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Apply For This $2000 Scholarship Opportunity For Women Pursuing STEM Careers

Published by francis, 2021-06-01 18:07:02

Description: Polymer Chemistry Innovations is accepting applications for a $2000 scholarship for female STEM students. The company aims to inspire young women to pursue their STEM career goals. Go to to learn more.

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Apply For This $2000 Scholarship Opportunity For Women Pursuing STEM Careers

Polymer Chemistry Innovations, a commercial polymer and monomer manufacturer, is seeking applicants for a $2000 scholarship for female STEM students pursuing higher education. The family business is led by the company's executive director, Carly Gordon, and women constitute 50% of the company's current staff.

The scholarship aims to address the underrepresentation of women in STEM fields by supporting a motivated young woman in her academic pursuits. Female students pursuing STEM degrees face a unique set of challenges.

As the study of science and math is often viewed as a masculine pursuit, women interested in STEM are frequently underestimated by their peers. The company realized the need for its inaugural scholarship after observing a lack of female voices at industry trade shows and conferences.

You must write a brief essay about your passion for STEM and your career aspirations in the STEM field to apply. In addition, you must detail how you will use the scholarship to achieve your goals. The written assignment must be less than 350 words in total.

Entries should be single spaced and written in a Microsoft Word or text document in 12 pt arial font, and your name and email address must be included in the header. As the organization values academic integrity, plagiarism will result in rejection. You must be 18 or older and currently enrolled at an accredited educational institution to apply.

Go to https://www.polychemistry .com/scholarship to learn more.

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