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Visit The Best Calgary, AB Auto Electrician If You Have Car A/C Problems

Published by francis, 2021-10-14 19:51:42

Description: Cetus Automotive Repair Centre (1-403-235-2912), which serves the Calgary, Alberta metropolitan area, launches its updated car electrician service. Learn more by visiting

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Visit The Best Calgary, AB Auto Electrician If You Have Car A/C Problems

Cetus Automotive Repair Centre’s upgraded service provides you with a one-stop shop for all your auto electrical needs. The garage can handle a variety of issues, including cooling system failures and problems with your car computer. 

This newly revamped service is ideal whether you are an individual car owner or an operator of corporate motor fleets.  Vehicle repairs will be handled by highly trained and duly licensed technicians registered in the Province of Alberta. 

Cetus Auto provides affordable car electrical services without compromising on workmanship. It has strong partnerships with leading manufacturers and uses high-quality parts that meet OEM standards. 

Technicians work closely with you to identify problems, and all work is estimated and authorized beforehand.  Furthermore, repairs are covered by a one-year or 20,000-kilometre warranty, giving you further peace of mind. 

The garage will record all repair work in an online database so it can give you reports and analyses in real- time. It can also provide regular vehicle maintenance to ensure that your car’s electrical system is in good working order. 

Learn more by visiting car-electrician-calgary

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