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Barnes Professional Campus In Portland Uses Rodda Ecologic® For Interior Painting

Published by francis, 2021-08-09 18:55:44

Description: Professional Painters Smith and Company Painting has provided commercial painting at the medical office buildings at 11750-11790 SW Barnes Road using Rodda Ecologic®. . The company specializes in interior, exterior, decorative finishes and industrial coatings for home and business.

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Barnes Office Campus In Portland Uses Rodda Ecologic® For Interior Painting

Professional Painters of Smith and Company Painting recently completed the commercial painting of the medical office buildings on SW Barnes Road at the Barnes Professional Campus in Portland Oregon using Rodda Paint, an Ecologic Washable Flat finish to help protect against weathering or abrasion. The scope of the project was to fix the walls' blemishes and paint the interior of common areas using Rodda Paint, Ecological Washable Flat.

The paint applied was Ecologic? Acrylic by Rodda Paint. The development of Rodda Ecologic? was a collaboration with scientists from Columbia University who conducted extensive research on interior paints for both medical and dental offices.

Parker Smith Commented, \"If wondering why to choose a commercial painting contractor there several advantages. For one, professional painters have the experience of applying specialty paint to your specific type of space.

The goal of any commercial painting contractor is to give the business a fresh, new look that will make it appear more professional and well cared for. The company started in McMinnville, Oregon, 40 miles southwest of Portland, expanding into commercial painting and concrete floor coatings.

Over the years, Smith Painting and Company have worked on every possible property type, condition, and many restoration situations. If you are planning a commercial paint job for your business, please give Smith and Company Painting a call at 503-472-4334.

Contact Us At: https://smithandcompa

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