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Home Explore Sandy, UT Inspection Specialists Can Eliminate Toxic Mold From Your Property

Sandy, UT Inspection Specialists Can Eliminate Toxic Mold From Your Property

Published by francis, 2021-08-18 13:54:46

Description: The Flood Co. (801-294-7452) has released a new report on the importance of testing for mold for homeowners of Sandy, Utah. The company also highlights the long-term health implications if mold is left untreated. Visit for more information.

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Sandy, UT Inspection Specialists Can Eliminate Toxic Mold From Your Property

The Flood Co. has released a new report where can learn how a mold inspection of your property can uncover both the causes and types of mold through the use of moisture detection and laboratory testing prior to removal. Alongside the report, the company also provides details on their range of services which include mold inspections, testing, and removals.

Leaving mold without treatment can be a dangerous and, in some cases, life-threatening scenario, especially if you have any underlying respiratory health conditions. The Flood Co.’s report highlights the importance of getting any sign of mold in your home inspected, and explains why you need to hire a professional removal service should you find mold in your home.

The company’s experts can visit your property to discover where the mold is coming from, what actions need to be taken to deal with it, and how you can eliminate any high moisture levels in the infected area. As the report explains, each of these steps can be vital in ensuring the removal of the mold in order to prevent its return.

The Flood Co. also reports that professional mold removal companies will conduct third-party testing of the mold found around your home to determine its type. This testing can help with the identification of mold so that the proper removal treatments can be used.

In a recent case study, the Utah company was called to inspect a property for a mother who was undergoing cancer treatment and was worried about the increase in mold in her home. During the inspection, The Flood Co. found four separate areas of mold and their sources. Following repair work, a second inspection by the company showed a 75% reduction in the amount of mold within the home, with only the basement still containing any traces.

A spokesperson for the company said of their work, “Over the years, we’ve made many improvements and refinements to our restoration methods. We are happy with the results, and we know you will be, too.\" Don’t let mold in your home cause health or property risks -- discover how a professional inspection service can permanently solve the problem!

Visit for more information.

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