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Commercial Liability Property Insurance Protects Vacation Rental Owners

Published by francis, 2021-10-15 20:35:53

Description: Proper Insurance has launched its updated policy for vacation rental owners. This new policy covers all kinds of short-term rentals, including vacation homes, townhouses, condos, duplexes, cabins, cottages, apartments, and more. Learn more at

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Commercial Liability Property Insurance Protects Vacation Rental Owners

Are you looking for an insurance policy that will give you comprehensive coverage on your rental property? The updated policy from Proper Insurance has broad coverage for your buildings, contents, commercial business liability, and business income.

You might think that a home or landlord policy will be sufficient if your property is damaged or someone is injured. That may not be true; you need a policy that covers the gaps in those traditional policies.

In addition to covering the actual property, the policies include liability coverage for amenities the guests may use, including bicycles, golf carts, and small boats. Liability is the biggest risk you face. This risk is present whether the owner is renting out a room in his home or the entire property. 

The second largest risk is the damage to the physical property, including the structure and its contents. Proper Insurance’s policy provides coverage whether the damage or theft was accidental or intentional.

Another risk is lost rental income in case the property is damaged and cannot be rented for a length of time.  With a policy at Proper, you can choose the insurance limit for possible lost rental income.

Having written over 50,000 policies, Proper Insurance is the country's leader in short-term vacation rental insurance and has received several commendations.

A satisfied client gave Proper Insurance five stars and wrote, \"I was amazed at how efficient, patient and honest Alexa was.\" Are you ready to cover your short-term vacation rental property with confidence?

Learn more at  https://www.proper.insur e/vrbo-insurance

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