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Top Email List Building Marketing Program – Simple Courses Available For You

Published by francis, 2021-09-04 01:59:08

Description: It’s time to harness email marketing. If you’re a small business owner List Launch Pro is the resource for you — check out the webinar today and sign up to get the best email list building strategies. Go to for more details. 

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Top Email List Building Marketing Program – Simple Courses Available For You

Don’t sleep on your email marketing — sign up for this webinar today to grow your email list.  The latest training includes step- by-step instructions from professional marketers on achieving 5,000 email subscribers and how to leverage these leads into sales. 

According to HubSpot, 78% of marketers in 2020 said  that email marketing is critical to a business's overall success and sales goals - a 9% increase from 2019. Sure, email marketing may seem daunting, but List Launch Pro provides entrepreneurs with an entry point into this key facet of digital marketing.

Their List Launch Pro program features advice from Winter Vee and Tim Tarango, two internet marketers who've produced over 1.3 million email subscribers for their clients. So, what will they do for you? Together, Winter and Tim guide you “click-by-click” through a 7-part training program for beginners. 

If you participate, you’ll also receive access to a traffic referral partner database. This database contains verified email addresses to grow your email list and increase sales.  With the custom tracking dashboard, you can then view the leads, clicks, and opt-ins generated by your new campaigns.

The training was developed to help drive traffic to small and medium-sized businesses. Leading online marketers Winter Vee and Tim Tarango will share their expertise, teaching you how you can leverage successful email marketing strategies.

Follow the link in the description for more details.

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