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Hotel Marketing & Recovery Management: Working With Administrators Post-Pandemic

Published by francis, 2021-10-28 23:08:07

Description: Spain-based hotel marketing and management experts, Hotelient, have released a new report on how independent hotels and travel companies can begin to recover their profits in 2022. Go to for more information.

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Hotel Marketing & Recovery Management: Working With Administrators Post-Pandemic

Has your independent hotel company struggled since the pandemic began? Do you need advice on management to get your profits back on track? Then Hotelient's new report could help!

Hotel management and marketing specialists, the company has launched a new report on hotel recovery management in 2022. The report includes expert information and guidance on how independent hotel companies can recover from the pandemic.

The latest announcement comes in response to the increased number of people travelling abroad as pandemic restrictions ease, and the number of independent hotels struggling with debt. With offices in the UK and Spain, Hotelient can offer a local presence to their clients, alongside 15 years of experience and a healthy dose of common sense.

The recent report acknowledges that though the world's government is finally easing restrictions on travel, many hotels and parts of the travel industry have fallen so far into debt that it can seem impossible to recover.

Hotelient suggests to readers that the current scenario will lead to an increased number of hotels going into administration, which will, in turn, increase the number of companies seeking hotel recovery management services. Such services, the article points out, will have to work closely with administrators in the coming years to ensure that hotels are returned to profitability as quickly as possible.

With the latest release, Hotelient continues to expand its range of high-quality resources and articles dedicated to helping hotels and travel resorts to recover and increase profitability in the wake of global restrictions.

The report states: “Through our years of expertise, we introduce technology that, in most cases, can reduce the hotel’s wage bill by up to 33%.\" Hotelient have the skills, knowledge, and experience to help you and your independent hotel or travel company to recover and reach profitability!

Visit to find out more!

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