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2021 Annual Report

Published by North Palm Church, 2022-04-07 18:17:42

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NORTH PALM CHURCH Annual Report 2021 ANNUAL REPORT We are radical pursuers of Jesus Christ determined to make a difference in this generation by living each day with eternity in mind. NORTHPALM.ORG | NORTHPALMGLOBAL.COM | NORTHPALM.TV | NORTHPALMCOUNSELING.COM | NORTHPALMWORSHIP.COM

Welcome to the Greatest Journey of Your Life!

NORTH PALM CHURCH Welcome to North Palm! We are a multi-cultural community of believers that together believe we can change our world with the greatest change agent of all time, Jesus Christ! Once we are transformed as individuals, we believe that we all become leaders or influencers to change our families, communities, cities, and nations. 4

2021 ANNUAL REPORT Our philosophy is one of service as Contents we come together in the church to be empowered to go to all spheres A Letter from our Senior Leaders of societal influence. We can bring Leadership Development the kingdom of God to the earth in Creating Family Together the areas of arts and entertainment, Creating Community Together business, education, family, North Palm Counseling Center government, and media. North Palm Preschool North Palm Latinos Our mission is to raise up a new Levites & Media generation that will live radically for North Palm Kidz Christ through the implementation North Palm Nursery of the Great Commission and Ignite demonstration of the love of God in Missions - Costa Rica every home in Charleston until this Missions - Haiti world is won for Christ. Taking Ground - Let Us Worship / We Prophesy ARISE Home Missions North Palm Global Apostles Commissioning Resourcing the Region Community Partnerships Financials Dedicating the New Building Look Ahead 2022 5

NORTH PALM CHURCH A Letter from our Senior Leaders With shakings all around us, we are As you look through the pages of secure in the fact that our anchor this annual report, know that this is holds! We are seeing the Lord take us the work of family, God’s family. We to deeper depths and higher heights are honored to be serving with each with Him. 2021 has been the year of of you! conquest and it is exciting to see the North Palm Church Family as well as Together, the North Palm Global Family grow Mark and Patricia Estes and take ground for the Kingdom. Senior Apostles Transitions are never easy and never without challenges but together we have seen so many signs, wonders and miracles. Our anthem rings out that the Lord is leading us from Victory to Victory to Victory. From our exploding children’s ministry to our foreign mission partners, the evidence that something new is happening on earth is abundant. 6


NORTH PALM CHURCH Leadership Development Timothy 2:15 TPT - Always be eager to present yourself before God as a perfect and mature minister, without shame, as one who correctly explains the Word of Truth. I n Leadership Development at North Palm, we We must continue to partner with God and mature into emphasize the importance of converts growing into the sons and daughters of God that the world is looking disciples, disciples becoming leaders, and leaders for. We must be able to bring heaven to earth. After all, it’s becoming world changers. Having navigated a the plan of God. Welcome to the journey. The culture of pandemic and seen the shaking that is on the earth in North Palm is Leadership Development. Culture is the set different areas, we are more convinced than ever that of shared attitudes, values, goals, and practices of a group. this earth needs the ecclesia to come forward with God’s As followers of Jesus Christ, our goal is to set the culture solutions to overwhelming earthly problems. When the of heaven on earth through the components of an apostolic bible says “make disciples” or “the bride has made herself house. ready” the transfer of responsibility is put into our hands. 2021 Welcomed New Primary Leaders: Rosa Laura Steve Vanessa Crystal Aguilar Droze Droze Formanek Keefer America Adiela Lizell Sam Zoraima Mejia Rodriquez Stark Stark Zabaleta 8

2021 ANNUAL REPORT 2021 Launch of Charis Charis Ministers will meet with individuals referred to the ministry anywhere from 3 to 12 times assisting Charis Ministry them to: Support through life’s difficult seasons • Develop hope in their current situation. • Acquire skills to set short-term, problem focused Charis means “grace” in Hebrew (good-will, loving- kindness, favor, God’s merciful grace). goals using a person’s strengths instead of focusing on “what’s wrong with them”. The Charis Ministry (pronounced care-is), sometimes • Discover their identity in Christ. known as lay-counseling in other churches, is a new • Connect to the presence of God by providing ministry being offered at North Palm to provide short Biblical truth, and prayer support. term support to individuals going through difficult • Build a support network if needed. seasons, where encouragement, prayer and Biblical • Provide referrals to other support ministries / truth is needed. A secondary goal of the ministry is counseling services if indicated. to help reduce the stigma of mental illness within church body. This ministry is spearheaded by Jerry Leschorn and Angel Weaver The Encounter Experience Prophetic Ministry Prophetic Journey The Encounter is designed to escort you through a reflection of your life from past to present. During This journey is designed by our prophetic ministry your Encounter experience, you will come to a revelation of the Cross and the value that God has team, UPLIFT MINISTRIES, to inspire you in the placed on you as a son or daughter. In 2021, we had 231 individuals who attended an Encounter. three areas of body, soul, and spirit as you discover School of Discipleship the treasure that is in you. 28 individuals were “discovered” on their journey in 2021! The School of Discipleship is designed to challenge you in your spiritual understanding of God’s word School of Prophets in Spanish Cherith Events: 37 and invite you to go on a quest to discover your & English: 63 spiritual gifts and calling. This is a training that Prophetic Prayer Sessions: consists of two classes offered quarterly following New Level Mentees 192 the Encounter Experience. In 2021, we had 223 in 2021: 5 individuals successfully complete the School of Discipleship. Discovery Session Sozo Ministry This is an individual scheduled session with a North Palm Leader and includes a Gift Assessment and Five Sozo is a personal ministry to the soul. It is designed Fold Assessment. These tools will enable you to find to bring healing and deliverance to the mind, will, your place in the local community of believers as well and emotions. There were 47 SOZO’s administered in as be a positive societal influence. You must complete 2021. School of Discipleship to advance to a Discovery Session. In 2021, we had 209 individuals complete a Discovery Session. Total Enrolled in Leadership Development 2021: 431 9

NORTH PALM CHURCH SERVICE TIMES Creating Sundays at 10:00AM Family Dynamic Celebration with Together Worship and the Word! Healthy Families Growing Together at North Palm. Be shepherds of God’s flock that is under your care, watching over them—not because you must, but because you are willing, as God wants you to be; not pursuing dishonest gain, but eager to serve; 1 Peter 5:2 (NIV). LEARN MORE AT | SUNDAY SERVICES Sunday Service is bilingual and is held at 10 am in our Embassy (Sanctuary). Come and be a part as the cultures and the generations gather as the body of Christ to experience the Power and Glory of God! Each Wednesday we come together for sessions LEADERSHIP designed to create strong and powerful disciples DEVELOPMENT of Christ. 10

2021 ANNUAL REPORT Community Creating Community Together Wherefore, we acknowledge the Lordship of Jesus Christ over all things in heaven, and in the earth and under the earth. LEARN MORE AT | Family is God’s heart, and North Palm is intentional to build a community of connectivity- an atmosphere of family. Having spiritual Dads and Moms embracing a diverse and growing group of sons and daughters makes North Palm a very exciting and active place. As a family, we are committed to grow together into all of the plans God has for us. We are learning to both cry together and celebrate together knowing that unity is the answer to Jesus’ prayer. But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of jesus, his son, purifies us from all sin. (1 John 1:7) 11

NORTH PALM CHURCH North Palm Preschool North Palm Grand Opening - September 2021 Counseling Center In 2021 we launched another opportunity to touch the next generations, North Palm Preschool. The private preschool for Grand Opening - May 2021 the children of staff and anyone active in Leadership Develop- ment is a response from parents needing a bible based solution N orth Palm Counseling Center has a to early childcare. More and more, we see the attacks on mission to provide comprehensive and children and youth. We want to do our part to help prepare the effective professional counseling services next generation of World Changers. The Preschool serves ages integrated with Christian beliefs and 1-4 and is led by Co-Directors, Anna Estes and Yessica Cooper. values. The North Palm Counseling Center (NPCC) is located on North Palm Campus as an extension of North Palm Church. Its purpose is to bring healing, clarity and strategies to hurting people who want to grow through a variety of methods under the care of a professional counselor. North Palm counselors hold graduate degrees in the field of counseling, are trained to assess, diagnose and treat mental health disorders, and are licensed by the state of South Carolina. We believe the entirety of the Bible contains infallible and absolute truth, which is life-giving and unchanging. This standard of truth is the starting point for how the NPCC approaches professional counseling treatment (see a full description of our church’s theology). With this Scriptural foundation firmly in place, effective Christian therapy looks to the fields of Psychology and Counseling to utilize a broad variety of research-based, effective treatment modalities that are compatible with a Christian world-view. A true integration of theology and counseling brings the hope and presence of Jesus into the process with a clear understanding that He is the Healer. LEARN MORE AT | 12

2021 ANNUAL REPORT North Palm Latinos Raise up a new generation to radically live for Christ through the implementation of the Great Commission and demonstration of God’s love in every home in Charleston until the world is won for Christ. We had a tremendous and powerful Ellas ministry continued to be a great We continued to grow with our growth year with our Latinos at North Palm. evangelistic tool for the Hispanic ladies. segments offered in Spanish, giving this We experienced great growth with our The ladies attending these meetings community an opportunity to continue Hispanic community. Charleston is found great fellowship and inspiration. growing in the Lord and preparing bringing the Hispanic from different Ellas continued to meet monthly and themselves. spheres of influence and they are was able to launch online meetings that attracted to North Palm because of our gave the ladies the opportunity to see Guardian of the Wall continued covering diversity and great presence of the glory and hear the speakers even from other the church with their intercession and of God. countries. prayers. They recruited new guardians and expanded their ministry to some We saw people being so hungry for Latin nights were filled with joy and online sessions giving the Hispanic the presence of God and wanting to be glory. The Hispanic band did a fantastic another way to connect through social part of the process quicker than ever job leading the praise and worship for media for a time of impartation and before. Many of the Hispanic received the Hispanic community. The families prayer. deliverance and major breakthrough by enjoyed the music, lyrics, and rhythms just attending our services. which took them to experiment new We saw the hand of God moving mighty encounters with God. We saw an with our Hispanic community. We The Encounters were powerful and we increase of people coming from South had so many testimonies of healing, were able to create more columns for America, especially Colombia and deliverance, prosperity, faith, and more. the Hispanic ladies. We are raising more Venezuela and many of them are part Hispanic leaders to help us to continue of our discipleship today. Overall, these We had an awesome 2021 and are forming and leading them into their Latin nights brought flavors, colors, looking forward to a great harvest from destiny. Most of the Hispanic’s are music, and love to our church creating this community. We declare and decree involved in different ministries serving a melting pot of cultures bringing the the prophecy given to us about the in different capacities. We were able to presence of the Holy Spirit and the fire revival coming with the Latinos in this expand the parking attendants. Many of God. area. of the Latinos men are serving Sunday after Sunday to make sure everyone has LEARN MORE AT | a great experience. Our North Palm Espanol Facebook platform has helped the Hispanic community to navigate to the different services and activities that we offer. This platform is very popular and keeps our community engaged and connected. 13

NORTH PALM CHURCH Levites & Media North Palm Levites and Mediavites North Palm Levites is the worship world. One of the ways we fulfill this ministry named after the levitical tribe assignment is through the North Palm in the old testament. Similar to the Worship youtube channel. In 2021 responsibilities of the Old Testament people around the world enjoyed 50,815 Levites, our desire is to minister to hours of worship and services online the Lord as well as care for His house! and we added 2,777 new subscribers! In 2021 the Levite Ministry added We have received messages, comments, twenty new people, helped pioneer and emails from people explaining how the transition to the new building, and this movement of the Lord has impacted has continued to write and record new them! We are grateful for this ministry songs and videos. In 2021, North Palm and the gift of the Lord to impact many Worship released an original EP called people and spread the gospel! “Holy Visitation.” This EP includes 7 original songs that reflect the move of Blessings, the Lord in this region and in this house.  Deborah Estes Hong  Worship & Creative Director Mediavites is a term coined by our North Palm Church media team leaders that is a play on the word “Levites”. Unfortunately, there is not a tribe of Israel called “Media” so the team lovingly came up with the name “mediavites.” In 2021 the media ministry added twenty-five new media team members upon entering into the new building. The team consists of producers, media directors, assistants, camera operators, lyric operators, and titlers. Through this volunteer- based ministry, amazing and talented people who are called to influence the mountain of media have risen to the challenge and shine bright for the Kingdom of God!  The Levites and Mediavites are LEARN MORE AT | called to share what the Lord is doing at North Palm to others around the 14


NORTH PALM CHURCH North Palm had as they heard God for Kidz themselves! “Jesus said, ‘Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the The kids came for our first kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” Matthew 19:14 ever “Indoor Camping” event in October. The kids all brought tents and we set them up inside the warehouse. We had such a great time of impromptu worship around the “campfire” and celebrated the goodness of God together. It was a lovely time of fun and fellowship! Hello, North Palm Families! kids. Then we had an Easter We also hosted an intimate As we look back over this past We had so many amazing celebration! “Cherith” retreat on Edisto year, we can clearly see God’s things happen in 2021! As Beach where a few of our hand of blessing over our the world still dealt with Summer brought with it our kids grew closer to God and North Palm Kidz Ministry Covid-19 and all the other annual VBS. It was a great learned to hear God more and all of our families. Our things happening around us, success as our kids went on a clearly and specifically. God is incredibly faithful we got a new building! With “Rocky Railway Adventure!” They were sharpened in the and continues to push us the new building finished, we The kids learned about the prophetic and equipped as forward into all He has for had some definite growing power of God and how He young leaders rising up to us. We are transforming a pains as we transitioned to equips us to do hard things, impact their generation. city and changing culture the new space. But, we didn’t to be bold and to trust Jesus! Each one left there knowing together! We look forward slow down and continued to continued growth and to advance and saw so much As we came to the second half growth! Our families are so of the year, we were excited ‘WE CAN CLEARLY SEE GOD’S HAND OF incredibly blessed! to host a Kidz Encounter BLESSING’ where the children got to We hosted a number of fun experience the revelation of they were deeply loved and advancement in 2022! kidz events. Early in the God’s love for each of them called for greatness. The year, we celebrated winter in profound ways! We had leaders were amazed at the Much love! with ice skating and an ice 18 kids that attended that profound revelation the kids Dayna R. Lopez cream party for our younger first Kidz Encounter. LEARN MORE AT | 16

2021 ANNUAL REPORT North Palm understanding to learn about God the Father, the Son, and Nursery Holy Spirit as their parents received from the Lord in our Main Services. We had such an amazing year full of growth Greetings From the North Palm Nursery/Preschool Department! and great experiences in God’s presence. We are in great ex- pectation to see what God has in store for the Preschoolers and We are so excited to tell you all about what God has done in our Nursery Babies. the North Palm Nursery/Preschool Department for the Year 2021. 2021 was truly a year of New Beginnings for all of us, Preschool Assistant Admin as we moved into our new facility. Even in the middle of a Blanca Hernandez pandemic, the Spirit of the living God was, and still moving as we speak. Here are some highlights from 2021 from our The Best is yet to come for us in the North Palm Nursery/ Nursery/ Preschool Assistant Department Heads. Preschool Department! In 2021, Our amazing North Palm Nursery moved into our We are seeing wonderful growth spiritually as well as New Facilities. We received new developmentally appropri- physically in our little ones! They have a desire to know the ate toys and resources to foster your infants and toddlers love and compassion of God. They are wonderful worshippers, physical as well as spiritual learning. Every week we prayed, who aren’t afraid to give God all the praise! They have learned interceded, and decreed over each child and their families. how to pray for others as well as themselves. There are so many They learned about God’s love for them through servant lead- prophetic words that have been spoken over our children. We ership by nurturing and attending to each child’s needs. We wait in great expectation as they come to pass. As the families loved having the opportunity to partner with you to raise up at North Palm continue to grow, we hope and pray as the Lord your child in the way they should go. We are looking forward leads, that many other volunteers would come alongside us in to another amazing year in 2022 that is filled with God’s Love this journey to help your child know Jesus more. and Presence. We would like to thank Nena Jackson (The Fruit that Lasts Nursery Assistant Admin Author) and Mason Crews, Deanna Gorham (The Father’s Karyssa Heatherly Table), Mrs. Marcia’s Story Time, Mrs. Shevy Noble (Nutritional Coach), Irene Rose (Singer and Songwriter), Mrs. Our North Palm Preschool Team did an amazing job with a Angela Henderson (Prophetess unto the Nations), Michelle smooth transition to our new facilities in 2021. We were able Power (Levite Violinist), Papa Palm, and every worker and to keep our amazing guest speakers imparting into the lives of volunteer that has had a hand in helping us equip the next our little ones. With songs, crafts, puppet shows, and amazing generation and future generations to know the Love of God, events, every single child was able to receive and learn about His Son, Jesus, and The Holy Spirit more! Thank you Parents for the love of God. They were equipped with the knowledge and entrusting us with your precious gifts from God. Your support made 2021 the best year yet! From the North Palm Nursery/ LEARN MORE AT | Preschool Department, blessings always on your lives! North Palm Nursery/Preschool Department Head Carlotte M. Bailey 17

NORTH PALM CHURCH IGNITE sessions together. We had an incredible time between sessions enjoying fellowship with great friends, Youth Ministry singing karaoke, and playing a variety of games, such as a great water balloon fight! The cabin was “All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable filled with an atmosphere of joy as we worshipped for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for the Lord together and received the words from the training in righteousness, that the man of God may be conference. In the evenings we had time to gather competent, equipped for every good work.” 2 Timothy around the campfire and form incredible memories 3:16-17 that will last a lifetime. We also dove deep into the word throughout the I gnite youth ministry continues to see the year at the Living Waters Bible study on Mondays. Holy Spirit show up in powerful ways at our For the last few months of the year, we did a study services on the first and the third Fridays of through the book “Moral Revolution,” by Chris and every month. God is stirring an awakening of Jason Vallotton. This book dives into understanding revival in these young people to raise them up God’s wisdom and purpose for relationships, as the revivalists that this nation needs! Our marriage, and sex, and how to stand firm against theme this year was “It’s ____ for me!” There were the pressure of the anti-biblical cultural attitudes we many incredible messages such as “it’s grace for face regarding those topics. me”, “it’s victory for me”, “it’s his blood for me”, and The year concluded with another amazing Christmas party! We gathered “it’s the new creation for me.” together to worship Jesus, the reason for the season! We also had a ton of Christmas treats and fun Christmas games including our traditional This year we read through a book together called musical chairs! “Do Hard Things” by Alex and Brett Harris. This is We look forward to an amazing 2022, full of connecting and building an incredible book written by a couple of teenagers community while seeking the Kingdom of God! to inspire fellow teenagers across the world to step up as young adults and make an impact for the LEARN MORE AT | gospel. This book speaks of a new kind of “teenage rebellion”, where teenagers rebel against low expectations and become determined to advance the Kingdom of God in powerful ways, even as a teenager. For the FORWARD conference this year, though the conference we streamed online again, we made an adventure out of the conference by traveling to a cabin in North Carolina to watch the conference 18

2021 ANNUAL REPORT Missions “Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms.” (1 Peter 4:10) Missions Costa Rica In Costa Rica we continued working to expand the kingdom on earth. 32 people graduated from the PDI (Leadership Development Program) in 2021. We launched HUELLAS IMBORRABLES, a platform for our graduates to impact society by engaging in different community events. We adopted a nursing home with 30 residents who have no relatives. We have also been providing help to those severely affected by the pandemic.  Some of our graduates are being raised in highplaces. Among them: Mario Umaña as an adviser to the first lady, Gabriela Araya as anicon in beauty salons, Erica Vega as a consultant for a large international foundation.  Thanks to each of those who have been part of this dream through their prayers and trust. We keep moving forward! It is Time is a ministry that we launched and support in Costa Rica. This is a 7-mountain initiative to see Christians take the good news of the Kingdom into all of the earth. With 5 training centers, we host a three-level training program equipping believers to be the light in all spheres of society, bringing true and lasting transformation. Hundreds have graduated and the influence of Jesus is become very evident. LEARN MORE AT | 19

NORTH PALM CHURCH Missions “A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed.” (Proverbs 11:25) Missions Haiti Haiti Missions: Making Heavenly Music In Heaven Every act, every deed you may not be aware of of justice and mercy the ongoing success and and benevolence, triumphs that are also taking makes heavenly music place. Within the crisis, our in Heaven. - Ellen G. mission continues and grows White strong with your support. Your donations helped us Firstly, we want to thank give Haitian children and everyone who has supported families a new start. This our mission and your year you have helped us heart for Haiti. Last year serve over 500 families in was a season of unrest, communities in Haiti with injustice and mourning, not only products they mainly due to: Covid-19, needed urgently, but also rebel takeovers, extreme with educational programs gas prices, a 7.2 magnitude to help them progress. earthquake, tropical storms, Please know that your and assassination of Haiti’s contributions are making an president. Many of you immediate impact. Thank are aware of the ongoing you for all your kindness and challenges that Haiti has support. continued to undergo. But This young lady, Annaelle is LEARN MORE AT | sponsored by Apostle Angela Henderson and a group of ladies at North Palm Church. Annaelle and many of our students have put in the work and have taken advantage of every opportunity afforded to them by their sponsors. Major Congratulations to our High School Graduates and the sponsors that made it possible. Annaelle has an aspiration to become a Nurse with a dream to eventually open her own clinic. 20

2021 ANNUAL REPORT Events Taking Ground Let Us Worship March 27, 2021 - Hanahan Amphitheater With Sean Feucht, Eddie James, and North Palm Worship We Prophesy April 24, 2021 - North Palm Church With Mark & Patricia Estes, Elizabeth Tiam-Fook, Patricia King, Hannah Brim, Jamie Galloway, Joshua Giles, Becky Hennesy, Joe Joe Dawson, Larry Sparks, Jamie Lynn Wallnau, John Bates, Tim Manigault, Trisha Roselle and Jessi Green LEARN MORE AT | 21

NORTH PALM CHURCH ARISE others see a diary. Some see a sketch book while others may see an event planner. Some say they will write their book in it, Annual Review while others call it their discovery guide. It’s exciting to watch their imaginations begin to expand and they begin to believe in Arise International was founded by Angela the beauty of their dreams. Henderson to bring community transformation by supporting the educational system with Session Two (REACH) enlightens them on the Power of initiatives and programs of fluidity that will Agreements. They learn that they are to treat others the way empower the students from grades K5-12 to Aim, they treat themselves. They realize that many times they Reach, Inspire, Succeed, and Enrich their own believe a lie about themselves. Once they can appreciate lives and the lives of others. who they are and feel confident in that knowledge, they can appreciate others as well. They also learn that they must reach As the pandemic rates are coming down, ARISE is on out and allow others to help them with their dreams. It takes a the rise in our Charleston County School District. We have team to make a dream come true. seen great success during our 2021 adventures. With limited opportunities for volunteers to enter the school facilities due Session Three (INSPIRE) equips them with tools on quality to the strict mandates, ARISE was invited to return. Though communication. They learn how to be a solution in the midst we could use only a limited team, we were able to take over of conflict. They discover that they can turn a bully into a 400 students on their journey of personal discovery, team friend just by activating these simple steps. As they learn to building, and leadership development. We are an approved step up in their communication skills they will inspire others vendor through the school district and are contracted to teach to do the same. students during school hours. Session Four (SUCCEED) empowers them with tools for ARISE is a 5 sessions adventure that empowers each student personal state management. They learn that they can rule by mapping out their personal greatness. They learn to dream their emotions rather than their emotions ruling them. With and dream big. It is an acronym for AIM, REACH, INSPIRE, fun videos and music we practice sharing encouragement and SUCCEED, and ENRICH. Many have not envisioned their life kindness with other classmates. We learn to offer our strength past the day they are currently living. Survival mode is mostly to others without reminding them of their weakness. their lifestyle. Session Five (ENRiCH) is a craft day! We design our Session One of ARISE (AIM) takes them on grand personal dream boards. Based on their discoveries about adventures of celebrating their existence and personal worth. themselves, they build their dreams on canvas. This serves as Each day, they bring value into our world. They receive a a daily reminder to them that they can live their dreams. The wrapped gift of a journal for their adventure. This is a big hit world needs the greatness inside of them! with the students. As soon as they open this gift, they begin to envision how they will put it to use. Some see a journal while If you would like to partner with ARISE by volunteering or donating, we invite you to go to our website at www.ariseint. com or email us at [email protected]. There you will find more information about our amazing adventure and how to get involved. These students are our future. We must help them dream in their present. Together we can do great things! Let’s enable them to ARISE! LEARN MORE AT | 22

2021 ANNUAL REPORT Home Missions Extraordinary missions in our community. 2021 was truly a year of gaining strength Angel Tree and momentum. While still navigating through a pandemic, we were able to We worked together to bless 5 families and 12 children continue our mission of service to our local through the Angel Tree endeavor. fellowship and surrounding community. We were able to continue assisting those in need of financial help through our Good Neighbor fund and build relationships with other organizations within the city. Our mission is to connect with others who are doing good things too. Together we will do great things! Veterans Affairs SERVOLUTION Veterans Affairs- The Witting Tree is a silent, faith-filled We began a new venture called SERVOLUTION. This witness observed each day for eleven days, from November ministry not only serves the local body in volunteer 1, through November 11 (Veterans Day). North Palm opportunities it also takes our volunteers out of the four participated in the Witting Tree project by hanging 22 walls of the church building and into the marketplace to sets of dog tags each day on a tree in the Portal in public serve the community. We have developed relationships remembrance of 22 veterans who take their lives each day with our local North Charleston Police department. by suicide. (That is one Veteran that takes their life every 80 Our volunteers have prayer with our officers during minutes.) their shift changes (6:30 am, 2:30 pm, and 9:30 pm). We also have Evangelistic teams who participate in Turkey Basket RECAP prayer walks with the police department once a Brigade murderous crime has been committed. They go into that community and offer prayer, love, and assistance to its With a heart of thanksgiving and praise we served 75 residents during their recovery. turkeys for Thanksgiving and 75 turkeys for Christmas helping to support families for their holiday festivities. LEARN MORE AT | 23

NORTH PALM CHURCH North Palm Global North Palm Global is the apostolic covering of a network of individuals, churches, ministries, and businesses in the US and in 15 nations. PInatretnnseirvsehips. One of our network focuses for 2021 was Intensive Partnerships where we mentor leaders on all 7 mountains. This year we launched Six Intensives: South Africa, Zambia, Belgium, Australia, USA, and Alaska Business. LEARN MORE AT | 24

2021 ANNUAL REPORT Apostles Commissioning Ministry - PREP Certificates For Ordination: Commissioned: Timothy Ashton Marcia Bedoya Deborah Burkhart - Apostle Jennifer Bonilla Lathan Carey Jeffery Burkhart - Apostle Travis Bracht Lisa Carey Amanda Hill - Apostle Vanessa Formanek Douglas Foster David Valdez - Evangelist Carmegwa Garner Rebecca Foster Kelly Valdez - Evangelist David Hill Maria Angel Henderson Jerry Leschorn John Schreiner Madeline Mungin Iesha Schreiner Sierra Mungin Isaac Vickers Denise Patrick Ashleigh Zacarias Osiris Zacarias LEARN MORE AT | 25

NORTH PALM CHURCH Resourcing the Region 2021 Calendar of Events At-A-Glance January 18 - It’s A Good Time To Be You Show Filming January 29 - Levite Auditions January 31 - Encounter February 6 - FITW Super Saturday February 27 - Hispanic Couples Fellowship March 7 - Financial Peace University en Espanol March 20 - Latin Night March 21 - First Service in the Embassy March 27 - Let Us Worship April 4 - Easter Presentation April 24 - We Prophesy May 10-18 - North Palm Global South Africa Conference May 23 - Building Dedication with Apostle Che Ahn June 14-18 - Childrens VBS June 24-27 - FORWARD Conference July 10 - Young Adult Singles Fellowship July 25 - Baptism August 4-8 - NPG Courageous Leadership Conference August 28 - Young Adult Married Couples Fellowship September 4 - Darkness 2 Light Training September 26 - Family Day October 2 - Deliverance training October 23 - Launch of the Charis Ministry October 28-30 - men’s Retreat November 7 - Healing Service December 4 - Healing Tent December 10 - North Palm Christmas Leadership Gala December 19 - Behold Your King Christmas Presentation LEARN MORE AT | 26

2021 ANNUAL REPORT Community Partnerships Stall High School Charleston Clergy Council North Charleston High School The Hope Project Crown Academy International Church SSON/Tri-county Veterans Network ARISE North Palm Angel Tree Project Military Magnet Academy Turkey Basket Brigade Chicora Elementary School Get em Twisted Stand for Haiti Lost & Found Ministries IPI (In Place Impact) Charleston Swim Steinburg Lawfirm Charleston County School District North Charleston Police Department CE Williams North 6th Grade Academy Water Missions 27

NORTH PALM CHURCH North Palm 2021 - Financial Statement 28

2021 ANNUAL REPORT North Palm 2021 - Financial Statement (cont.) 29

NORTH PALM CHURCH North Palm 2021 - Financial Statement (cont.) 30

2021 ANNUAL REPORT Dedicating the New Building Embassy (Sanctuary) Dedication May 23, 2021 31


ADDRESSES North Palm Church 7176 Bryhawke Circle North Charleston, SC 29418 North Palm Offices 7167 Bryhawke Circle - Suite B North Charleston, SC 29418 ONLINE

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