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Top Fort Mill, SC Dentists – Tooth Sensitivity & Teeth Grinding Treatments Available

Published by francis, 2021-08-30 17:57:21

Description: If drinking hot coffee or biting into ice cream sends a shiver down your spine, you may have sensitive teeth. For simple information and treatments, read the latest report from Southlake Family Dentistry (803-548-3342) in Fort Mill, South Carolina. Go to for more details.

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Top Fort Mill, SC Dentists – Tooth Sensitivity & Teeth Grinding Treatments Avail

There could be an easy fix for your sensitive teeth - check out the latest release from Southlake Family Dentistry today. The report helps you understand why your teeth feel sensitive and provides advice for managing sensitivity.

Southlake Family Dentistry’s latest announcement responds to the increasing number of patients suffering from sensitive teeth. According to Healthline, approximately 40 million adults in the United States report some form of tooth sensitivity.

In this report, you will learn to identify five prevailing sources of tooth sensitivity. These include too much mouthwash, frequent teeth whitening, acidic foods, bruxism (teeth grinding), and gum disease.

Should sensitivity persist after changes to your diet and oral care routines, the culprit may be a more severe condition like bruxism or gingivitis (gum disease). If you notice sore or inflamed gums along with sensitive teeth, you may suffer from gingivitis, and you should contact a professional immediately.

Dr. Priya Chougule, one of Southlake Family Dentistry’s leading practitioners, is a laser- certified dentist and a member of the American Dental Association. She takes pride in keeping you healthy and smiling.

Go to auses-of-tooth-sensitivity for more info.

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