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Lucky Joy Wells Neuroscience Program Prevents Bingeing On Unhealthy Foods

Published by francis, 2021-05-06 05:48:18

Description: Stress Educator and Community Mental Health Assistant Technologist Lucky Joy Wells - available at 808-822-0333 has launched "Reboot Stress Eating." offering targeted neurological reprogramming to address unhealthy eating patterns in mothers of all ages. More details can be found through

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Lucky Joy Wells Neuroscience Program Prevents Bingeing On Unhealthy Foods

Lucky Joy Wells, a lifestyle and stress eating specialist, has launched 'Reboot to Joy', a neuroscience-based coaching program for mothers struggling with unhealthy stress-eating issues.

Tired of crash-diets and relapses? The Reboot to Joy program offers you an alternative to ineffective, fad dieting through unique coaching – brain re- training designed to change your relationship with food and remove you from the negative cycle of binge eating and remorse.

The stress of motherhood leaves many of you seeking comfort in high-calorie, 'quick-fix' foods as your brain pushes your body to what it sees as necessary for survival. Joy's coaching topics include Eating and Your Body, Mood and Food Circuit Rewiring, Personal and Body Image & Issues as well as Wellness and Weight.

Lucky Joy Wells' new program harnesses the long- lasting power of neuro- plasticity and psychology to re-wire and reboot your brain to form new habits and break out of unwanted behaviors.

The course is offered in-person, by phone, or through online conferencing with unlimited text and email support. Lucky Joy Wells provides health empowerment and healing for anyone struggling with emotional or physiological issues.

“In just one session, we set objectives, identified my challenges, learned basic tools and began my Reboot to Joy De- Stress simply and well. Being so heard and understood helped me get a clear picture of my next steps and helped me get solid in knowing that I can get free from destructive eating.”

Through the Reboot To Joy stress- eating program, Lucky Joy Wells continues to provide effective, neuroscience-backed expertise and support for mothers like you. Break out of negative survival mode today and Reboot To Joy!

More details can be found at

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