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BSER Quarterly Q1-2018

Published by WBN Marketing LLC, 2018-04-27 11:52:35

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Q1 2018 Q UA R T E R LY In this Issue: - 2017 Golden BEAR Awards - Preventing Wire Fraud - Local Market Statistics and more! Local REALTORS® at Work: FloridaLegislature2018 Wins

ESANET BENEDICT | REALTOR® I’M BETTER Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate CONTACT: Kathy Zorn, Broker EMAIL: [email protected] NAPLES: 239-430-3995 FORT MYERS: 239-603-7722 BONITA SPRINGS: 239-992-3995 ©2018 Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate LLC. Better Homes and Gardens® is a registered trademark of Meredith Corporation licensed to Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate LLC. Equal Housing Opportunity. Each Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate Franchise is Independently Owned and Operated.2

TABLE OF A Note from the President CONTENTS Greetings Members!3 President’s Note I am excited to be your 2018 Bonita Springs-Estero REALTORS® Leadership Academy President. I hope that you are as excited about our new name as well as our new CEO, Meighan Harris, as I am. We are off to a Graduates great start this year. It looks like we are in the middle of a good4 Florida Legislature 2018 season. The weather up north is our best salesperson. My goals for 2018 are to go back to the basics with old fashioned handshakes Wins and personal interactions. As technology emerges we’ve lost that5 3 Ways Your Buyers Can personal touch that is so important to our business relationships. Speaking of relationships, make sure you attend our networking socials, membership Prevent Wire Fraud breakfasts, classes and other events to meet and greet with your peers and affiliate mem-6 Affiliate Spotlight bers. I would ask you to support our affiliates as they support us. When looking for an9 Flood Insurance Premiums industry related contact make sure to check our affiliate list first and foremost.9 Event Photos We are in the process of forming a member benefits taskforce to see how our association REALTOR® Recognition can provide our members with even better services, products and discounts. Stay tuned!10 Counsel’s Corner: Saving Joe Pavich Sr, 2018 President Money Post Closing – Florida’s Homestead Tax Take this magazine to your next listing appointment to show tips for sales Exemption and current statistics. Leave one at the homes you are showing. We have12 Market Overview14 2018 Golden BEAR Awards extra copies at the office if you need some….just come by! 25300 Bernwood Drive, Suite 1, Congratulations to the Bonita Springs, FL 34135 following Bonita Springs-Estero Phone: (239) 992-6771 REALTORS® 2017 Graduates of Fax: (239) 947-9573 the Leadership Academy. Linda Hammer, John R. Wood Properties; Michele Sfakianos, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices; Arthur Perry, Premiere Plus Realty; Brent Greer, John R. Wood Prop- erties; Kim Hinkson, Keller Williams Elite Realty; Jeanne Drath, Premiere Plus Realty; Leslie Prinz, Keller Williams Elite Realty; Jack Richert, Royal Shell Real Estate; Suzanne McGuire, Premiere Plus Realty; Kelly Luck, Premiere Plus Realty; Erica Hilla, Mar- ketplace Home Mortgage; Gretchen Shelton, Supreme Lending; Kim Reers, Fidelity National Title Company; Gail Langner, State Insurance USA Tips for New Agents “Learn all you can in classes and seminars, never stop learning. Treat your buyer and seller like family.” –Rosemary Scheetz-Bruce “Strive to be a professional image of the REALTOR® brand. We are each a reflection of each other.” –Dena Wilcoxen “Stick to the area you know, and come the neighborhood expert.” –Joe Pavich “Be different, do what other agent’s won’t. Set yourself apart and base your life around your business. Not the other way around.” –Jermaine Hendricks “Get really good at lead generation. Prospecting is key!” –Danielle Damianov Quarterly • Q1 2018 3

Florida Legislature 2018 wins: Business Rent Tax,affordable housing and environmental fundingDespite a very tight state budget, Realtors® and their communi-  More than $400 million for Florida’s natural resourcesties throughout Florida are walking away from the 2018 ses- — Everglades restoration, beach renourishmentand springssion of the Florida Legislature with several key victories: a $31 protection received significant amounts of funding this year.million cut to the Business Rent Tax, $110 million for affordable A large amount of funding was also allocated to expeditehousing projects and more than $400 million for Florida’s natu- repairs to the Herbert Hoover Dike around the southernral resources. boundary of Lake Okeechobee. Effective: July 1, 2018.“Great job, Realtors, for making the 2018 legislative session abig success,” says Christine Hansen, 2018 president of Florida  Nearly $110 million for affordable housing projects — Af-Realtors. “We knew this was going to be a tough session to work fordable housing programs will receive close to $110 millionthrough given the status of the state budget. With the help of from the state and local government housing trust funds.our members, we managed to keep the momentum going to fur- These funds go a long way in helping Floridians achieve thether reduce the Business Rent Tax. We also scored victories on dream of homeownership with down payment assistance.a number of other issues that will benefit Realtors and property They also provide rental assistance and housing rehabilitationowners alike.” to Florida’s homeless population, veterans and persons with“I’m so proud of our membership for responding to our Call disabilities.for Action to cut the Business Rent Tax,” says Bill Martin, chiefexecutive officer of Florida Realtors. “They sent in thousands  Strengthening flood insurance notices to protect home-of letters to their legislators urging them to support a cut to the owners — Many property owners forgo flood insurancetax, and they stayed engaged throughout the process on this and because they mistakenly believe their standard homeownermany other of our key issues. Realtors absolutely rock!” policies include flood damage coverage. HB 1011 strengthensThis end-of-session report covers key real estate legislation filed the current flood insurance notice included in their proper-for the 62-day session that ended minutes ago. The governor will ty insurance policy. Insurers must include the notice in theconsider all bills passed by both chambers in the coming weeks. initial policy and when the policy is renewed. Effective: Jan.“We continue to chip away at the Business Rent Tax, and we suc- 1, 2019.cessfully pushed for funding for the environment, housing trustfunds and other Realtor priority issues, all the while working  Creating an accurate 3D map of Florida — Included in theunder a constricted budget and many competing priorities in state budget is $15 million to fund LIDAR (light detectionthe Legislature,” says Carrie O’Rourke, vice president of Public and ranging) mapping that would produce a complete andPolicy for Florida Realtors. “But none of this would have been accurate 3D map of Florida for use in emergency manage-possible without the voices of our members who spoke loud- ment, infrastructure planning and other purposes. LIDAR isly and frequently in defense of property owners and Florida’s a next-generation mapping technique and has the potentialthriving real estate market.” to lower flood insurance rates throughout Florida.Let’s start with a recap of some of Florida Realtors more signifi-cant legislative victories:  Preventing unlicensed real estate activity — The Legislature Additional reduction in the Business Rent Tax — HB allocated up to $500,000 from the Professional Regulation Trust Fund to the Department of Business and Professional 7087 included a cut to the Business Rent Tax, and businesses Regulation to combat unlicensed real estate activity. throughout Florida will save an additional $31 million each year due to the second reduction in the tax rate in as many  Key appointments/reappointments to real estate boards/ years. The new state tax rate businesses will pay on their com- commissions — The Florida Senate officially confirmed mercial leases will be 5.7 percent. Effective: Jan. 1, 2019. several Realtors and a former Florida Realtors staff member Tax credits for businesses that pay the Business Rent Tax to the Florida Real Estate Appraisal Board (FREAB) and the — HB 7055 is a broad education bill that addresses several Florida Real Estate Commission (FREC). Armando del Valle education-related matters. Included is a measure that allows was confirmed to serve on FREAB, and Dick Fryer, Guy San- businesses to receive tax credits for a portion of the Business chez and Randy Schwartz, former Florida Realtors General Rent Tax they pay, which will go toward certain scholarship Counsel, were confirmed to serve on FREC. funds. Effective: July 1, 2018. The Legislature also passed several other bills of interest to Realtors.  Creation and increase of state taxes and fees — House Joint Resolution 7001, which will appear on the November 2018 ballot, raises the bar on legislative support required for state4

tax or fee increases. Specifically, it requires a two-thirds ma- of discussion occurred among stakeholders on the issue, and jority vote of both chambers to approve a tax increase. It also several bills made it very close to passage. The progress made requires that proposed changes to taxes or fees be part of a this year will provide a good starting place for continued dis- separate bill that contains no other subjects. If voters approve cussions during the 2019 legislative session. the amendment, it will take effect in 2019. A new issue brought up at the Florida Realtors Board of Direc- Regulating mortgage lenders — Currently, lenders that tors meeting in January concerned open and expired permits. make residential mortgage loans for personal, family or These permits often interfere with the closing of real estate household purposes are regulated by the Florida Office of transactions. Florida Realtors will be working with stakeholders Financial Regulation (OFR). HB 935 extends this licensure to push for a bill that will help solve the problem in 2019. requirement to lenders making residential mortgage loans for The issue of remote notaries will resurface next session. The business purposes. These loans are most often offered to pur- goal is to allow documents to be notarized even when the nota- chasers who are renovating or remodeling a home for resale. ry and the person signing the documents are not physically in Effective: Jan. 1, 2019. the same room. Allowing apartment doorstep garbage pickup to continue Visit Florida Realtors website for more details on these and — Apartment renters with doorstep waste collection ser- other issues. vices continue to be hamstrung by broad-ranging fire code restrictions. HB 529 resolves this issue in a safe manner by © 2018 Florida Realtors providing limitations on the placement of waste containers in hallways until Florida’s Fire Prevention Code is revised. 2018 Save the Dates! Effective: July 1, 2018. April 18: 5 O’Clock Somewhere at Bay Water Boat Rentals.Issues up for consideration in 2019 and beyondAlthough Assignment of Benefits (AOB) reform did not hap- Please bring box of diapers for Mother’s Day Diaper Drivepen this year, the momentum is building for a successful out-come to this escalating problem. AOBreform remains a serious May 4: 27th Annual Golf Challenge at Spring Run Golf Clubissue for Florida’s property owners. The business community May 11: Membership Breakfast at Bonita Nationaland the Legislature will continue to work to find the right path May 23: 5 O’Clock Somewhere, The Corkscrew Shores Amen-forward.Vacation rentals is another issue that will be addressed in sub- ity Center Please bring children’s snacks for Summer Snack Drivesequent legislative sessions. This session, an incredible amount3 Ways Your Buyers Can Prevent Wire FraudWith scammers increasingly targeting real estate transactions, 1. Pay attention to how wire instructions are sent. It is best tothe National Association of REALTORS® is teaming up with the only accept instructions that are secure and encrypted.FBI and brokerage Realty Executives International to educatethe industry on how to identify and help clients avoid wire fraud 2. Before buyers wire funds to an individual or company, urgeschemes. A particular cause for concern is hackers who send them to call to verify the wire instructions independently withfake emails to home buyers on the cusp of closing on a property the title company or closing agent.purchase, providing bogus wiring instructions. Hundreds ofmillions of dollars have been stolen from consumers who fall 3. Be very watchful of any changes. Inform your clients that wireprey to such scams. instructions rarely change. If they receive an email saying that“We believe the way to stop these scammers in their tracks is by any wiring instructions have changed, urge them to confirmeducating clients to identify, avoid, and report potential fraud,” the validity with the real estate agent or title company.says Alysia Heun, vice president of franchise services at RealtyExecutives. “By raising awareness in the real estate industry on “The best defense against this type of scam is having multiplehow these scams are being carried out, we can create a united checkpoints with your title company and agent to ensure every-front fighting against and working to shut down this devastat- thing you are being instructed to do is legit—and phone is trend.” Just make sure you’re talking to the right person,” Realty Execu-Realty Executives highlights three ways to help protect buyers tives urges in a blog post.from scammers: Source: “Three Steps to Preventing Wire Fraud,” Realty Executives (Jan. 16, 2018) Quarterly • Q1 2018 5

Affiliate SpotlightMeet Steven Fishman with Liberty Home Mortgage!Years in Business: 25 A. Liberty Home Mortgage has a primary focus on home pur-Q. How has being an affiliate member of Bonita Springs-Estero chase loans. Liberty Home Mortgage offers a full array of lend-REALTORS® benefitted your career? ing products, including Conventional, FHA, VA and USDA.A. I have had a great time meeting new people, and with the Steven Fishman specializes in Renovation lending options andhelp of Bonita Springs-Estero REALTORS® many of these Real many of the harder to do loans as well.Estate professionals have called upon myself and Liberty HomeMortgage to assist them and their clients in obtaining home Q. What are your favorite parts of living inownership. Southwest Florida?Q. What role does your business play in the real estate industry?-Liberty Home Mortgage is a direct lender which means that all A. The beach especially the beauti-our mortgage loan decisions are made by us in house. ful, take your breath away sunsets over the calm Gulf of Mexico with the waves crashing in the back ground!Flood Insurance Premiums Are About to Go UpMany homeowners and buyers in flood-prone areas will see Learn more about the rate changes in a bulletin<https://nfip-is-higher flood insurance premiums starting April 1. The premi-> releasedum hikes, which are required by law, will be as little as 2 per- by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, which admin-cent for some properties and as high as 24 percent for others. isters the National Flood Insurance Program.On average, the increase will be about 8 percent. -Robert Freedman, REALTOR® MagazineThe world deserves to see it. You deserve to sell it. 6.57 billion. This is the number of online buyers who view our listings worldwide. Introducing (EDGE) Extensive Domestic & Global Exposure, an exclusive Engel & Völkers program that raises the bar of listing syndication. Just one more reason to join our elite team of advisors. Call 239-692-9449 to set up a confidential meeting in our Bonita Springs or Olde Naples shop. ©2018 Engel & Völkers. All rights reserved. Engel & Völkers and its independent License Partners are Equal Opportunity Employers and fully support the principles of the Fair Housing Act. Each brokerage is independently owned and operated. All information provided is deemed reliable but is not guaranteed and should be indepen- dently verified. If your property is currently represented by a real estate broker, this is not an attempt to solicit your listing.6

Featured Communities byD.R. Horton & Express Homes A D.R. Horton Community Carriage Homes from the mid $200s* ^ A gated community ideally located on Imperial Parkway, Paloma features features a resort-style pool, fitness center, and bocce ball and tennis courts. 11305 Monte Carlo Blvd Bonita Springs, FL 34135 239.225.2659 An Express Homes Community Single-Family Homes from the high $200s* Located on East Terry Street & Imperial Parkway, Wild- wood Preserve is within minutes of shopping & dining venues and features homes from approximately 1,828 to 2,807 square feet. ** 26991 Wildwood Pines Lane Bonita Springs, FL 34135*Home and community information, including pricing, included features, terms, availability and amenities are subject to change and priorsale at any time without notice or obligation. Pictures, photographs, features, colors and sizes are approximate for illustration purposesonly and will vary from the homes as built. ** Square footage dimensions are approximate. ^5% commission is only available for homes in D.R. Horton SWFL communities, on contracts that are written and ratified from 3/15/18 through 10/31/18 and close no later than 12/31/18. Commissions are earned and paid at closing. Offer subject to change at any time without notice. Offer cannot be combined with any other offer. Total commission paid is subject to limitations, if any, on total broker commission imposed by home buyer’s lender. Florida Registered Building Contractor License CBC#1258802


Event PhotosJanuary Membership Breakfast, January 19 at The Club at Grandezza February 5 O’clock Somewhere at Emerald Model Home by D.R. HortonREALTOR® RecognitionMeet Jermaine Hendricks, REALTOR®,Coldwell Banker Residential Real EstateWhen Jermaine is not assisting his real portant that I routinely stop by so the kids have consistency. Iestate clients, he is volunteering with The want them to know adults care about them even as life changes.Boys & Girls Clubs of Lee County. I’m a byproduct of the Boys & Girls Club, so I think it’s import- ant to model the lifestyle. I recently raised money to sponsor aQ. How long you have been a volunteer high schooler to lift his GPA contingent on my obtaining $500with The Boys & Girls Clubs of Lee County? donation to the Boys & Girls Club. It was essentially a challengeA. It has been one years I departed as a for us both. He did successfully raise is grades and his locationfull time employee. I was previously the will get the donation.Director of Character & Citizenship for Q. Why do you think the organization important to theThe Boys & Girls Clubs of Lee County. community?Q. What do you do to help the organization? A. At its core, it’s a safe place for kids. It provides a place forA. At the moment, I assist in the maintenance of their technol- kids to obtain assistance in virtually every crucial part of theirogy lab. I assist in the mentoring of their new directors by pass- development. The assistance may be with homework, encour-ing my experience. The main role I provide is mentorship to agement to live a healthy lifestyle, the means to escape bullyingtheir teenagers. I worked there from 2010-2017. I think it’s im- and have a place where each child can be welcomed, and career development. Quarterly • Q1 2018 9

Counsel’s CornerSaving Money Post Closing– Florida’s Homestead Tax ExemptionBy: Michael MichettiThe Great Depression began in 1929 causing reforms in to the steaded resident, as homestead exemptions cannot be inheritedad valorem property taxes in Florida. As the Depression deep- or purchased.ened, many Florida property owners found themselves unableto pay their property taxes and in serious danger of losing their Under Florida law, the homestead exemption is only availablehomes. In response to this serious problem, the Florida State to US citizens, permanent resident aliens, or others who arelegislature passed legislation placing the $5,000 Homestead legally able to form the intent to remain permanently underExemption Amendment in 1934 (Article X, Section 7, as it was immigration laws.numbered before the 1968 Florida Constitutional re-write).The initial Homestead Exemption sought to ease the burden on Also, in general, a husband and wife in an intact marriage arehomeowners by exempting property taxes on the first $5,000 treated as a single “family unit” under Florida law and are onlyof a homeowner’s residence. In 2008, the exemption reached its entitled to a total of one homestead exemption -- no mattercurrent state by amendment to the Florida Constitution raising how many homes they own and occupy.this exemption to $50,000.Practically speaking, the exemption reduces the value of a Nobody in Florida “automatically” obtains a homesteadhome for assessment real estate taxes by $50,000, so a home exemption. Instead, a homeowner on title (or the beneficiarythat was actually worth $100,000 would be taxed as though it of a trust, a person legally or naturally dependent upon thewas worth only $50,000. However, the second exemption of owner or lessees having an original term of 98 years or more,up to $25,000 does not apply to the school portion of property all having to meet “equitable title to real estate” law) must filetaxes -- and only applies to the third $25,000 of a property’s for a homestead exemption with the Collier County Propertytotal just value (i.e., that portion of a property’s value between Appraiser.$50,000-$75,000).Additionally, the Florida homestead exemption caps the rate All of the following items are required as proof of legal resi-at which property assessments may be increased annually. dence:Though millage rates may be changed, the assessed value ahouse with a homestead exemption can be increased by is fixed. 1. Evidence of ownership (deed, tax receipt, etc.)This is the result of the “Save Our Homes” Amendment to the 2. Social Security numbers for all ownersFlorida Constitution which was passed by voters in 1992, and 3. Collier County Voter Registration (if you vote) datedwent into effect in 1995. The amendment caps the increase ofthe assessed value of a home with a homestead exemption to prior to January 1stthe lesser of 3% or the rate of inflation. 4. Florida Driver License dated prior to January 1st 5. Florida Vehicle Registration dated prior to January 1stHomestead exemptions are only available on an individual’s You must have legal and equitable title to the property and re-primary home. Therefore, this exemption does not apply to side in the property as your primary residence as of January 1st.businesses, rental property, second homes, homeowners claim-ing permanent residency-based exemptions or tax credits in Remember, property owners who are not eligible for the cur-other states, or homes with owners that do not claim Florida as rent year but will be eligible for the following year, may pre-filetheir primary residence. Because of the “portability” provision for the exemption any time after March 1st.of the January 2008 constitutional amendment, a homesteadedowner may now move up to $500,000 of the “Save Our Homes” Michael Michetti is General Counsel for the BSER and thebenefit from one Florida home to the next. However, acquiring founder of the real estate department at the law firm of Woods,a house that had a homestead exemption does not entitle the Weidenmiller, Michetti & Rudnick, LLPbuyer to retain the low tax rate enjoyed by the previous home-10

PICK UP A FREE COPY You can count on Capital BankOF THE 2018 VISITOR GUIDE for all of your Mortgage needs 124-page – today, tomorrow and for years to come. community resource  Purchase Loans 25071 Chamber of Commerce Dr.  Home Re nancing  Construction Loanslocated off 41 between Old 41 Rd. & Timberwilde Dr.  Specialty Programs Monday - Friday | 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Contact me today! View a digital copy and search our member Sylvia Connor directory at Residential Mortgage Consultant 8100 Health Center Blvd, Bonita Springs, Florida 34135 (239) 495-4172 NMLS# 387184 | 800.639.5111 All loans subject to credit and collateral approval. ESTFIRMEAETES LOCAL & LONG DISTANCE MOVING FULL SERVICE RELOCATION Providing Courteous & Professional Service for more than 20 years Family owned and operated“BEST Make your (239) 592-6565 MOVE” call [email protected] 1025 Collier Center Way, Naples, FL 34110 Allied Van Lines ‘Like Us on Facebook Quarterly • Q1 2018 11

Market Overview (34134, 34135, 33928) January - March 2018 Pending Sales Units 100%Q1 2018 592 Q1 2017 296 Closed Sales Units Q1 2018 788 2.3%Q1 2017 807 Active Inventory Median Closed Price Q1 2018 1866 6%Q1 2018 $287,500 11.2%Q1 2017 1678 Q1 2017 $306,000 Average Days on Market 2.8%Q1 2018 106 Q1 2017 109 Avg Month’s Supply 4.8%Q1 2018 2.2 Q1 2017 2.112 Current Market Data and Press Releases are available on

Quarterly • Q1 2018 13

2018 Golden Bear Awards Event Friday, March 16th, 2018  Miromar Lakes Beach Clubhouse On March 16, 2018 we celebrated the 2018 Award Recipients 2017 Golden BEAR Awards at Miromar Lakes Beach Club House. Golden BEAR Platinum Golden award recipients had a closed sales volume for 2017 of five million dollars or Krista Asquith, Keller Williams Elite Realty Deborah Adams Bateman, Royal Shell Real Estate more in real property transfers or have 50 Angela Bavetta, Miromar Realty, LLC Elizabeth Baker, Keller Williams Elite Realty closed sides. The Platinum Award recip- Jasen Berube, MVP Realty® Kevin Bartlett,Realty World J. Pavich Real Estate ients achieved ten million dollars closed Michael Burke, Keller Williams Elite Realty Jan Boeglin, Royal Shell Real Estate sales volume and above in real property Bunny Caravello, Downing-Frye Realty, Inc. Shawn Bright, Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate transfers in the 2017 calendar year. Jeff Garard,Miromar Realty, LLC Roger Brunswick, John R. Wood Properties Tammy Garro, Keller Williams Elite Realty Carol Carpenter, Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Corporate Sponsor Judi Gietzen, Elite Realty of SWFL Diamond Sponsor Mal Griffin, John R. Wood Properties Florida Realty Platinum Sponsors Garren Grup, John R. Wood Properties Ryan Chiodo, Engel & Volkers Naples Bonita Estero Sandra Hansel, Realty World J. Pavich Real Estate Stephanie Coburn, Premier Sotheby’s International Champagne Sponsor Ryan Johnson, Miromar Realty, LLC Golden Sponsors Alex King, Premiere Plus Realty Realty Brad Kiraly, Miromar Realty, LLC Anita Colletti, John R. Wood Properties Marketplace Title Jill Kushner , John R. Wood Properties Andrew Coppens, Premiere Plus Realty Co. Movement Mortgage Max Kushner, John R. Wood Properties Diana Coyle, John R. Wood Properties Hyatt Place at Coconut Point Rebecca Levitan, Downing-Frye Realty, Inc. Dimo Demirev, Premier Sotheby’s International Realty Best Home Services Gregory Lewis, Royal Shell Real Estate Jack Despart, Premier Sotheby’s International Realty Liberty Home Mortgage Connie Lummis, Royal Shell Real Estate Don Droke, Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Hughes-Exterminators H.Max Lummis, Royal Shell Real Estate Robb & Stucky International Jack Mancini, Keller Williams Elite Realty Florida Realty Christine Mantilia, Berkshire Hathaway Home Dotti Fagan, Royal Shell Real Estate 14 Mike Fagan, Royal Shell Real Estate Services Florida Realty Candace Farmer, Keller Williams Elite Realty Sue Ellen Mathers, Royal Shell Real Estate Kathy Felszer, Downing-Frye Realty, Inc. Jayson Matthews, John R. Wood Properties Jim Flack, John R. Wood Properties Leah McCann, Keller Williams Elite Realty Scott Fogel , Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Claire McMahon, John R. Wood Properties Renee Moore, Keller Williams Elite Realty Florida Realty Shelly Olsen, John R. Wood Properties Mike Hagan, John R. Wood Properties Jason Pavich, Realty World J. Pavich Real Estate Linda Hammer, John R. Wood Properties Joseph Pavich, Jr, Realty World J. Pavich Real Estate M.Dorota Harris, John R. Wood Properties Tessa Perry, Keller Williams Elite Realty Allan Hase, RE/MAX Radiance Corye Reiter, Royal Shell Real Estate Ken Hoover, Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate Kevin Shelly, Kevin Shelly Realty Michael Jackson, Keller Williams Elite Realty S. Jay Siegall, Sun Realty USA Dawn Johnson, MVP Realty® Jennifer Springer Rinden, Premiere Plus Realty Jeff Jordan, Keller Williams Elite Realty Matthew Stepan, Premier Commercial Inc. Sandy Kass, Royal Shell Real Estate Roxanne Stone Jeske, Premier Sotheby’s International Rebecca Kroseberg, Premiere Plus Realty Co. Brett Larson, Premiere Plus Realty Realty Marc Lobdell, Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate David Urban, John R. Wood Properties Carla Masse, Sun Realty USA Amy Velyvis, John R. Wood Properties Elizabeth McCrank, Keller Williams Elite Realty Hudson Warren, Keller Williams Elite Realty Gabe Mellein, Royal Shell Real Estate Heather Wightman, Keller Williams Elite Realty Ginny Nobbe, Keller Williams Elite Realty Randy Wise, Premiere Plus Realty Pamela Olsen, Royal Shell Real Estate Aaron Wolf, John R. Wood Properties Joni Pavich, Realty World J. Pavich Real Estate Carol Wood, John R. Wood Properties Joseph Pavich, Sr., Realty World J. Pavich Real Estate Catherine Wynne, John R. Wood Properties Linda Ramsey, Royal Shell Real Estate Zachary Rosen, MVP Realty® Nicholas Sassi, Realty World J. Pavich Real Estate Kyle Suhr, John R. Wood Properties Patrick Sweeney, John R. Wood Properties Pam Umscheid, Premier Sotheby’s International Realty Karen Ventura, RE/Max Sundance Realty Missey Weatherly, Premiere Plus Realty Kathy Wegwert, Keller Williams Elite Realty Ursula Weinkauff, Focus Real Estate LLC Dena Wilcoxen, Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Florida Realty

Meet Buyers Faster df With 1,100+ Listings and multiple Open House opportunities, Downing-Frye offers opportunities that put you face-to-face with Buyers TODAY.Tired of hoping an Internet lead will turn into a buyer? To make sales now,you need to meet Buyers now.With Downing-Frye, you can.Discover the Downing-Frye Difference Call us today to make a difference in your career. Opportunities are waiting. For a confidential interview please call:Naples: Naples, Marco Island, Bonita Springs: Bonita Springs:Mike Hughes, Vice President Jerry Murphy, Mgr. Bonita(239) 398-7572 Shawn Strodoski, Dir. Career Development (239) [email protected] (239) 330-0845 [email protected] [email protected] 9th Street S. (U.S. 41), Naples, FL 34102 df DOWNING-FRYE 23421 Walden Center Drive, Bonita Springs, FL 34134 3620 Tamiami Trail N., Naples, FL 34103 REALTY, INC. 719 Bald Eagle Drive, Marco Island, FL 34145

25300 Bernwood Drive, Suite 1, Bonita Springs, FL 34135 Phone: (239) 992-6771 Fax: (239) 947-9573www.BonitaEsteroRealtors.com18LBL016_BEAR_NEWSLETTER-MARCH-PRESS.pdf 1 3/9/18 2:38 PMElevated WaterfrontLiving in SouthFort Myers BeachRelax without restrictions. Explore without 3% COMMISSION 58 STUNNING RESIDENCESlimits. And reach new heights in uncommon + 1% REALTOR BONUS. FROM THE $900s*luxury. With panoramic views of Estero Bay 100% COMMISSIONand the Gulf of Mexico, Grandview at Bay PAID AT RECEIPT SALES CENTER OPEN DAILYBeach invites you to enjoy life's greatest OF 30% DEPOSIT.† GRANDVIEWBAYBEACH.COM | 239-309-1288achievements.Get your clients in on the ground floor ofthe last tower in Bay Beach. Floor plans andpricing available. Now taking reservations. *ORAL REPRESENTATIONS CANNOT BE RELIED UPON AS CORRECTLY STATING REPRESENTATIONS OF THE DEVELOPER. FOR CORRECT REPRESENTATIONS, MAKE REFERENCE TO THE DOCUMENTS REQUIRED BY SECTION 718.503, FLORIDA STATUTES, TO BE FURNISHED BY A DEVELOPER TO A BUYER OR LESSEE. † REALTOR BONUS AVAILABLE THROUGH APRIL 30, 2018. ALL CONTINGENCIES MUST BE MET.

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