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Film Project On Emotional Healing From Abuse Launches Crowdfunding Campaign

Published by francis, 2021-09-13 15:55:59

Description: Melody of Imagination announces the launch of its Indiegogo campaign for “Wanders Pass”, a full-length feature film based on the book with the same title. The production company is aiming to raise at least $300,000 by the end of this year. Learn more at

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Film Project On Emotional Healing From Abuse Launches Crowdfunding Campaign

Wanders Pass is the latest project of Leah Brown, a central Wisconsin local who is also the founder of Melody of Imagination.

Based on Leah's novel of the same name, Wanders Pass discusses the generational effects of abuse and how it shapes the behavior of the victim, and that of their children and grandchildren as well. The newly released project tackles the taboo subject of sexual abuse by family members.

Even decades-old sexual abuse can manifest itself in unhealthy behaviors in the future, especially through parenting styles. Research from the Centers for Disease and Prevention states that one in four girls experience sexual violence in childhood, and one in 13 boys experience sexual abuse as children.

Perpetrators are often family members or those closely related to the victims.

This suggests that abuse can have a generational effect, with children or grandchildren of sexual violence survivors experiencing other forms of emotional abuse or neglect. Through its release, the movie hopes to inspire other survivors of sexual abuse to find healing, not only for themselves but for their loved ones too.

Wanders Pass is set in the 1950s in Oregon and talks about Elise Blath whose life is shattered when a family secret is revealed.

Leah writes, \"All too often survivors of sexual assault suffer silently in despair and feeling abandoned, unheard and unloved.\" \"When living with victims of abuse, we oftentimes suffer right along with them.\" 

Go to  https://melodyofimagina to learn more.

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