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Drive Recurring Monthly Income With Done For You Trucking Fleet Management

Published by francis, 2021-06-21 15:59:12

Description: A newly updated trucking industry investment solution has been launched by Sheneva Whitley. The program offers a fully managed, turnkey system for investors even without previous trucking experience. Find out more at:

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Drive Recurring Monthly Income With Done For You Trucking Fleet Management

Sheneva Whitley, a black woman entrepreneur, has launched an updated trucking investment program.

The NLT turnkey platform is designed to be easy to use, even if you have no trucking qualifications or experience. Investing in the trucking industry is a reliable way to secure predictable revenue.

The trucking field has weathered the volatility of the health crisis, and is still a growing industry. On average, more than three quarters of the nation's freight bill comes from trucking revenue.

In 2019, the trucking industry reached a height of $791.7 billion, and in the years since it has only grown.

The Next Level Trucking Program arranges all of the setup and admin for your business. Sheneva Whitley explains that trucks are the backbone of the US economy.

Research suggests that by 2028, freight trucks will be transporting more than 20 billion tons - representing high growth potential.

A spokesperson for the program states: “Investing in the startup of your new trucking business allows you the opportunity to be a part of this.” “Based on the current industry standards, your business should yield an average net profit of $4,000 per month.”

Find out more at

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