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Home Explore Binlyfe Offers Facebook Live Home Shopping For Half-Off Retail Items In Phoenix

Binlyfe Offers Facebook Live Home Shopping For Half-Off Retail Items In Phoenix

Published by francis, 2021-06-25 16:14:22

Description: A new live shopping channel has been launched for customers in Phoenix, AZ. Binlyfe (+1-602-628-0947) is available on Facebook or via the company’s smartphone app. Learn more at:

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Binlyfe Offers Facebook Live Home Shopping For Half-Off Retail Items In Phoenix

Do you want the comfort and convenience of shopping from home while still getting great deals? This new live shopping channel is for you! Binlyfe has launched a new live show on Facebook, offering Phoenix shoppers a retail concept with a difference.

Building on the popularity of QVC and HSN, it gives you a more affordable option for purchasing products across a wide range of categories. Rather than visiting each store individually, Binlyfe gives you freedom and flexibility in your shopping experience.

The full range of categories includes baby and children's toys, health and beauty products, apparel, home decor, auto accessories, and pet products. Research shows that live shopping generates over one billion dollars for the US economy each year.

With restrictions still in place for many towns and cities, customers have been demanding more accessible, safe and secure shopping experiences. Binlyfe delivers a unique concept that caters to these needs.

The company provides you with the convenience of curb-side pickup in the Greater Phoenix area. You can visit the designated parking lot, beep your horn, and your products will be brought to the car door.

Learn more at

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