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Host Online Events To Raise Funds For Charity With This Social Impact Platform

Published by francis, 2021-07-23 20:19:16

Description: Neki, an online network for supporting social issues, offers volunteers a way to raise funds for charitable groups by hosting unique events open to the public. Visit to see all the great charities and events available! 

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Host Online Events To Raise Funds For Charity With This Social Impact Platform

Do you wish you could support social causes, while also learning something new, or having a unique experience? Do you have a skill you would like to share with the world, and help a charity fundraise while you're doing it? Through the platform, volunteers can offer events that the public may attend in order to support charitable causes while having unique experiences.

The list of causes on Neki includes The Pangea Network, a non-profit which empowers women and youth in the USA and Kenya through education. The Pangea Network offers a variety of virtual experiences, including regular arts and craft programs for young children.

The American Cancer Society can also be found on the Neki platform, where they offer a number of events the public can attend to help fund cancer research. For children, they offer virtual storytelling, music lessons, and a danceathon. Events for adults include educational webinars about topics such as healthy holiday eating and crafting effective virtual presentations.

In aid of Minnesota nurses, the platform features the Nurses Peer Support Network. To support the Nurses Peer Support Network you are invited to join a webinar about addiction, to discuss the latest scientific understanding of the problem and treatment options.

The Visvesvaraya National Institute Of Technology North America Alumni (VNIT NAAM,) is supporting students by raising funds to provide scholarships. They also provide funds to help students attend conferences. They are currently focused on raising funds to help provide pandemic relief for victims in India.

Find a cause to support at

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