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6 November 2018, Sheraton Abu Dhabi Hotel & Resort CONVERTING GREATER OPTIMISM INTO SUSTAINABLE Event Catalogue Sponsored by

6 November 2018, Sheraton Abu Dhabi Hotel & ResortEVENT TIMETABLETuesday, 6th November 201809:00 Registration and Welcome Refreshments09:45 Welcome by Clive Woodbridge, Conference Chairman & Editor, The Maritime Standard09:50 Inaugural Address by Trevor Pereira, Managing Director, The Maritime Standard10:00 Keynote Addresses by H.E. Ahmed M. Shareef Alkhoori, Director General,10:30 Federal Transport Authority-Land & Maritime11:45 Capt. Mohamed Juma Al Shamisi, Chief Executive O cer,12:15 Abu Dhabi Ports Main Session - Investing in Infrastructure delivery - how to unlock trade potential?12:45 Panel Discussion/Question & Answer13:45 An Exclusive Up Close and Personal Session with Bibop Gresta, Chairman, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies15:45 Sanjay Mehta, Chairman, S One Capital16:00 Lunch Break16:15 Session 2 - The Future for Ship Finance - the implications for the market in17:15 Middle East and the Indian Subcontinent17:30 Panel Discussion/Question & Answer Refreshment Break Session 3 - Supporting regional trade development Panel Discussion/Question & Answer Networking Reception www.tms-ship | 5

Abu Dhabi Ports Abu Dhabi Ports has won more than 40 local and international prestigious awards, underpinning its success to provide world-class services and solutions as well asAbu Dhabi Ports is the operator and manager of its remarkable track record of milestonesAbu Dhabi’s commercial and community ports, and ambitious expansion addition to the Fujairah Terminals, and the With innovation and diversity being at thePort of Kamsar in Guinea. heart of its business strategy, Abu Dhabi PortsInaugurated on Dec 12, 2012 by President of acts as a beacon for maritime trade betweenthe UAE, His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed the UAE and global trade partners. Whether itAl Nahyan Khalifa Port is the agship port of is the enabling of maritime trade, attractingAbu Dhabi Ports and is considered to be the rst industrial investments, promoting thesemi-automated container port in the region. emirate as a tourist destination, enhancingSince its establishment in 2006, Abu Dhabi Ports communities, automating services orhas been completely aligned with the economic constantly evolving its operationalplans and directives of Abu Dhabi Government’s technologies, Abu Dhabi Ports remains2030 Economic Vision, by playing a pivotal role steadfast in its journey towards excellencein the growth of the emirate, contributing 3.6% and innovation.of Abu Dhabi’s non-oil GDP growth.Abu Dhabi Ports’ subsidiaries include: KhalifaIndustrial Zone Abu Dhabi (KIZAD); Abu DhabiMarine Services – SAFEEN; Maqta Gateway;Abu Dhabi Terminals; Abu Dhabi CruiseTerminal and Abu Dhabi Maritime Academy.Abu Dhabi Ports is developing Khalifa IndustrialZone Abu Dhabi (KIZAD), Khalifa Port’sdedicated trade and logistics hub, in whichKhalifa Port Free Trade Zone (KPFTZ) - thelargest in the Middle East region - attracts directinvestments to over 100 km2 of free zoneopportunities. www.tms-ship | 7

Dubai Trading | www.dtashipagency.comDubai Trading Agency Group (“the Group”) has Key Personnel:its origins in Dubai Trading Agency LLC, which Muhammad Tahir Lakhaniwas established in 1973. Over the years, the Chairmanbusiness of Dubai Trading Agency LLC has Muhammad Ali Lakhaniexpanded globally, and it has grown to include Managing Directorseveral subsidiaries and associate businesses. In Flemming Jensenorder to more e ectively manage this network CEO, DTA Ship Agencyof related businesses, senior management havecreated the Dubai Trading Agency Group as thequasi-holding company for all of the variousinterests.DTA Group operates through a network ofsubsidiaries and associates registered in theUAE, the UK, Singapore, Monaco and othero shore locations. The Group is headed byMr. Tahir Lakhani, the original founder of DubaiTrading Agency LLC, and, since 1985, it has beenprimarily in the business of buying and sellingships, with particular focus on the demolitionmarket: buying ships targeted for recyclingfrom ship owners and selling them to theSub- Continent & China. In recent years, theGroup has been one of the largest cash buyersin the global market and the Group has broad-ened its activities, and is now active in the areasof Shipping Operations, Ship Recycling, ShipAgency Services, Ship Owning andShip Management. www.tms-ship | 9

Kuwait Oil Tanker Company tankers, as they are equipped with systems to limit gas admissions from the oil cargo as result of temperature variation and the change of weather while sailing from one port toKuwait Oil Tankers Company (KOTC) was another.incorporated in 1957 by a group of pioneers Marine Agencywho had a vision on the importance of oil as a Marine Agency branch was established in 1959main source of energy. In con rmation of the and it is one of the subsidiaries of KOTC, which isvision and insight of those pioneers, they in turn a subsidiary of KPC. It is also the onlydecided to acquire an oil tanker. The rst tanker” agency that provides services to all the tankersKAZIMAH” was acquired with an aggregate load in the territorial waters and Kuwaiti ports. Theof 49,000 tons. Over time, oil became of a great Marine Agency branch has obtainedimportance and the international demand for oil ISO14001:2004 and ISO 9001:2008 and thesesubstantially increased. Hence, transporting oil International Standards are renewed accordingin its crude, re ned and lique ed gas forms to the required terms and speci cations relatedbecame necessary. Accordingly the eet of KOTC to health, safety, and environmental issues.has been upgraded. Following the incorporation The Marine Agency branch provides services forof Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC) in 1980, more than 1,400 tankers that visit Kuwaiti portsKOTC became responsible of the sector of every year. The Marine Agency branch is dividedtransporting the crude oil, re ned oil products into 3 main departments that include severaland the Lique ed petroleum gas. In addition, sections which cooperate to provide services forKOTC also operates the Marine Agency Branch all tankers that visit Kuwaiti ports, in addition towhich is the sole agent for all the tankers calling providing services for the company’s crewat the Kuwaiti sea ports. KOTC also has an LPG members.Filling Branches in Shuaiba & Umm Al-Aish LPG Filling Branches “Shuaiba & Um Al-Aish”that ll lique ed gas cylinders and distributed In 1960 the company was granted the right tothem in all regions of Kuwait. market and distribute the Lique ed PetroleumThe Company’s Fleet Vessels Gas (LPG) in local market as an alternative toKOTC owns a distinguished eet of Ships that other types of domestic fuels. In January 1962,consists of 28 tankers, divided between 12 Very the First Gas Filling Plant was constructed andLarge Crude Oil tankers, 12 di erent petroleum put into operation at Shuwaikh Industrial Areaproducts tankers of various sizes, and 4 gigantic with production capacity of about one milliongas tankers. The total cargo of the eet is 4,7 cylinders (12 kg) per year. However, with themillion metric tons, which is the equivalent of increase in the population, it became necessary339,387 million oil barrels, and the average age to increase production capacity to meet localof the eet is 7 years. The company was keen to market consumption.modernize its eet through building tankersthat comply with the latest international www.tms-ship | 11designs and that have the latest technical andtechnological features. In addition to that, thenew company’s tankers are considered to be anexample of the environmental friendly

Hyperloop Transportation Department of SeaportsTechnologies & Customs, Government of Transportation Technologies (HTT,HyperloopTT) is an innovative transportation Sharjah Ports Authority manages the threeand technology company focused on realizing commercial ports of Sharjah the only Emiratethe Hyperloop, a system that moves people and that has ports in both coasts of UAE.goods at unprecedented speeds safely, e cient- Port Khalid located in the heart of Sharjah city isly, and sustainably. Through the use of unique, a multipurpose port of 21 berths handlingpatented technology and an advanced business container, break bulk, ro-ro, project and bulkmodel of lean collaboration, open innovation products.and integrated partnership, HyperloopTT is Hamriyah Port is located 15km north ocreating and licensing technologies. Port Khalid on the Arabian Gulf adjoining theFounded in 2013, HyperloopTT is a global Hamriyah Free Zone which is one of the fastestteam comprised of more than 800 engineers, growing economic zones in UAE and home tocreatives and technologists in 52 multidisci- over 5000 companies. The port is also aplinary teams, with 40 corporate and university multipurpose port and key gateway forpartners. Headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, Hamriyah Free Zone investors and industryHyperloopTT has o ces in America, Europe located in the northern Emirates. The facilityand Asia. which has a quay of 1100 meters with a depthHyperloopTT is led by co-founders Dirk Ahlborn of 14 meters, an LPG and a petroleum(CEO) and Bibop G. Gresta (Chairman) and a product terminal.senior management team of experienced Khorfakkan Port strategically located onentrepreneurs and professionals. the Gulf of Oman coast outside the sensitiveFor more information or media inquiries, Strait of Hormuz is a jewel in the crown ofcontact [email protected] Sharjah. It is a major container port of UAE handling in excess of 3 million TEUs and is a port of call to the largest container ships presently plying the seas. Knowledgeable and well trained customer oriented sta ensure true customer satisfaction. Make Sharjah Ports your port of call. Email: [email protected] www.tms-ship | 13

Bestar Consultancy International Shipping and“Bestar Consultancy” is a Sri Lankan basedconsultancy rm specialized in o ering e ective International Shipping and Logisticssolutions in Transport & Logistics Sector (ISL) FZE, UAE is a wholly owned subsidiary ofwhich has already marked its footprint by TM International Logistics Limiteddelivering superior outcomes to several key ( Shareholders of TMILLmaritime projects in Sri Lankan and international include Tata Steel (51%), NYK (26%) & Martradeplatforms within a short span of time. (23%)  . ISL is based in Jumeirah Lakes Towers,We have best talent dedicated towards Dubai and is primarily involved in dry cargodelivering superlative outcomes to our customers operating business. Over the years the companyand our team is comprised with well-known has moved a wide range of products whichmaritime professionals who have years of include fertiliser, clinker, coal, iron ore, lime-experience and expertise knowledge in port stone, steel, grain, logs, minerals, automobiles,operations, port construction and logistics containers etc. Although ISL operates ship sizesoperations. from 10k-120 k its share of  Supramax / PanamaxPrecise consultancy to various global and range of vessels is the largest. The companyindividual terminal operators delivered by does short term charter of vessels for various“Bestar” has included capacity assessments, durations – ranging from a month to six months.benchmarking, due diligence reviews, assess- To diversify the business in the marine dry bulkment of competitor terminals, capex and opex transportation services, the company hasreviews, and equipment proposals and planning recently acquired a gearless 74,461 Dwtof staged facility developments. Assistance has Japanese built Panamax vessel. ISL has a diversebeen given to ports in several developing coun- customer base such as traders, manufacturers,tries to improve throughput and to achieve mine owners, end users etc. It is involved inhigher performance levels with fully developed worldwide trading with major thrust being Eastcontainer orientated port facilities. of the Suez. Major trading routes are PersianThe Founder of “Bestar” is a renowned Gulf- India, India- Far East, South East Asia- Indiamaritime professional, who has a vision to and Indian coastal business.develop transport & logistics sector to provide ISL strives to deliver service of high standardsworld class services and he is o ering invaluable by focusing on quality, safety, exibility andcontribution with his technical, analytical, project reliability. ISL has a dynamic team of profession-management, engineering and leadership skills. als, constantly striving to provide innovativeThus, “Bestar” is moving forward e caciously as a shipping solution to its customers across thecompetent industry leader with a readily globe. The company has operating o ces inavailable clientele. Persian Gulf and India. With its strong position in various locales, it has a good reach across a wide spectrum of customers and also local knowl- edge of the country. www.tms-ship | 15

ADNOC Logistics & Services Dubai Maritime Dubai Maritime City is a multi-purpose builtAs a global integrator of maritime logistics, the maritime centre that will create an exclusivecompany leverages its international shipping atmosphere for the international marine &excellence and diversi ed services expertise maritime community, divided into two precinct:through three main areas of activities: shipping, industrial and commercial.o shore logistics, onshore services. Industrial Precinct: As the sole specializedADNOC Logistics & Services manages a marine & maritime cluster in the region, DMCcomprehensive eet of over 120 vessels and a has managed to develop a well-establishedlogistical base of over 1.4 million square meters. industrial precinct that covers all marine &Its comprehensive o ering plays a considerable maritime industry needs under one umbrella;role in a broader ecosystem both in Abu Dhabi ship repair, ship owners, technical expertise andand internationally. ADNOC Logistics & Services marine suppliers. It also provides entireserves ADNOC Group as well as international infrastructure that includes o ces, workshops,customers, facilitating the development of the warehouses, showrooms, shops, yachtUAE’s energy industries, fortifying the nation's manufacturing and ship repair plots.position as a global energy provider, and Commercial Precinct: DMC o ers mix usecontributing to its overall economic growth. freehold plots that are intended to beADNOC Logistics & Services CEO, Captain developed to consist of retail, residential &Abdulkareem Al Masabi took over the reins in o ce towers and promenade.April this year after a successful period as Our superb strategic location makes us attractiveexecutive vice president at Abu Dhabi Ports. to marine & maritime industry which will reinforce our goal towards an integrated worldwide marine & maritime cluster. Future: • Create a Platform to support marine & maritime repairs for wooden Dhows & Super Yachts • Attract leading players in the industry to use this platform • Support the industry with the right infrastructure • Create real estate to support this industry • Establishment of integrated management process for yard operations & property management www.tms-ship | 17

6 November 2018, Sheraton Abu Dhabi Hotel & ResortCONFERENCE PROGRAMMETuesday, 6th November 201809:00 Registration09:00 Welcome Refreshments Sponsored by09:45 Welcome by Clive Woodbridge, Editor, The Maritime Standard09:50 Inaugural Address by Trevor Pereira, Managing Director, The Maritime Standard10:00 Keynote Addresses by H.E. Ahmed M. Shareef Alkhoori Director General, Federal Transport Capt. Mohamed Juma Al Shamisi Authority Land & Marine CEO, Abu Dhabi Ports10:30 Main session: Investing in Infrastructure delivery - how to unlock trade potential? How will the Chinese government’s New Silk Road and One Belt initiatives impact on infrastructure provision and demand in the Middle East and the Indian Subcontinent? Port investments - developing strategies to support local trade growth Sagarmala initiatives - what will be the impact on Indian trade? Port investments in the UAE - what is the next step? Hambantota port - a key piece in the global trade jigsaw Assessing the climate for regional infrastructure investment Conference Chairman Clive Woodbridge Editor, The Maritime Standard Speakers Capt. Abdulkareem Al Masabi Dr. Priyath Wickrama CEO, ADNOC Logistics & Services Chairman, Bestar Consultancy Michael Jorgensen Ross Thompson CFO, Oman Shipping Company Acting/Chief – Commercial and Strategy O cer – Ports, Abu Dhabi Ports www.tms-ship | 19

6 November 2018, Sheraton Abu Dhabi Hotel & ResortCONFERENCE PROGRAMMETuesday, 6th November 2018 Saliya Wickramasuriya Senior Advisor to CEO, Hambantota International Port Group11:45 Panel Discussion/Question & Answer12:15 An Exclusive Up Close and Personal Session with Bibop Gresta Chairman, Hyperloop Transportation Sanjay Mehta Technologies Chairman, S One Capital12.45 Lunch Sponsored by13:45 Session 2 - The Future for Ship Finance - the implications for the market in Middle East and the Indian Subcontinent What is the future for ship nance and what will this mean for the region? What new approaches are needed by the ship nance sector? Are alternative lending platforms a risk too far for shipping? Will banks reassess their long term ship nance vision? Investing positively in uncertain market conditions M&A activity - is there more to come and what lessons can be learned from the past? Assessing leading regional shipowner’s plans in terms of eet development investment. What does the shipping industry today need from the nance sector? Session Chairman Jesper Kjaedegaard Partner, Mercator International Spteakers Marcus Machin Ali Shehab Director, Tufton Oceanic (Middle East) Deputy CEO, Kuwait Oil Tanker Company Limited Bobby Varghese Tien Tai Vice President- Financial Strategy, Partner, HFW Abu Dhabi Ports20 | www.tms-ship

6 November 2018, Sheraton Abu Dhabi Hotel & ResortCONFERENCE PROGRAMMETuesday, 6th November 2018 Jacob Berman Michael Savva MD, Infrastructure and Transportation Partner, Watson Farley Williams Corporate & Institutional Banking, Standard Chartered Andrew Simmons CEO, Global Marine Transport Capital15:45 Panel Discussion/Question & Answer16:00 Refreshment Break Sponsored by16:15 Session 3 - Supporting regional trade development What does the future hold for India’s coastal and short sea trades? Emirates Gulf Aluminium - a case study in investing in supply chain optimisation RAK Ports - opening up a gateway for bulk trade growth Overcoming security barriers to trade Maritime law expertise - the key to regional trade success Environmental investments - a growing and urgent necessity The chemical trades - Bahri opens the door to new markets Developing new trade-supporting nance products Spteakers Bora Bariman Waleed Altamimi Head of Energy and Marine, GM, Emirates Classi cation (TASNEEF) National Bank of Fujairah Capt. S.R. Patnaik Giovanni Moscatelli CEO, International Shipping and Partner and MD, Logistics The Boston Consulting Group Middle East17:15 Panel Discussion/ Question & Answer17:30 Networking Reception www.tms-ship | 21

CONFERENCE CHAIRMAN Clive Woodbridge Editor, The Maritime Standard Clive is the editor of The Maritime Standard, a regular e-newsletter aimed speci cally at the shipping and maritime community in the Middle East and the Indian Subcontinent, providing up-to-date news and analysis from the shipping and ports industries and related sectors and has also edited the recently published Maritime Standard UAE Yearbook 2018/19, the most comprehensive review of recent activities and future plans in the UAE’s maritime sector. Clive is a well-respected freelance journalist and has been writing about shipping, ports and logistics related issues since 1982. For more than 35 years he has contributed to some of the leading publications in the industry, including Lloyds List, Cargo Systems, Container Management and Containerisation International.KEYNOTE SPEAKERS H.E. Ahmed M. Shareef Alkhoori Director General, Federal Transport Authority-Land & Maritime Capt. Mohamed Juma Al Shamisi CEO, Abu Dhabi Ports A high pro le executive with almost 20 years of maritime industry experience, Mohamed Juma Al Shamisi is the Chief Executive O cer of Abu Dhabi Ports, an organisation he rst joined ten years ago in 2008. In his current role, he is responsible for overseeing the development of Abu Dhabi Ports’ portfolio of assets and activities as well as directing strategy and operations. Under his leadership, the transition from a project-focused organisation to a fully operational, customer focused ports and industrial zones business has been a remarkable success. A strong, determined and entrepreneurial leader, he has spearheaded Abu Dhabi Ports’ role in supporting the government’s objective of diversifying the non-oil and gas economy. In particular Al Shamsi has overseen the completion and commissioning of the rst phase of Abu Dhabi Ports’ agship port, Khalifa Port and of its adjacent Khalifa Industrial Zone. www.tms-ship | 23

MAIN SESSION SPEAKERS Capt. Abdulkareem Al Masabi CEO, ADNOC Logistics & Services Capt. Abdulkareem Al Masabi heads up ADNOC Logistics & Services, which was formed in 2017 from the amalgamation of three ADNOC Group companies, ADNATCO, IRSHAD and ESNAAD. Before assuming his current role in April 2018, Captain Al Masabi was the Executive Vice President of the Ports Unit at Abu Dhabi Ports, where he was responsible for all day-to-day operational activities. Prior to this, Captain Al Masabi was the Vice President at Khalifa Port, having initially joined Abu Dhabi Ports as Senior Operations Manager in 2009. He has also served as marine operations manager with the National Gas Shipping Company and was a senior marine superintendent with Gulf Energy Maritime. Michael T. Jorgensen CFO, Oman Shipping Company Michael Jorgensen was appointed Chief Finance O cer at Oman Shipping Company in September 2017. Michael has extensive business experience related to transportation, working in the shipping, logistics and airline sectors, as well as in capital markets. Prior to joining OSC, he served as Chief Financial O cer of D/S Norden, a Danish shipping company specialising in dry cargo and product tankers. Before that Michael held positions within the A. P. Moller - Maersk Group, acting as Chief Financial O cer with Maersk Air, Damco and Maersk Line. Dr Priyath B Wickrama Chairman, Bestar Consultancy Sri Lanka-based Dr. Wickrama is a well known maritime professional who is currently o ering consultancy services for transportation and maritime projects and investments through Bestar Consultancy which he founded in 2016. Prior to that he served as the youngest chairman of Sri Lanka Ports Authority, from 2008 to 2015, steering major expansion projects in Colombo and Hambantota ports which were worth more than US$2 billion overall.24 | www.tms-ship

Ross ThompsonChief Commercial and Strategy O cer, Abu Dhabi PortsHaving already established a strong track record of success at companiessuch as American President Lines and Peel Ports Group, Ross Thompsonjoined Abu Dhabi Ports in 2016 as Vice President of Commercial and BusinessDevelopment, assuming responsibility for the sales, business developmentand customer service departments. In January 2017, Ross was appointedChief Commercial and Strategy O cer, where he is responsible for thecorporate commercial and strategy, quality and excellence functions, as wellas business process and business intelligence. In his role at Abu Dhabi Ports,Ross primarily focuses on driving the growth of the company, delivering anenhanced customer experience and setting the corporate governance of thecommercial function.Saliya WickramasuriyaSenior Advisor to CEO, Hambantota International Port GroupA previous Chairman and Director General of the Sri Lanka Board ofInvestment, Chief Operating O cer of the Reconstruction Agency andChairman of the Sri Lanka Ports Authority, Mr Wickramasuriya is currentlySenior Advisor to the CEO of HIPG, the joint venture between the Governmentof Sri Lanka and the China Merchants Ports group that operates the port ofHambantota. In addition, he is Co-Chair of the Ceylon Chamber of CommerceNational Agenda Committee on Energy, a policy advisory role linking privateand public energy sector stakeholders, and sits on the Boards of severalprivate and listed companies. www.tms-ship | 25

AN EXCLUSIVE UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL SESSION Bibop Gresta Chairman, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies The founder of Hyperloop, Bibop Gresta leads a team of 800 professionals in 40 countries pioneering new and innovative transportation technology in a collaborative business environment. Before HyperloopTT, Bibop co-founded the in uential start-up incubator Digital Magics SPA, which has served as the catalyst for the launching of more than 70 other companies. In addition to his entrepreneurial successes, he is a world-renowned speaker on issues ranging from ethical entrepreneurship to mobility. Sanjay K. Mehta Chairman, S ONE Capital Sanjay Mehta has over 25 years' experience in proprietary fund management, investment banking and mergers and acquisition, with a wealth of experience in the maritime transportation, port infrastructure, mobile telephony, oil & gas and power generation industries. He has led nancing and M&A transactions in excess of US$12 billion in these sectors. Since 2014 Sanjay has been chairman of his family trust fund, S ONE Trust, and is chief executive of S ONE Capital. Sanjay Mehta is an independent director and member of the risk committee on the board of Steamship Mutual Limited, London, and is also an independent board member of American Bureau of Shipping.26 | www.tms-ship

SESSION CHAIRMAN Jesper Kjaedegaard Partner, Mercator International Jesper Kjaedegaard had a long and distinguished career with the A. P. Moller-Maersk Group where he served as a member of the A. P. Moller Group’s Executive Board for all container related business, whilst also heading up the company's global liner company, known then as Maersk-Sealand. He was also deeply involved in developing the group's container terminal activities, now known as APM Terminals. In 2005 he relocated to the UK to become chief executive o cer of the Maersk Company, until he left the company in 2009. Based in Dubai, Mr Kjaedegaard currently serves as a Non-Executive Board Director for a number of both listed and privately owned maritime and transport related companies, including V.Group, Hafnia Tankers, Red Sea Gateway Terminals and BIMCO. He is also a past President of the British Chamber of Shipping and Chairman of Maritime UK.SESSION 2 SPEAKERS Ali Shehab Deputy CEO, Kuwait Oil Tanker Company Ali Shehab Ahmad, a graduate from South Tyneside College (Marine College) in the United Kingdom, who spent considerable time at sea before being assigned management positions onshore, is currently deputy chief executive o cer of Kuwait Oil Tanker Company (KOTC). As such he is responsible for all eet operational matters, including engineering, personnel, newbuilding projects and marine agency. Mr. Ali Shehab has been largely responsible for KOTC’s eet renewal plans as well as introducing modern, environment- friendly technologies onboard all KOTC vessels. As well as serving as chairman of a number of KOTC subsidiary companies, Mr. Ali Shehab is also the chairman of the DNV-GL Middle East Technical Committee and a member of ABS – South East Asia and the Middle East Technical Committee. Bobby Varghese Vice President- Financial Strategy, Abu Dhabi Ports Bobby Varghese is responsible for the Corporate Finance, Financial Budgeting, Planning and Performance functions at Abu Dhabi Ports and its subsidiaries. He has been with Abu Dhabi Ports since November 2014, and reports to the Chief Financial O cer of the company. Mr Varghese has over 20 years of experience in the shipping, logistics and ports industries. Until August 2014, he was the CFO of Ports Development company, the company which is devel- oping King Abdullah Port (KAP), located in the King Abdullah Economic city, near Jeddah. Prior to this, he was the CFO of the Port of Salalah, Oman, and has also served as the CFO of APM Terminals Mumbai (APMT). www.tms-ship | 27

Jacob Berman MD, Infrastructure and Transportation, Standard Chartered Bank Jacob joined Standard Chartered Bank in May 2012 and is currently based in Dubai, covering transportation clients across the Middle East, Africa and Asia. Prior to joining Standard Chartered, he was with Merrill Lynch in Hong Kong focusing on transportation and diversi ed industrial clients. He has over 17 years of investment banking experience in Europe, Middle East and Asia including stints with Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, ABG Sundal Collier and Lehman Brothers. He has handled transactions for various shipping clients including Topaz Energy & Marine, UASC, Mermaid Marine, Dalian Port and Tianjin Port in recent years. Andrew Simmons CEO, Global Marine Transport Capital LLC Andrew Simmons is the Chief Executive O cer of Four Wood Marine Advisors (FWMA) and has supervisory responsibility across the structuring and underwriting activity of Global Marine Transport Capital’s senior secured lending, as well as overseeing internal risk management activities for the Company. He serves as a member of the FWMA Credit Committee as well as being a member of the FWMA Management Board. Prior to joining FWMA in October 2014 Andrew had accumulated over 30 years of experience in the banking industry, with particular expertise in shipping nance, dating back to 1973. Previously Andrew Simmons served as Chief Financial O cer of StealthGas, one of the largest publicly-traded LNG carriers in the world, between 2005 and 2011 and, most recently, between 2013-14 served as CFO and Treasurer of SuperEco Tankers, a well-known transport company based in Piraeus, Greece. Marcus Machin Director, Tufton Oceanic (Middle East) Marcus Machin, who has senior shipping and project nance banking experience in London and Switzerland, has been resident in Dubai for 20 years. Initially he was the Finance Director for a major regional participant in the oil services and vessel owning sectors, prior to establishing Arab Capital in 2000 and partnering with London based Tufton Oceanic Finance Group in shipping and o shore sector nance and investment assignments. Tufton Oceanic (Middle East) is a DIFC registered, DFSA regulated asset manager that was established in 2006. The company manages conventional and Shariah compliant funds invested in the marine sector on behalf of a number of GCC and international institutions. To date investments exceeding US$1,300 million have been made by Tufton Oceanic Middle East.28 | www.tms-ship

Tien Tai Partner, HFW Tien Tai is a banking lawyer who specialises in asset and international shipping nance, including acting for nancial institutions, international corporations and shipping companies in relation to the nancing, chartering, newbuilding and sale and purchase of ships and superyachts, including Islamic nance techniques. Tien has also gained considerable experience in handling ship and ship mortgage registrations, the negotiation of charterparties, sale and purchase agreements and shipbuilding contracts and refund guarantees. Market sources speak very highly of his shipping nance expertise, remarking that he is a \"very responsive lawyer who gives good advice and takes time to understand the business and the context.” Michael Savva Partner, Watson Farley Williams Michael Savva is a partner in WFW’s nance team, and advises nanciers, owners and operators on a range of domestic and international asset and structured nance transactions in respect of a number of di erence asset classes. These include debt and equity nancing, regulatory and advisory services and enforcement. In the shipping sector, Michael has advised lenders, agent banks, lessors, lessees and owners on a range of structures including syndicated loan transactions for the nancing of ice-breaker supply vessels, LNG vessels, tankers, o shore installations, commercial ships and superyachts. Michael has also advised on ship sale and purchase transactions, BIMCO chartering arrangements and the granting and discharge of security.SESSION 3 SPEAKERS Waleed Altamimi GM, Emirates Classi cation (TASNEEF) Waleed Altamimi joined Tasneef in October 2016 and has over 30 years of prior maritime experience including time with the UAE Navy, Abu Dhabi Shipbuilding (ADSB) and Abu Dhabi Ports. He started his career in the UAE Navy as a midshipman in 1986 and obtained his Naval Architecture Degree from the US Naval Academy. He then moved to ADSB in 2004 as a technical manager and was responsible for the design management of the Baynunah Corvette Construction program. Mr Altamimi the joined Abu Dhabi Ports in November 2008, taking responsibility for the development of a number of the emirate’s ports, including Khalifa Port. www.tms-ship | 29

Capt. S.R. Patnaik CEO, International Shipping and Logistics (ISL) A master mariner with around 30 years of experience in shipping, Captain Patnaik was instrumental in starting up ISL as a third-party vessel operating business in a joint venture between Tata Steel, NYK and Martrade. Under his guidance ISL has ventured into the Indian coastal, intra-Gulf aggregate and liquid bulk cargo trades. Looking to further expand and enhance the business in the dry bulk transportation sector, the company has recently acquired a gearless 74,461 dwt Japanese-built Panamax vessel in a project led by Captain Patnaik. Bora Bariman Head of Energy & Marine, National Bank of Fujairah Based in Dubai, Bora Bariman currently heads up the National Bank of Fujairah’s Energy & Marine market coverage. Previously he was an oil and gas banker in London, having started his career in nance with natural gas production and distribution companies in the US. Over the years Bora has been particularly active in arranging project nance, reserve based lending, and structured commodity nance. Giovanni Moscatelli Partner and MD, The Boston Consulting Group Middle East Based in the Middle East, Mr. Moscatelli is the regional lead for Transportation and Logistics within BCG. His consulting experience in Europe and the Middle East spans over 10 years, with a primary focus on transportation and infrastructure topics. Under this umbrella, he has led several growth strategy projects in the transportation eld, including airlines, railway companies, shipping lines and logistics players. His accomplishments also cover strategic and operational projects for airports, ports and logistics zones, as well as new concept design developments for key mega-projects in the region.30 | www.tms-ship

MARINE DIRECTORYMEDIA PARTNERS World ils www.tms-ship | 31


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