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Get Rid Of Weeds With The Best Lawn Seasonal Treatment Services In Statham GA

Published by francis, 2021-10-05 13:48:14

Description: Looking for mowing and lawn care services in Statham, GA? Fresh Cut Landscaping offers aeration, fertilization, weed control, and pest control treatment for a thick, lush, and healthy lawn! Learn more at

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Get Rid Of Weeds With The Best Lawn Seasonal Treatment Services In Statham GA

Maintaining a lawn requires a lot of time and effort. Unsuitable soil pH level, overfertilization, bad weather, and improper mowing techniques can lead to fungi infections, weeds, and bald spots. A professionally designed lawn treatment plan will ensure that your lawn looks its best!

Fresh Cut Landscaping is a premier local landscaping company with 7 years of experience. It offers a full range of lawn care services, which are offered as a package. The company's gardening experts have the professional knowledge and equipment to prevent and handle dead patches, pest infestations, and weeds on your lawn.

The company’s crew can perform regular lawn maintenance that involves weekly mowing and weeding. Fresh Cut Landscaping can also test your soil for acidity to ensure that the optimal pH level for plant growth and nutrient absorption is maintained.

The standard services offered in the spring are yard cleanups, driveway cleanups, and border edging, as well as the removal of dry and damaged plants. Lawn aeration and turf dethatching in early spring are essential for healthy root growth and helping the plants in your garden get sufficient nutrients.

“Matt and his team always do a great job,” said a satisfied client. “Our yard looks beautiful and well-kept. He's responsive, punctual, and the price is great. I highly recommend their service.”

Fresh Cut Landscaping has significant expertise in fertilizer application and can devise a personalized seasonal care plan for your yard. They will let you relax in your yard and enjoy a lush, green, and healthy lawn without worrying about soil acidity, weeds, and bald spots!

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