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Home Explore Robot vacuum/mop cleaner HOBOT LEGEE 688 for Hard Floors with patented FastBrush technology

Robot vacuum/mop cleaner HOBOT LEGEE 688 for Hard Floors with patented FastBrush technology

Published by francis, 2021-04-27 19:42:37

Description: HOBOT LEGEE 688 can simultaneously vacuum and wash the floor, thanks to the installed separate water tank and dust collector. Thus, the robot is able to simultaneously perform dry and wet cleaning. In order to make sure the cleaning quality of this robot.

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Robot vacuum/mop cleaner HOBOT LEGEE 688 for Hard Floors with patented FastBrush

Let's focus on the word \"Washing\" because the HOBOT LEGEE 688 robot has a system for automatically spraying washing liquid directly onto the floor. Two nozzles installed on the bottom of the vacuum cleaner are responsible for uniform wetting, and not just a nozzle for wet cleaning with or without a separate tank, as in most hybrid vacuum cleaners.

The HOBOT LEGEE 688 washer has a unique, patented Fast Brush system, consisting of two moving washing vibroblocks, to which cleaning attachments are attached. The HOBOT LEGEE 688 Robot Vacuum Cleaner has a D-shaped design, which greatly improves cleaning efficiency in corners and along baseboards.

In general, the design of the body of the vacuum cleaner with a gray circle in the middle looks very laconic. Looking at the robot vacuum cleaner from below, we see that two caterpillar drives are responsible for its movement, and not round wheels.

There are also two moving cleaning blocks, to which cleaning attachments are installed with Velcro. Nozzles for supplying cleaning liquid or water are located between these two blocks.

The HOBOT LEGEE 688 is equipped with a single side brush, which is designed to clean debris from walls and corners. The robot body has a height of only 95 mm, which significantly expands the range of its application, including cleaning under furniture and in hard-to- reach places.

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