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PopCash launches to overwhelming demand for small business loan alternative

Published by francis, 2021-07-23 20:05:59

Description: After a temporary pause due to larger than expected demand, PopCash Funding announces that the service is officially back online and is now accepting new applications once again.

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PopCash launches to overwhelming demand for small business loan alternative

After a temporary pause due to larger than expected demand, PopCash Funding announces that the service is officially back online and is now accepting new applications once again. PopCash Funding announced last week that the recently launched revenue-based finance service would take a temporary break due to the \"Larger than expected demand\" for the service.

The website received a massive influx of applications for funding last week and PopCash simply could not get to every application in time, resulting in the service's brief pause to allow PopCash to get through the massive influx of applicants. There is great news for anyone that has been trying to apply for funding with PopCash.

As of today, the company announced that the PopCash website is officially back online and accepting new applications. PopCash has advised anyone that had previously submitted an application and has not heard back on the status of their request to reapply through the PopCash site.

It is important for people to note that PopCash can only fund merchants with active business bank accounts at this time and can only fund accounts with select banks. Keep this top of mind when considering if PopCash is right for you and your business.

PopCash Funding has attracted thousands of users who are interested in the revenue-based finance service that offers them easy access to $1,000 of working business capital. PopCash has been extremely satisfied with the growing momentum and popularity of the revenue-based finance service and is optimistic that the trend will continue moving forward.

Contact Us At: https://popcashfundin

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