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Easy to Use Social Media Posts, Stories, Branding Resources and more for REALTORS

Published by francis, 2021-10-23 20:55:02

Description: Marco Media announced the availability of their new Social Media Management for Realtor Service beginning 10/1/2021 for under $30! More information can be found at

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Easy to Use Social Media Posts, Stories, Branding Resources and more for REALTOR

Customers looking for the latest Social Media Management for Realtor Service will soon be able to get involved with Marco Media.

Today Andrew Britton, Realtor at Marco Media releases details of the new Social Media Management for Realtor Service's development. The Social Media Management for Realtor Service is designed to appeal specifically to Real Estate Agents and includes: Social Media templates and stories - This feature was included because it allows real estate agents to take their social presence to the next level without the hassle of having to w

A simple and effective way to grow their business and create more wealth in their SOI. This is great news for the consumer as it is easy to customize, post in less than 60 seconds and plan your whole month in under 5 minutes.

Branding Resources - This was made part of the service, since to allow real estate agents to customize their own social platforms with their own flair.

Customers who invest in the service should enjoy this feature because it is simple for everyone and allows you to be set apart from others. Spanish Captions and Hashtags - Marco Media made sure to make this part of the Social Media Management for agents development as it allows for agents in Spanish speaking areas to utilize their social presence to boost their business and connect with their customers.

Customers of the Social Media Management for Realtor Service will likely appreciate this because they have access to english and Spanish content to boost their overall value.

Javier Vargas, when asked about the Social Media Management for Realtor Service said: \"Marco Media took my social presence to the next level with their branding identities\" This is the latest offering from Marco Media and Andrew Britton is particularly excited about this launch because It is going t Those interested in learning more about Marco Media and their Social Media Management for Realtor Service can do so on the website at https://www.

Contact Us At: https://www.marcomed

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