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Home Explore Best Online Support For A Working Woman: Weekly Webinars For Mind, Body & Spirit

Best Online Support For A Working Woman: Weekly Webinars For Mind, Body & Spirit

Published by francis, 2021-08-05 19:28:35

Description: An online guidance provider for working women, Women365, has launched updates to its website and webinars offering support and advice from professional mentors. Go to for more information.

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Best Online Support For A Working Woman: Weekly Webinars For Mind, Body & Spirit

Are you a working woman who wants to get ahead in the office? Looking for guidance and support on how to succeed as a female in business? This program can help! Women365, an online support program for women, has launched updates to its website offering professional guidance for women in the workforce.

Offering a uniquely holistic approach to female empowerment, Women365 has developed a unique three-tier model to help you find a balance between your mind, body, and soul. The company uses a combination of group discussions, webinars, and mentor-based guidance to offer you the opportunity to grow and develop according to your own goals.

Breaking empowerment down into three parts - mind, body, and soul - the site offers insights and guidance on how you should take care of each of these aspects to achieve success. For the mind, Women365 has brought together speakers who are the best in their fields to offer advice on honing your business intellect, reducing your stress levels, and overcoming everyday obstacles that women typically face at work.

The company places value on the body aspect of its three-tier model by offering guidance on how you can work to improve the functionality of your body, reach your optimum output, and benefit from the full capacity of your brain. Their website also details the importance of taking care of your soul, which is interpreted as spiritual and emotional wellbeing, in order to develop and take advantage of your innate female emotional intelligence.

Women365 offer guidance and advice through weekly webinars in combination with post-webinar group discussions that can be subscribed to on an annual or monthly basis. This is in addition to a goal of long-term success - which is why the company offers a sliding price range to cater to most financial situations.

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