnkey real estate assets.

Analysts say that more low to middle-income workers want a product that is stable with high-yielding profits. Consumer Cooperative Group answers this need in the market by offering straightforward, easy- to-understand real estate investments that give you actual equity in the company in return.

Go to and click Invest Now to learn more!

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