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Published by fox river country tv, 2015-09-16 09:00:23

Description: Serving Kendall County since 2009 part of Limerick Communications and copyrighted 2009

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Kendall Weekly TimesLimerick Communications copyright 2015 Jennifer Flowers PublisherIn this issue Around Kendall CountyLead Story ,1 Feature Town: MontgomeryOswego News , 3Montgomery News, 4Yorkville News, 5Oswego Library Notes, 6Sports, 8-13Financially Savvy, 14Coffee Shop, 15Round Up, 16-21Hidden Gem,23By: Jennifer Flowers Retail commerce had also shifted within the Village. sion of Route 30 and last September passed a resolu‐ Once Douglas Road was the epicenter of retail, and tion that was submitted to area lawmakers about theWelcome to Fall. We are excited to bring you our latest while many old and new retailers call Douglas Rd continued improvement of this vital corridor.feature called, Fall around Kendall County. For the home, other areas have grown. Rt 30 and Rt 34 boastsnext month we will feature stories and bring photos a large selection of national retailers such as, Sam's Montgomery is also home to some of the best ishingfrom around Kendall County. A different town will be Club, JC Penney and Menards. Over on the west end spots along the Fox down at Austin Park. Local folk‐featured each week. of town Walmart and Burger King call Montgomery home. In the past few years with the help of the Mont‐We start our tour in Montgomery. Founded in 1853 gomery Economic Development Corporation and thethis small hamlet along the Fox has grown to over Village there is now resurgence along the Douglas20,000 residents. Montgomery used to be home to Road Corridor. Planet Fitness opened up in 2013 atsome of the largest manufacturers, most notable: All the Settlers Landing shopping Center. A new grocerySteel, Western Electic (ATT),and Lyon Metal just to store is poised to move in to the old Eagle Foods build‐name a few. At the height of its manufacturing days ing. 9ers a new Bar and Restaurant will be moving intothere would be over 50,000 people coming to the Vil‐ the old Applebee Restraunt on Rt 30 located near thelage for employment in the late 1980's. However with Farm and Fleet.most towns during the 1990's and 2000's the villagesaw a decrease in its jobs. he type of employment has Montgomery's current Mayor and Trustees havechanged and new companies that call Montgomery worked to increase visibility for the community, main‐home include: YRC Freight, Butterball, Performance tain and increase services for the residents, and attractFoods, and Caterpillar. commerce. Matt Brolley elected back in 2013 has made it a point to meet with Residents of the Village through his tours called Coffee with the Mayor. he Village has been a leader in advocating for the expan‐

2 Kendall Weekly Timeslore has stated that there was a 50 lb. catish pulledfrom the River but then again that is a isherman'stale. What's not a tall tale is the Village's commitmentto continue to improve the lives of its residents and tomake this town on the northern end of Kendall Coun‐ty a town on the rise.Montgomery Property TaxRebatesVillage of Montgomery officials are preparing to issuethe irst round of property tax rebate checks in thewake of the successful sales tax referendum lastNovember. he additional 1% sales tax was assessedbeginning on July 1, 2015 and the Village will beginreceiving the funds around October 9th.A property tax rebate in the amount of $45 will bemailed to the owner of each owner-occupied residen‐tial property who submits an application by December15, 2015. he applicant must also provide a copy ofthe 2014 property tax bill that was paid in 2015 and acopy of a current Illinois driver's license or state IDlisting the homeowner's Montgomery address. Addi‐tional information can be found on the property taxrefund application.Applications are available on the Village website andwill also be included with the water bills to be mailedout October 1, 2015. Rebate checks will be processedduring the winter and mailed out in March 2016.

Kendall Weekly Times 3 Oswego NewsECO Reuse and Recycling used books, videotapes, CDs and DVDs.Extravaganza Please note that tube televisions and latex paintsRecycle what you don't need at the ECO Commission will not be accepted this year. Antifreeze and mo‐Reuse & Recycle Extravaganza. he event will be on tor oil will be accepted at Keith's Car Care, located atSaturday, September 12th, from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the 78 Stone Hill Rd. Oswego, at no cost.Oswego Public Works Facility, 100 heodore Dr. his event is made possible with the help of wonderfulWe will accept bicycles, books, clothing, electronics, volunteers. To volunteer, please call 630.554.3622 oreyeglasses, keys, lawn mowers, LCD/LED/Plasma tele‐ email at [email protected]. Volunteering at the Extrav‐visions, packing materials, scrap metal, school sup‐ aganza is a great way to help your community! Volun‐plies, suitcases, toys and more! You can also exchange teers should be middle school age and older.

4 Kendall Weekly TimesMontgomery NewsMayor on the Move his event is sponsored by Montgomery's Historic Guest speakers include personnel from AARP, AAA,September 12th Preservation Commission. he $10 participation fee Aurora Township Senior Services, and the Illinois Sec‐ will help support Settler's Cottage on River Street. For retary of State's Office.Montgomery Village President Matt Brolley will host a additional information, please call Debbie Buchanan at\"Mayor on the Move\" on Saturday, September 12th, (630) 896-8080 ext. 1114. Light refreshments will be provided at the beginningfrom 10 - 11:30 a.m. at the water treatment plant at of the presentation.the corner of Gordon Road and Fairield Way. Tours of Butterlies of the Americanthe water treatment plant and the base of the water Prairie September 8th To pre-register, please contact Jennifer Huber at thetower will be provided. If you have ever wondered how Fox Valley Park District 630-859-8606.these facilities work, now is your chance to ind out! At 10:00 a.m. on Tuesday, September 8th, a fun andCoffee and light refreshments will be available. informative presentation on Butterlies of the Ameri‐ 2015 Halloween Safety can Prairie will be offered at the Montgomery Village EventResidents are invited to drop by to meet the Village Hall at 200 N. River Street in Montgomery.President on an informal basis and discuss items of he Montgomery Police Department cordially invitesconcern with him. Everyone is encouraged to bring Butterlies of the American Prairie explores the butter‐ the public to a Halloween Child Safety Event that willtheir comments, questions and ideas to the session. ly species of northeastern Illinois, their life cycles, be held at the police department on Sunday, October and their ecology, with special emphasis on the rela‐ 25th, 2015 from 10:00 am until 2:00 pm. Safety tips\"As Village President, I enjoy visiting with residents tionship between caterpillar food plants and habitat. and reminders will be given to parents and children toand hearing what issues are important to them,\" Brol‐ Presenter Doug Taron's digital images showcase local help enjoy a successful Halloween this year. here willley explained. \"I also hope to tap into some of the species from urban environments, prairies, wetlands, be plenty of games, treats, and refreshments availablegreat ideas people may have for improving life in and woodlands and document regional butterly con‐ and all are encouraged to come in costume.Montgomery.\" servation efforts being undertaken at the Peggy Note‐ baert Nature Museum in Chicago. he cost of this event is free to the public.Montgomery CommunityGarage Sale his free event is being offered by the Village of Mont‐ gomery. here is no charge and the building is handi‐he Village of Montgomery is pleased to announce capped accessible. he monthly Senior Lunch and ac‐that its Fall Community Garage Sale will take place on tivity will begin at 11:00 a.m. after the presentation.September 17, 18 & 19th from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Each here is a $4 cost for the lunch and pre-registrationyear, nearly 100 households participate, and this year one week in advance is required.promises to be even bigger and better! he fee to par‐ticipate will be $10 per address. Registration forms are For additional information on this event, please callavailable at the Village Hall, 200 N. River Street in the Montgomery Village Hall at (630) 896-8080 ext.Montgomery and on the Village website at he registration form givesthe option of participating on all three of the sched‐ MPD invites you to a Senioruled dates or selecting speciic days to participate. Awareness & Police Partnership Seminarhe Community Garage Sale will be advertised in localnewspapers beginning on September 16th. Garage sale he Montgomery Police Department, Fox Valley Parklyers will also be created featuring a map showing all District Police, and North Aurora Police Departmentgarage sale locations, plus a 15-word ad for each ad‐ are inviting the community to participate in a specialdress describing the items for sale. Maps will be avail‐ event!able at the Village Hall and on the Village websitestarting September 14th. he deadline to be included Join us for a Senior Awareness & Police Partnershipin the advertising is 4:30 p.m. on Friday, September Seminar on Tuesday, September 22nd from 8:30 am4th. until noon at the Montgomery Police Department.

Kendall Weekly Times 5

6 Kendall Weekly Times City of Yorkville 50/50 ProgramResidents are welcome to plant trees in the parkway or der form. he City does the rest. his program will to be planted within the area of the right-of-way inyard in front of their yard. Parkway trees are not re‐ continue on an annual basis, and planting will occur at front of or on the sides of the purchaser's property.quired by the City and any planting by a private con‐ the fall of each year. To participate in the program, he right-of-way area available for planting the treestractor will not be reimbursed. Any tree in the park‐ download and mail the 50/50 Parkway Tree Applica‐ varies depending on the platting of the property andway must be on the Approved Parkway Tree list. tion Form (PDF) along with payment, or stop in City the width of the right-of-way. Generally it is 8 to 10 Hall at 800 Game Farm Road, Yorkville, IL. feet from the edge of the curb to the edge of the right-Unaccepted Developments Purpose of-way. Trees must:he Parkway Tree Program is open to residents in all he Parkway Tree Program is intended to provideresidential developments in the City. If you are in an quality shade trees to residents within the City to be • Be located a minimum distance of 50 feet fromunaccepted development (meaning that all improve‐ planted within the rights-of-way along the streets and any other tree in the parkwayments are not complete and several items the develop‐ corridors throughout the City. he trees are intendeder must ix) please note that it is still the developer's to provide: • Be at least 20 feet from an overhead light or ireresponsibility to replace your tree. Some unaccepted hydrantdevelopments are: • Aesthetics • Increased property values • Be 30 feet from any intersection • Grande Reserve • Pollution control • Not conlict with existing utilities • Whispering Meadows • Reduced stress • Windett Ridge • Reduction of water runoff Tree Size • Screening Each tree will be a minimum of 2.5 feet in diameter.Put a Tree on the Replacement List • Sense of well being within the community Locating & Planting TreesCall 630-553-4350 to have a dead, dying or damaged • Shade he City will work with the homeowner to locate thetree put on the punchlist for the developer to replace. • Soil erosion control tree. All trees will be purchased for a fall planting ex‐If you would still like to participate in the program and • Wildlife cept for oak trees, which will be planted the followingreplace your parkway tree, please note that the City spring. he tree will be planted, mulched, and wateredwill not be able to give reimbursement from the devel‐ Who Can Participate (once) by the City. After the watering, care is the re‐oper to the resident at a later date. his program is open to all residents within City lim‐ sponsibility of purchaser. No guarantee of viability will50/50 Program its. If you are in a development that has not yet been be provided.hrough the 50/50 Parkway Tree Program, the United accepted by the City, the developer may still be re‐ More InformationCity of Yorkville shares the cost of planting trees with sponsible for your parkway tree replacement. If you have any questions, please contact Eric Dhusehomeowners. Residents simply choose the tree they Tree Requirements in the Public Works Department at 630-553-4370 orwant and send in a check for the cost listed on the or‐ All trees purchased through the program are required via email.

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8 Kendall Weekly TimesKendall County Legislative BusinessForum - September 23, 2015For Immediate Release - Kendall County and the Reservations cost $30 and must be received and paid velopment events, please contact Andrez Beltran atKendall Economic Development Alliance is pleased to by September 18, 2015. Sponsorships for the Forum (630) 385-3000, or by email atannounce its Legislative Business Forum on Septem‐ are also available. For more information, reservation [email protected]. Also visit Kendall County'sber 23, 2015 at Whitetail Ridge Golf Club in Yorkville and sponsorship forms, please contact Andrez Beltran, Economic Development page athttp://from 8:15 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. he Forum will consist of a Economic Development Coordinator, at the informa‐ of Kendall County State Legislators to answer tion listed below.economic development questions posed by a modera‐tor. In addition, each Legislator will provide a short he Kendall Economic Development Alliance is a coop‐summary of legislation they have proposed and sup‐ erative alliance of Kendall County, Village of Oswego,ported to help increase private sector growth in Illi‐ Montgomery Economic Development Corporation,nois. Yorkville Economic Development Corporation, Plano Economic Development Corporation, Sandwich Eco‐ nomic Development Corporation, Illinois Manufactur‐ ing Excellence Center and Waubonsee Community College.his event is open to the public with reservations. For more information on this and other economic de‐

Kendall Weekly Times 9

10 Kendall Weekly TimesCubs Report by Dick Kolfhe Cubs continue to soar high holding an eight gamelead in the wild card series. he Pirates come to townto decide 2nd place in the division this week with a 4game set. he Cubs stand to move into 2nd place orpick up some more ground against the Pirates in theDivision, at this point it's just a pride factor. he Cubsoffensive continues to click with Rizzo and Bryanteach having stellar years. Pitching Jake Aurrietta con‐tinues his quest for the 20 game win season and bol‐sters his chances at the CY Young award.Looking ahead this week, the Cubs have to continue towin games and the Giants need to lose in order for theCubs to clinch their post season berth. hey need toavoid injuries and continue to get the bench to pro‐duce. Sterling Castro is an interesting X factor here be‐cause he has played subpar this season and could makea difference if he can get back on track. At 25 he hassome experience and has had success being in 2 AllStar games . An Incentive for him might be to auditionfor his next team and possibly get a chance to go tothe World Series.So this week ahead the Pirates and the Cardinals cometo town. his is the time for the Cubs to prove they arenot this year's Cinderella.Sox Report by Kyle VeederSox season is the one that just won't end! here have ready to carry the cassette in Williams and Ventruabeen lashes of what could have been- and a lot of \"are fans get your tickets here this is something that is de‐you kidding me\" moments so far. A team on paper that iantly going to happen.should be in the middle of the Hunt in the Central Di‐vision instead ind themselves 18 games back lookingdown the Tigers who are in last place.he Sox defeated the Athletics in extra innings givingfans some excitement- but beyond October 5th what isthe plan to revitalize this franchise. With heavy con‐tracts the Sox are limited in what they can do as far astrading away the veterans for younger players. hefarm system is disorganized no real plan to get thingsback on track.Manager Robyn Ventura is a great person and a valuedmember of the Sox family but the truth is we have notseen the production from him and the results this is abusiness decision he needs to go after the season. Ken‐ny Williams is another member of the Sox family whojust has not produced either. Bad decisions all aroundand he is responsible as President of the franchise.Reinsdorf is a winner and has six championships toprove his track record with the Bulls and Sox. he Soxare his pride and joy and its simple business has tocome irst before friendship As Sox fans all we can dois lobby for a better product on the ield if ownershipand management t will do nothing to build a con‐tender then as fans we have the choice of not follow‐ing or just go along to the funeral . If steps are not tak‐en now this franchise will continue to fall until it hitsrock bottom; at least we have two of the pall bearers

Kendall Weekly Times 11Friday Night Lights High SchoolWeek three Scores Football Update (September 4, 2015: Oswego, IL 60543) he Oswego East Wolves football squad scored 35 points and restricted the visiting Marian Catholic Spartans to 0 in the Wolves non-league victory on Fri‐ day. he Wolves now possess a 3-0 record. hey put it on the line next when they travel to Plainield North for a Southwest Prairie battle on Friday, September 11. Os‐ wego East will play a Tigers squad coming off a 17-14 non-league loss to Bishop McNamara (Kankakee, IL). he Tigers record now stands at 1-1. Coming up next, the Spartans play the Marian Central Catholic Hurricanes (Woodstock, IL) in a East Subur‐ ban Catholic battle, on Friday, September 11. Marian Catholic will attempt to advance on its 1-1 season record. he Hurricanes enter the battle with a 2-0 record after their 28-18 non-league win over McHenry (McHenry, IL). (September 4, 2015: Oswego, IL 60543) he Provi‐ dence Catholic Celtics football team (New Lenox, IL), was tipped 14-13 in Friday's non-league challenge with the host Oswego Panthers (Oswego, IL) he Panthers (1-1) will now prepare for their challenge against Plainield Central (Plainield, IL). he Wildcats come into the Southwest Prairie challenge with a 0-2 record. In their last challenge, Plainield Central was tipped by Rich Central (Olympia Fields, IL), 40-27, in a non-league challenge. he Celtics now sport a 0-2 record. hey take the ield next when they travel to Chicago Mt. Carmel for a Chicago Catholic - Blue challenge on Friday, Septem‐ ber 11. Providence Catholic will meet a Caravan team coming off a 48-0 non-league win over Morgan Park (Chicago, IL). he Caravan record now stands at 2-0. he Joliet West football team won Friday's away non- conference game against Plainield South by a score of 21-6. he Plano Reapers football team won Friday's home non-conference game against South Shore Interna‐ tional by a score of 50-20.

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Kendall Weekly Times 13

14 Kendall Weekly TimesBears Report by Tim FlowersChicago Bears loss a tough season opener to the Pack‐ yard game; Defense look for a concentration on theers 31-23. Showing up with a new 3-4 scheme on de‐ Pass Rush and Jarrod Allen to be more of a factor infense and a retooled Secondary there were not allot of this game.expectations for the Bears coming into this game.Packers coming off a 2014 campaign that saw themmake the NFC championship game and being an on‐side kick away from the Super Bowl the odds werestacked against the Bears. So do leave game one in theJohn Fox era with some positive things to build oneven thou it was a loss is a change for a franchise thatsuffered one of its worst season a year ago.On Offense Matt Forte and the offensive line account‐ed for almost 200 yards on the ground controlling thetime of possession in the 1st half. Forte also addedsome additional yards with three catches out of thebackield. he line looked good against a tough PackersDefense but the issue remains Red Zone scoring wheninside the 20 yard line. Jay Cutler did throw an Inter‐ception but moved around the pocket well and man‐aged the game plan.Defensibly - Arron Rogers and the Packers offensivedid score 31 points but looking at this retooled unitthere are some positive things to build on.Special Teams played well Robbie Gould became theall-time Bears leader in Scoring passing Kevin Butler.Return and punt coverage was good. he Special teamsdid give the offense good ield position throughout thegame.On a whole this is a better Bears team with John fox atthe helm a more discipline squad that is taking theield. Looking ahead the Bears have the Cardinals andthe defense will be tested with Carson Palmer and Lar‐ry Fitzgerald. Keys to look for will be the emergence ofthe tightened option with Bennet playing more of arole across the middle and Forte to have another 100,

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16 Kendall Weekly Times Financially SAVVY by Erin Doepel in order to avoid penalties. When starting your busi‐ ness, it's best to consult with a tax advisor. Lastly, en‐ trepreneurs and business owners must seek guidance on their beneits and inancial management. here are many beneits programs that are tax incentivized for business owners, and it can help retain employees. Also, regardless of the business' success or failure, you are still going to retire eventually; so it's best to utilize the resources available to you as a business owner by setting up an employer-sponsored plan. 3. \"How do I manage all this 'stuff' while running a business?\"Venturing out into the world of Entrepreneurship is It's simple: delegate. Allocate your time and resourcesdaunting to say the very least. You have to have the to professionals who will watch-out for your well-be‐right mindset in order to take that leap of faith. Your ing. Find a trustworthy tax advisor, bookkeeper, insur‐courageousness will get you started, but your ability to ance provider, assistant, inancial advisor, etc. hesedelegate your precious time and resources will keep key members are crucial to your business advisoryyour business aloat. here are a number of Financial team. If you would like further guidance or a more in-Considerations when starting your own business. depth look at your business' inancial considerations, please contact me at1. \"What will my business cost me?\" [email protected] or 630-579-3807.Start-up capital is crucial, especially if you don't have REMEMBER: Your business is a unique investment ofanother income stream to support your lifestyle while passion, sweat, and capital. Save religiously, plan dili‐launching your business. You need to design a budget gently, and delegate effectively.that inances your marketing, technology, education,and innovation needs. Plus, you'll need enough sav‐ Raymond James & Associates, Inc., Member New Yorkings to provide an income for a year or more. Why? Stock Exchange/SIPC. Views expressed in this article areBecause businesses are rarely proitable in their irst the current opinion of the author, but not necessarily ofyear since nearly every dollar needs to be reinvested in Raymond James & Associates. he author's opinions arebusiness development. subject to change without notice.Most entrepreneurs miss this step, and it almost in‐evitably results in exhausted resources and burnt-outindividuals. hey spend money launching their busi‐ness and then use the proceeds to pay themselvesright away instead of investing in their business. Us‐ing the initial proceeds to further support the busi‐ness will result in a more sustainable approach and amore stable business model. If you're an entrepreneurand need to take some of the income for yourself, thenuse just a portion of the income while reinvesting therest in development and improvements.2. \"What are some important inancial items Ishould know about my business?\"here are many inancial items business ownersshould know, but three speciic items are particularlyimportant: 1) Cash Reserves, 2) Taxes & Deductionsfor Businesses, 3) Beneits & Financial Management.Every business should have a Cash Reserve they canutilize in a downward market. I would suggest at least6 months to a year of business expenses; that includesbills, debt payments, salaries, training, technology,etc. It's important for an entrepreneur to understandthe deductions and credits their business can utilize;plus, there are speciic tax accounting rules and quar‐terly assessments that business owners can automate

Kendall Weekly Times 17 taining people in a way that will make them want to engage with you and your brand. Here are some ideas for any business… Start A Blab Show - Start a regular Blab. Find great guests to interview. Have a set time to broadcast and invite exciting, verbose, and non-camera shy guests. Quality is not a huge concern, but I suggest you Skype with your guests before your Blab to make sure they have some presence. You also should make sure that their technology is in working order. Nothing kills a show like a monologue where your guest can't connect and you have nothing to say (trust me I have done that on podcasts and it's not fun - video makes it even worse).Coffee Shop by Brian Do A Customer Q&A - Have two people from your Bassilico company join in to moderate a customer Q&A. You can seed the Blab with a little training and then openBack in the old days (1980's and 1990's), producing a So Why Should I Care? it up for customers to ask questions and took a lot of technology and talent. Today, it still Bonus points if you can ind a customer that is usingtakes talent (maybe you and a guest), but the technol‐ Interview, job, serious. your product or service and has some unique tips forogy thing has gotten a whole lot easier. YouTube other customers. Make it entertaining and engaging.brought personal video into the mainstream, to the Tweet Chats, Google Hangouts, and Facebook groupspoint that people have their own channels today. have been around for years, but only Google had Be A Guest - Find a Blabber (if that is a term?) andhese people are called YouTubers - heck they are even video. Facebook has started \"Facebook Mentions\", but become a guest on their show. If not, ind someoneranked (yes that is a thing!). it is only open to the rich and famous. hey can broad‐ you admire and join a Blab they are involved with (as a cast live-stream video into Facebook. I don't know guest or participant). Sometimes, just jumping intoVideo has taken the internet by storm. You now have about you, but I am neither rich nor famous (yet), and the hot seat and adding some good questions or advicePeriscope and Meerkat (personal broadcasting plat‐ neither are most of my Facebook friends (a few are is enough to have you invited back as a guest on theirforms based on mobile devices). Google hangouts were and they have Mentions already). Blab. Keep in mind that Blabs can lead to interviewsall the rage, because they auto post to YouTube (and on podcasts, radio shows and magazine articles asGoogle owns YouTube). he newcomer is I don't know if you have noticed, but most people well, so never under-estimate the power of being seen don't schedule their lives around what's on TV any online!What Is A Blab? more. DVR's and on-demand video like Comcast, Hulu, Amazon, Apple TV and Roku, now own the Final houghtsClick To Enlarge viewing space, because it's on your timeframe … on- demand. Heck, with most of the options above you Blab is a relatively new platform and relies on the in‐Blab is a live-streaming web and mobile-based plat‐ can watch on-demand with your mobile devices. he ternet. If you don't have a very reliable high-speed in‐form that enables a public video chat with one to four keyword here is ON-DEMAND. ternet connection, then you will have some glitches.participants at a time. It combines the best Periscope, As far as I have seen, it has been much more reliableMeerkat and Google Hangouts features into one very Other than live sports (in this house) all other pro‐ than Google Hangouts , but it is young and in betaeasy to use and relatively stable platform.Periscope gramming is watched on-demand. People are leaving (not inal software), so you have to be ready for techni‐and Meerkat are primarily mobile only based plat‐ their cable and satellite boxes in droves, and the big cal difficulties. I had to sign in to an interview threeforms. Google Hangouts has been known to be wonky companies are struggling to gain or even maintain times before I could get my audio to work.and unreliable at times. their market share. You can't control what your audience says. I was on aViewers can watch the live stream and they can partic‐ I don't know if you have noticed, but most people don't Blab where the last guest was dropping F-Bombs like aipate by Tweeting (sharing the Blab) on the left hand schedule their lives around what's on TV any… Blitzkrieg! here is not a 'seven second delay' like thereside of the desktop application or below on the mobile Click To Tweet is on live radio, so make sure your audience is preppedversion. You can also leave comments for the hosts and ready for anything!and participants (on the right hand side of the desk‐ What Can I Do With his?top application). My suggestion is to sign up for an account and log into So, what if you could have your own TV channel? One a few Blabs. Follow people you know to see what theyIf one of the four seats is open, you can request to join that people receive alerts to through social media and are doing and how they are using it. It is new and coolin on the conversation, but it's up to the host to accept email to come watch your messages rather than watch‐ … but only the beginning of the personal video broad‐you into the broadcast. ing the \"Bachelor\" or \"Survivor - Geriatric Island\"? casting revolution. If you want to be relevant in this With a mic and a webcam, you can have the new reali‐ new personal brand internet world, you owe it to your‐ ty TV. Except this time, you are educating or enter‐ self to check this out! I would love to hear your Blab stories, comments and feedback … comment away! To learn more on this and other topics about Inter‐ net Marketing - visit our podcast website at http:// he post Blabbing About Blab! New Video Marketing Tools appeared irst on B2b Interactive Marketing Inc..

18 Kendall Weekly Times Round UpMadigan: House Overrides IEMA Encourages daily preparedness tips on the Ready Illinois FacebookGovernor's Veto of People to Plan for page ( and TwitterArbitration Bill if All 71 Emergencies (@ReadyIllinois).Democrats are Present 'Don't Wait. Communicate. Make Your Emergen‐ During disasters, IEMA uses the Ready Illinois cy Plan Today' is heme for National Prepared‐ website, Facebook and Twitter pages to provide critical ness Month in September information about the incident, including shelter loca‐ tions, road closures, safety information, photos and more. CHICAGO - House Speaker Michael J. Madigan on SPRINGFIELD - Since the beginning of 2015, Illinois Yorkville Park DistrictTuesday released the following statement regarding residents have endured blizzard conditions,the House override vote of the governor's veto of Sen‐ tornadoes, looding, windstorms and excessive heat. Upcoming Eventsate Bill 1229: For some, this weather caused temporary inconve‐ Fall Fest (Friday, October 2nd and Saturday, October niences, such as power outages or blocked roads. How‐ 3rd) \"It was my expectation that all 71 House Democrats ever, hundreds of others in Illinois are still working to Halloween Egg Hunt (Friday, October 23rd)would be in attendance for legislative session last get their lives back to normal after storms or looding Yorkville Holiday Celebration & Winter WonderlandWednesday. Instead, 70 were present. Had all 71 damaged or destroyed their homes and personal be‐ Festival (Saturday, November 21st)Democrats been present, as was expected, the House longings. Chili Chase 5k Run/Walk (Sunday, November 22nd)would have voted to override the governor's veto ofSenate Bill 1229. While severe weather and other disasters can't be pre‐ vented, having an emergency preparedness plan can\"Over the last several weeks, I worked with various in‐ help people stay safe and recover sooner after anterested stakeholders to gather support in the House override the governor's veto. During that time, ev‐ery Democratic member of the House gave a commit‐ As part of National Preparedness Month inment either to me or to these various groups that they September, the Illinois Emergency Management Agen‐would vote in favor of the override. Leading up to the cy (IEMA) and local emergency management agenciesvote, Representatives Dunkin and Drury, who had throughout Illinois are joining local, state and federalboth previously voted for the bill, told members and agencies across the U.S. in a nationwide push to en‐representatives of labor that they would support the courage personal preparedness. he theme for thisoverride motion. Even with Representative Dunkin's year's national preparedness campaign is 'Don't Wait.absence, we called the bill for a vote at the request of Communicate. Make Your Emergency Plan Today.'the bill's sponsor and AFSCME Council 31. \"Having an emergency plan and discussing that plan\"I believe the failure to override the governor's veto of with others in your home is key to staying safe in anSenate Bill 1229 will be used by the governor as part emergency,\" said IEMA Director James K. Joseph. \"If aof his ongoing effort to bring down wages and the disaster occurs when your family is apart, does every‐standard of living for middle-class families.\" one know how to contact each other and where to meet? here's no time like right now to have that dis‐ cussion and make sure you're prepared for the unex‐ pected.\" Joseph said IEMA offers disaster preparedness infor‐ mation on the Ready Illinois website (www.Ready.Illi‐, a one-stop resource for detailed information about what to do before, during and after disasters. In addition, throughout September IEMA will post

Kendall Weekly Times 19At the Oswego Park District• Find Your Hoppy Place at Brew at the Bridge OPEN MEETING ACT 2015 ASSESSMENT Enjoy Oswego's craft beer tasting along the TRAINING PUBLICATIONS banks of the Fox River on Saturday, September FOR ALL TAXING DISTRICTS AND PUBLIC BOD‐ 2015 Assessment 19. Brew at the Bridge will also feature a home IES IN KENDALL COUNTY Publications brew tent, great food, and musical entertain‐ ment. Visit for ticket in‐ he Kendall County State's Attorney's Office, along NOTICE TO KENDALL formation. with a representative of the Illinois Attorney General's COUNTY TAXPAYERS:• Your Chance to Win Season Pool Passes! Office, will be presenting a seminar on the Illinois ASSESSED VALUES FOR We want to hear from you! Tell us about your Open Meetings Act. his seminar is open to all elected 2015 experience at the Civic Center Aquatic Park and or appointed officials of Kendall County taxing dis‐ Winrock Pool for your chance to win Season tricts and public bodies. here will be a presentation 2015 Township Publications Pool Passes for your family for 2016. Please on the Illinois Open Meetings Act, complete with ex‐ complete the online survey by September 30 to amples and illustrations. here will also be an oppor‐ • Big Grove Township be entered in the Pool Pass drawing. tunity to ask questions at the end of the presentation. • Bristol Township• Fishing with Dad • Fox Township Spend Saturday, October 3 in the park with his seminar should be of interest to all members of • Kendall Township your Pops at Fishing with Dad! Kids, bring public bodies and taxing districts in Kendall County. • Lisbon Township your dad as we try our hand at ishing, cook a his training is designed to take a proactive approach • Little Rock Township delicious outdoor breakfast, and enjoy a terriic in order to ensure compliance with the Illinois Open • Na-Au-Say Township morning together. Register by Friday, Septem‐ Meetings Act. Officials will learn the proper compli‐ • Oswego Township ber 18 to ensure your sweatshirt for each isher‐ ance procedures and how to avoid inadvertent viola‐ • Seward Township man! tions of the Open Meetings Act.• Drive-In Movie Night Board of Review Assessment Complaint Form - Resi‐ Kids, drive-in to our inaugural movie night Please plan to join us at the Kendall County Court‐ dential on Saturday, September 26. We'll decorate our house, located at 807 West John Street, Yorkville, Jury \"cars,\" enjoy pizza and punch, and settle in for Assembly Room, onWednesday, September 30th, popcorn and a movie on the big screen under 2015 at 5:30 p.m. for this important and informa‐ the stars. tive training seminar. No official business will be dis‐• Augusta Lake Park Playground, Bridge, and Path cussed during this training. here is NO charge for the Renovation training seminar. Construction has begun at Augusta Lake Park to replace the aging playground and pedestrian bridge. he new playground will feature ADA ac‐ cessible play equipment and have a rubberized surface. he bridge will be replaced with an alu‐ minum pedestrian bridge and the existing gravel paths will be paved with asphalt. Construction of the playground is to be completed this fall.• Prairie Point Parking Lot Construction Access Prairie Point parking lot entrances off of Plain‐ ield Road are currently closed due to construc‐ tion. You may access the parking lot from Grove Road. To reduce traffic congestion, we encourage you to visit our other facilities for in-person registration.• Drop In Classes he Oswegoland Park District offerings a vari‐ ety of classes on a drop in basis. What a great way to try something fun and new! Please R.S.V.P. to Janet Stroup, Office Manager at Board of Review Assessment Complaint Form - Com‐ (630) 553-4157 if you are able to attend. Space is lim‐ mercial/Industrial ited. go to the County Website

20 Kendall Weekly TimesUtility Bills ChangingQuestions and Answers Q. What is the status of theUnincorporated Kendall County resident Electric Ag‐gregation Program? A. Recently ComEd posted theirnew rates for the calendar year 2015/2016. he newlyposted rate was slightly lower than the current rate(7.3 cents) that the unincorporated residents werepaying on the Electric Aggregation Program.As a result the County Board elected to terminate the In eternal love for her deceased U.S. Marine veteran he Colonel handled disaster recovery during the Sancontract with First Energy and competitively rebid the husband, she found her calling in helping and assisting Francisco earthquake, worked as a peacekeeper incontract in an attempt to lower the unincorporated fellow veterans whenever possible. She is a tireless ad‐ Bosnia and sheltered Kosovar refugees. For her leader‐residents electric rates. Q. Who was the winning Sup‐ vocate for the veteran population in the City of ship performance in Iraq in 2004, she received theplier? A. Dynegy Q. What are ComEd rates? A. Current Aurora. Lisa serves on the Veteran's Advisory Council Bronze Star. Upon retirement, the Army awarded herComEd Rates • 7.033 cents - June 2015 to September as Vice Chairman and Treasurer. She was a key orga‐ the Legion of Merit. Jill is a motivational speaker,2015 Posted ComEd Rates • 7.173 cents - October nizer and committee member for the City of Aurora thrilling audiences with her presentations, Leadership2015 to May 2016 Posted ComEd Rates (May Change) being selected as the host of the Vietnam Moving Wall During Crisis and Change; From the Battleield to the• 7.126 cents - Average Rate Q. What are the new rates in 2013. She is an active member of the Fox Valley Board Room: Secrets to Lead and Succeed; and Herd‐with Dynegy? A. New Contract Rates with Dynegy • Marines Golf Classic Committee, the Aurora Indepen‐ ing Cats: Working with the Media During a Crisis. Her6.617 cents - September 1, 2015 to August 31, 2016 • dence Day Committee, the First Responders Apprecia‐ most recent book, Courage to Take Command: Leader‐6.242 cents - September 1, 2016 to August 31, 2017 • tion Breakfast Committee, the U.S. Marine Jesse B. ship Lessons from a Military Trailblazer was released6.429 cent - two year average rate Questions and An‐ Vasquez Memorial Beneit Fund Committee, and the in November 2014 and will be available at the lun‐swers Q. So the rate I am paying with Dynegy is cur‐ 4th Ward West Park Neighbors Committee in addition cheon. SHARE Fox Valley is a committee formed ofrently lower than what I would be paying with to volunteering as an usher at the Paramount Arts women who are committed to Supporting individuals,ComEd? A. Yes Q. Why did I receive a letter from Dyn‐ heater in downtown Aurora. In her spare time, she Giving Hope and Respecting Everyone, is again coordi‐egy and ComEd talking about my supplier switching? provides assistance to the Aurora Navy League nating the 2015 Women's Power Lunch. All proceedsA. In accordance with the State of Illinois law the new Council, the Fox Valley Marine Corps League, the go toMutual Ground Inc. which was founded in 1975,Supplier (Dynegy) and the Utility (ComEd) must send Marie Wilkinson Food Pantry, the Aurora Puerto Ri‐ with the goal of providing services to victims of do‐notiication letters to the customers to inform them of can Cultural Council's Parade, Fiestas Patrias Parade mestic and sexual violence and their families. Mutualthe switch. Q. What do I need to do to stay on the pro‐ and the Memorial Day and Veterans Day parades in Ground is one of the largest and oldest domestic vio‐gram and receive the lower rate? A. Nothing - You will Aurora. Lisa is often called the \"energizer bunny\" or lence shelters in the state. All services are victim-cen‐automatically be transitioned to the new lower rate. Q. \"spark plug\" due to her never ending passion and ener‐ tered and focus on advocacy that empowers each indi‐Is there a cancellation fee if I want to cancel and go gy for helping those in the community. hrough her vidual to make her/his own decisions. Ticket dona‐back to ComEd? A. No. Q. Who can I contact for more extensive volunteerism and the love that she has for tions are $50, $60 at the door for the luncheon.information? A. You can call the Electric Aggregation the people whose lives she has touched in the most Checks are to be made payable to Mutual Ground Inc.,Hot Line at 1-800-856-3404 between the hours of positive way possible, her impact on the veteran com‐ a 501(c)3 organization. For sponsorship information7:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. for more information. A repre‐ munity and on those most in need in the City of Auro‐ or to reserve your seat please gosentative from Progressive Energy Group (our broker) ra is unmatched. he 2015 Keynote speaker is Retired by September 10, 2015.will be happy to answer any question you have regard‐ Colonel Jill Morgenthaler, who is a woman of many For more information, please call Mutual Ground ating the transition to the new supplier irsts. She was one of the irst women to enter ROTC (630) 897-0084 or email [email protected]. and train as an equal with men. She was the irst wom‐Community Activist, an battalion commander in the 88th Regional SupportVeteran Advocate Lisa Command; she was the irst woman brigade comman‐Garcia2015 Woman of der in the 84th Division; and she was the irst womanPower Award Recipient Homeland Security Advisor for the State of Illinois.AURORA: SHARE Fox Valley is hosting the SeventhAnnual Women's Power Lunch on hursday,September17, 2015 from 11:30 am to 1:00 pm at Two BrothersRoundhouse, with registration beginning at 11:00 am.his year, the committee is proud to announce its2015 Woman of Power award recipient as Lisa Garcia.he keynote speaker for the event is Colonel (Ret.) JillMorgenthaler, US Army veteran. In addition, openingremarks will be given by Magnetrol International In‐corporated, President and CEO Jeff Swallow. He willshare the remarkable story and success of his motherand role model, Judy Stevenson and her role in mak‐ing Magnetrol International the successful company itis today. All the proceeds will go to Mutual GroundInc. he 2015 Woman of Power award recipient is Ms.Lisa Garcia. Lisa lost her husband of 22 years suddenlyto a stroke in 2011, and it was with the support andlove of her family, in addition to her devotion to as‐sisting others, that helped her through the grief.

Kendall Weekly Times 21Kendall Area Transit bility issues from their door to the bus and from United City of Yorkville location at 630-553-4470.(KAT) the bus to the door of the designated location. Rush-Copley Emergency CenterService Area Children Location & HoursKAT provides curb-to-curb and door-to-door services Children riding the KAT system must be transported he Rush-Copley Emergency Center is located at 1122for Kendall County residents within sponsoring com‐ in an infant or toddler seat, (those 3 years of age or West Veterans Parkway (Route 34), just west of themunities with designated transfers to surrounding younger and children between the ages of 4 - 8 weigh‐ Kendall County Government Center and is open 24communities. Non-sponsoring communities have lim‐ ing less than 40 pounds). Please check with the dis‐ hours a day, 7 days a week.ited service. patcher regarding the infant and toddler seat require‐ ments. Passengers are responsible for providing their Treatment & ServicesWho Can Ride the Bus own child seats. he emergency center treats patients with injuriesService is available to Kendall County residents. his and illnesses such as broken bones, burns and allergicis a general public transportation service with a priori‐ Travel Assistance reactions. Patients with more critical needs like thosety for the disabled individuals and seniors. KAT is KAT operators are trained to take a wheelchair up or suffering from a heart attack or stroke are transportedcommitted to offering courteous, safe, and reliable down 1 step by themselves. When a rider's needs are to a local hospital emergency room. he more thanservice for all of our riders, without regard to race, beyond the responsibility of the driver, a travel assis‐ 6,000 square foot emergency center hosts 4 examgender, age, or disability. tant is required. A travel assistance may ride at no rooms/treatment bays and 1 procedure room. charge.Fares (1-way) Diagnostic Serviceshe 1-way fare for the KAT demand response service Questions, Comments, or Concerns Additional space offers comprehensive diagnostic ser‐is $3 curb-to-curb or $5 door-to-door. For destinations Your input is important. If you have a question, com‐ vices that include:outside of the county, an additional $2 fee will apply. ment, concern or suggestion regarding KAT services,Seniors (60 years of age and older) receive a $1 dis‐ contact 1-877-IGO-4KAT. Safety, courtesy and on- • CTcount on all fares. time performance is important. Please call KAT if any • Laboratory services of these expectations have not been met. • MammographyHandling Fares • MRIFares can be handled in 1 of 2 ways: More Information & Resources • Occupational health services Check out the following for more information on the • Radiology Kendall Area Transit system. • Ultrasound • hrough KAT directly • KAT Brochure (PDF) Physicians • hrough one of KAT's sponsor agencies • KAT Facebook Page Primary care, obstetrics and other specialties such as • KAT Website oncology comprise the physician offices.Note: KAT only transports registered riders to desig‐nated locations outside of Kendall County. Healthcare Facilities More information Visit the Rush-Copley website for more informationRegistering for Service he United City of Yorkville is committed to providing or call 1-866-4COPLEY (1-866-426-7539). In order to participate in the Kendall Area Transit quality healthcare for its residents. here are severalProgram, you must be a registered rider that resides in excellent hospitals and medical facilities located both Edward Hospital & Health ServicesKendall County. To ind out more about how to be‐ in the city and in surrounding area. Edward Health Ventures, a subsidiary of Edward Hos‐come a registered rider contact Kendall Area Transit at pital and Health Services in Naperville has purchased1-877-GO-4KAT (1-877-446-4528). 1. Yorkville 92 acres of property at the intersection of Routes 71 2. Aurora and 126 in Yorkville. he healthcare facility will en‐How to Schedule a Ride 3. Sandwich compass 15,000 square feet and will include physicianAfter you become a registered rider, you can schedule offices and outpatient services. he center, accordinga ride by calling 1-877-IGO-4KAT. Dreyer Medical Clinic to the hospital officials, would open in 2008 pending HIstory & Current LocationDreyer Medical Clinic work with, and approval by, the United City of • General trips can be reserved no more than 6 opened their 1st Yorkville facility on Hillcrest Yorkville. Visit the Edward Hospital and Health Ser‐ days and no less than 2 days in advance. Road in 1995. In 2005 Dreyer moved their facili‐ vices website for more information. ty to 1500 Sycamore Road. In addition they re‐ • Medical trips may be scheduled up to 2 weeks in cently purchased property at Galena Road and but no less than 2 days in advance. Route 47.When scheduling trips, priority will be given to those Serviceswith disabilities and to seniors. heir current location is serving the Yorkville community by providing a range of healthcareWill Call List services including:For return rides from medical appointments, you willbe placed on the Will Call list. Please call the dispatch • Family practicenumber when you are inished with your • Hematologyappointment. We will pick you up as quickly as our • Internal medicineschedule allows. • Nephrology • Obstetrics/gynecologyPickup Services • Oncology KAT provides curb-to-curb and door-to-door pick-up • Pediatricsservices as follows: More Information • Curb-to-curb: Drivers will provide assistance Visit the Dreyer Medical Clinic website for additional from the curb in front of the trip origin to the information on their health care services or call the curb in front of the trip destination. • Door-to-door: Drivers will assist riders with mo‐

22 Kendall Weekly Times A Hidden Gem in Montgomery By: Katie Flowers You want to know what is the best kept secret around Montgomery? his week I have decided that it is the Riverview Restaurant located at 1420 River Road in Montgomery. Started in 2004 in the old Pizza Hut building this gem along the Fox River has recently moved into their new facility located just next door. hey now boast a large banquet hall as well as far more seating to accommodate the growing needs of many hungry patrons. he Riverview serves Fox Valley pa‐ trons but does a lot more, it brings people to this com‐ munity from places as far away as Oak Park and Joliet. Yes people drive literally 45 minutes just to experience the Riverview. Area civic groups like the Rotary of Montgomery and the Montgomery Economic Development have begun holding their events at the Riverview on a regular ba‐ sis. he answer to their success is simple- affordable pricing and excellent service. Recently my husband and I had the pleasure of dining at this establishement when we had family in for a festive meal. When you walk into the new facility you are over‐ whelmed with the view of the Fox River and greeted by the owner himself. He greets you like a VIP and the service never waivers from that irst encounter. From the time you are seated and order the meal it is only a 20 minute turnaround time to get full meal. he entire experience was great for my family and I, so if you are in the area drop by the Riverview located 1420 South River Road. Also can visit them on the website at

Kendall Weekly Times 23

24 Kendall Weekly Times Kendall Weekly Times www.limerickcommunications.comContact USKendall Weekly Times130 Hamlet CircleMontgomery Illinois, [email protected] historic court house

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