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AUTEC Car Wash Systems Releases Line Of 35 Car Cleaning Chemicals

Published by francis, 2021-05-04 14:22:53

Description: AUTEC Car Wash Systems offers a comprehensive line of premium car wash chemicals that ensure balanced wash chemistry no matter the elements. The chemicals work in any brand of car wash equipment. For more information, visit:

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AUTEC Car Wash Systems Releases Line Of 35 Car Cleaning Chemicals

AUTEC Car Wash Systems, Headquartered in Statesville, NC, has released our comprehensive line of premium blended car wash chemicals that are formulated to ensure wash chemistry is optimally balanced no matter the elements.

Our chemicals are designed to work well in any brand of car wash equipment. We provide product and service to customers across the country. For customers like auto dealerships, auto detailing locations, convenience stores and gas stations, lube centers, and investors.

We formulate and blend all of our chemicals at our facility in Statesville, NC. We keep the process in-house to ensure the products meet our exacting standards. One of the most important elements of our chemicals is the pH balance. For example, AUTEC's Step-One Presoak is formulated to have a high-pH value.

Solutions with high pH are alkaline and are good at cleaning hard-to-remove grime like oil and grease. AUTEC's Step-Two Presoak is the opposite. It has a low pH which makes it acidic and great for cleaning things like dirt and mud.

As mentioned, these are only two of the 35 chemicals we make. Each one is designed and blended for a specific purpose such as, cleaning tires and wheels, protecting the clearcoat, or acting as a drying agent. AUTEC Car Wash Systems' versatile line of cleaning and detailing products keep things smooth on the surface while our incredible group of undercoatings and protectants keep things smooth behind the scenes.

Of his experience with AUTEC, Ty Haas of Platinum Express Car Wash says, \"Once a customer uses my car wash and experiences the outstanding cleaning ability, they are hooked and ultimately become repeat customers.\"

AUTEC specializes in and manufactures three car-wash systems: soft-touch, touch-free, and a combination system that provides both. We also manufacture a soft-touch polisher. Our Statesville, NC headquarters encompasses marketing, research & development, engineering, welding & metal fabrication, paint & surface preparation, electrical, assembly, technical service, and a complete chemical blending, formulating and packaging operation.

For more information, visit us at: or call 800-438-3028.

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