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Top Downey, CA Realtor Has Best Strategies For Rapid Home Sale Success

Published by francis, 2021-06-05 16:24:59

Description: Casa Integridad opened a real estate office in Downey, CA specializing in helping Spanish-speaking clients in their language. Go to

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Top Downey, CA Realtor Has Best Strategies For Rapid Home Sale Success

Casa Integridad, a Latino-owned and run real estate agency, just released a report outlining several methods of reducing the time it takes for you to sell your home. These include using cash offers, short sales, and hiring a real estate agent.

The report's release follows the grand opening of their new office in Downey, aimed at removing the language barrier for Spanish- speaking clients buying or selling your home in the Gateway Cities and all of Los Angeles County. The United States experienced a surge in Hispanic homeowners in 2020, according to a national Hispanic realtor trade group. They estimate the rate of homeownership among Hispanics is between 48-49%, a full percentage point higher than the same time a year before.

The report emphasizes the importance of maximizing your home's appeal to buyers to speed up the sale process. By selling your home quickly, you can significantly lower your advertising costs.

It is always to your advantage to hire a qualified real estate agent with the experience to get the most money for your home. A knowledgeable real estate agent can help you decide whether a short sale-- listing your property for less than its market value-- makes sense for you.

Casa Integridad is a subdivision of RealtyOne that puts a premium on connecting with all clients but specializes in helping Hispanic clients navigate the ins and outs of real estate by speaking with them in their native language. Speaking the same language not only puts clients more at ease but allows less room for miscommunications and other issues that come with constant translation.

Many homeowners looking to buy or sell a home rate trust as their most looked-for characteristic in a realtor.

Karen Damian, a Casa Integridad representative: \"Our goal is to make our clients feel 100% comfortable with their home buying or selling experience.\" \"We can do that because it will all be explained in the language that they are most comfortable with, be it Spanish, English, or Spanglish.\"

Visit the link in the description for more information!

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