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Home Explore Costa Rica Lake B&B, Restaurant, Gallery, And Home For Sale As One Property

Costa Rica Lake B&B, Restaurant, Gallery, And Home For Sale As One Property

Published by francis, 2021-09-06 14:30:23

Description: Lucky Bug Bed and Breakfast in the Guanacaste province of Costa Rica has been announced as listed for sale. This property includes the turnkey bed and breakfast, along with an art gallery, restaurant, home, and apartment near Lake Arenal. Visit to learn more.

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Costa Rica B&B, Restaurant, Gallery, And Home For Sale On One Property

Are you an investor looking for a remarkable Central American hospitality acquisition? Then you cannot pass the Lucky Bug Bed and Breakfast by!  This unique resort-like property has just entered the Costa Rican real estate market. Guanacaste province in Costa Rica is a leading vacation destination and this property will have a great return on investment.

The Lucky Bug Bed and Breakfast has repeatedly been ranked as a TripAdvisor’s Traveler’s Choice option for tourists in Central America. Now you can own this turnkey operation that can easily be managed by two people. Its location near stunning Lake Arenal in the rain forest provides scenic views from each of the five rooms, which are colorfully decorated in keeping with the local culture. You could also convert this building into a retreat for group travel.

The Lucky Bug Gallery features work from local artists, and many other hospitality businesses and homes in the area purchase artwork and unique objects from the gallery to add to their décor.  Restaurante Caballo Negro  is a favorite five-star eatery for tourists, Costa Ricans and expatriates. It currently features international and American cuisine, and their Reubens and omelets are amazing! And don't forget the Corned Beef Hash!

In addition to these three turnkey businesses, the property includes a lovely 3,800 square foot, 4-bedroom open- concept home, with a serene patio that overlooks the lake. In addition, there is a 2,400 square foot, two-bedroom apartment that could be used as a rental property. The tropical sunshine and Pacific trade wind breezes make this a temperate climate with no need for heating or air conditioning, so energy costs are low. There is also room on the property to build more structures if you have new ideas you want to try.

Any of the existing buildings could be converted to other uses depending on your vision. The scenic location and relaxed atmosphere mean the property will always be attractive to tourists. The Lucky Bug Bed and Breakfast property is spread over 5.5 acres and set back from the main road for added privacy. This property is written up in many international guidebooks as a destination of choice.

Visit https://arenalcostaricabusi to learn more.

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