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Home Explore Huatulco, Mexico Top Scuba Diving Center: Beginner And Expert Packages

Huatulco, Mexico Top Scuba Diving Center: Beginner And Expert Packages

Published by francis, 2021-06-23 12:03:56

Description: Scuba Diving Anfibios Huatulco, a scuba diving company based in Huatulco, Mexico, has launched diving packages for both beginners and certified divers at affordable prices. Learn more at 

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Huatulco, Mexico Top Scuba Diving Center: Beginner And Expert Packages

Do you want to experience the beautiful deep blue sea? Call Scuba Diving Anfibios Huatulco for the breathtaking diving experience you deserve!

The scuba diving center servicing Huatulco, Mexico, has launched its new diving packages at affordable prices. The company offers diving adventures for both certified and non-certified divers and offers PADI-certified diving courses.

The company’s newly launched diving packages include land transportation, water, fruit, scuba equipment, and digital delivery of the photos and videos of your adventure. The experts welcome you to try diving with their team. The only requirements are that you must have good overall health and no respiratory issues as they could lead to complications during the dives.

Scuba Diving Anfibios Huatulco’s “Discovery Dive” is perfect for those who are not certified scuba divers and for children. You will view an introductory video and the instructor will show and explain how to use your equipment. You will be able to train in a pool or at the Entrega reef and after you feel confident you will be taken diving for 40 - 45 minutes. The entire experience will last roughly three hours.

The company also offers a “Scuba Diving For Certified Divers” package that allows you to visit different areas depending on what you're hoping to find and see. This package includes all equipment necessary and lasts a total of 5 hours.

The team of experts has “PADI diving courses” so you can attain certifications including “PADI Open Water”, “PADI Advanced”, “PADI Rescue Diver”, and “PADI Dive Master”. Scuba Diving Anfibios Huatulco’s founder, Alex, is an experienced certified PADI dive instructor who worked as an industrial diver on oil platforms and tuna farms diving to depths of up to 230 feet.

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