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New Los Angeles Based NFT Platform - Basscube - Makes Bold Moves for Indie Artists

Published by francis, 2021-09-05 02:46:28

Description: Basscube is the first NFT music site to focus solely on building fan communities for independent artists and legacy artists who own their own content. Musicians monetize their catalog and generate income, and fans invest in their favorite artists and own exclusive content.

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New Los Angeles Based NFT Platform - Basscube - Makes Bold Moves for Indie Artis

Basscube is the first NFT music site to focus solely on building fan communities for independent artists and legacy artists who own their own content. Musicians monetize their catalog and generate income, and fans invest in their favorite artists and own exclusive content.

Musicians and fans on Basscube's platform become part of an engaged, mutually beneficial community with direct access to each other. Similar to Patreon, indie musicians can generate sustainable income through fan donations, permanent royalties, and by dropping content exclusive to BASSCUBE – NFTs, unreleased tracks, merch, performances, and personalized gifts.

Fans are able to purchase these digital items and experiences, which can be bought, sold, or collected long-term. A differentiator for Basscube is that it delivers payment to musicians immediately. In standard royalty chains, there are numerous players in the middle, which can result in delays, deductions, and lack of transparency.

Albums, CDs and Vinyl are things of the past for most, so ownership of music looks very different in our digitized world. Basscube allows owners to sell their digital assets – NFTs – on the secondary market, which is protected by smart contracts. Unlike existing streaming or digital music sales models, where revenue-per-fan is generated uniformly regardless of the fan’s enthusiasm level, Basscube allows musicians to discover their most engaged fans and give and the platform to contact them directly.

Basscube allows musicians to build strong communities and fans to have deeper connections with the artists they love. Join the mailing list now.

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