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Fontrick Door_12-page Marketing Brochure_Cover_DESKTOP_1

Published by Derek Messner, 2015-10-22 12:03:52

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WHO WE AREFontrick Door crafts custom hardwooddoors and windows with a commitmentto quality and design. Our craftsmenhave an unrivaled passion for taking yourunique vision and bringing it to life.We believe that doors and windowsplay a vital role in maintaining thearchitectural consistency of anyresidential or commercial buildingproject. Our doors and windows willhelp maintain that feeling of uniformitythroughout your entire project.Fontrick Door specializes in exterior,interior, screen and screen/storm doors,as well as windows and screen porches.Our specialty door options include: • Bi-folding doors • Dutch doors • Fire doors • Flush doors • French doors • Hurricane impact doors • Lift and slide doors • Louver doorsWe are committed not only to buildingquality products, but also to buildingstrong customer relationships. Our skilleddesign and production teams will keepyou fully involved from start to finish.Let Fontrick Door bring your nextbuilding project full circle.

EXQUISITEEXTERIOR DOORSFirst impressions last a lifetime. And with the elegance and rich craftsmanship of aFontrick exterior door, you’ll make a personal design statement no one will forget.Available in both paint grade and stain grade, our exterior doors are constructed with thefinest hand-selected hardwoods (FAS 2-sided) and are built to your exact specifications.All of our exterior doors offer the following:• Stile and Rail Construction • 1¾\" or 2¼\" Thickness• Stave Core Stiles• Joints Glued and Doweled using ®• Floating, Raised or Flat Extira panels Marine Grade West System Epoxy • Kiln Dried Lumber to 6–8% Moisture Content• Applied or Raised Moulding Options • Low-E Insulated Safety Glass (standard) • Custom Glass Options

INTRICATEINTERIOR DOORSYour interior doors provide essential separation between spaces in your home. However, weunderstand that doors do more than just open and close — they play a vital role in maintainingthe architectural style of your home. With limitless custom design options, our interior doorswill add the perfect finishing touch to any room. Available in paint grade or stain grade, all ofour interior doors offer the following:• Stile and Rail Construction • Applied or Raised Moulding Options• Stave Core Stiles • Kiln Dried Lumber to 6–8% Moisture Content• Joints Glued and Doweled • Standard or Custom Glass Options• 13∕8\", 1¾\" or 2¼\" Thickness

WONDERFULWINDOW OPTIONSCustom crafted hardwood windows are ideal when it comes to fulfilling the architecturallook and feel of your building project. Whether you’re recreating a historical style orbringing a unified look to every room, our full line of Fixed, Casement, Awning, DoubleHung, Lift and Slide, and Bi-Folding windows will add beauty throughout. Fontrickwindows are built to your exact specifications, come standard in Mahogany (other woodoptions available) and offer the following:• 1¾\" or 2¼\" Sash • Exterior Fixed Screens or Interior Roll Screens• Joints Glued and Doweled using • Weights and Chains Balance System or Invisible Marine Grade West System Epoxy Balance System• Simulated or True Divided Lite • Low-E Insulated Safety Glass (standard)• Brass or Stainless Steel Hardware • Custom Glass Options

STYLISHSCREEN & STORM DOORSOpen your home to the fresh air in the warmer months and insulate it in the colder months.A Fontrick hardwood screen or screen/storm combination door will not only add to yourcurb appeal, it will also add years to the life of your exterior door. Available in paint grade orstain grade — and with several layout options — all of our screen and screen/storm doorscome standard with the following:• Quarter Round Sticking • Giro Hardware on Screen/Storm Combination Doors• Charcoal Aluminum, Charcoal Fiberglass, Bronze, Copper, Ultra View and Pet Screen options • 1∕8\" Tempered Safety Glass for Storm Doors• 13∕8\" or 1¾\" Thickness

STUNNINGSCREEN PORCHESA screened-in porch is a wonderful way to enjoy the great outdoors from the inside.And whether screening in an existing porch or building from the ground up, Fontrick hasexperienced craftsmen ready to create custom screen or screen/storm doors and sashesto complete any three- or four-season room. Available in several layout options, all of ourscreen and screen/storm doors and sashes come standard with the following:• Quarter Round Sticking • Giro Hardware on Screen/Storm Combination Doors and Sashes• Charcoal Aluminum, Charcoal Fiberglass, Bronze, Copper, Ultra View or Pet Screen options • 1∕8\" Tempered Safety Glass for Storm Doors and Sashes

DOOR LAYOUT OPTIONSFontrick Door can replicate virtually any door layout, but to help in the designprocess, we have drawn out some of our most popular options for you to chose from.FONTRICK PANEL DOOR OPTIONSFP1 FP2 FP2.6 FP2.13 FP2.16 FP2.17 FP3 FP3.9 FP3.11 FP3.21 FP3.22 FP3.25 FP3.26 FP3.31 FP3.32 FP3.33FP3.27 FP4 FP4.6 FP4.12 FP4.22 FP4.23 FP4.25 FP4.29 FP5 FP5.6 FP5.9 FP5.10 FP5.11 FP6 FP6.6 FP6.9FP8 FP8.3 FP1.1 FP2.1 FP3.1 FP3.6 FP3.10 FP3.20 FP3.28 FP4.1 FP4.7 FP4.13 FP4.24 FP4.26 FP4.30 FP5.1FP5.12 FP6.1 FP8.4 FP1.2 FP2.2 FP2.7 FP2.9 FP3.2 FP3.7 FP3.12 FP3.18 FP3.29 FP4.2 FP4.8 FP4.14 FP4.20FP4.27 FP5.2 FP5.13 FP6.2 FP6.7 FP6.10 FP6.12 FP8.1 FP8.5 FP1.3 FP2.3 FP2.8 FP2.10 FP3.3 FP3.8 FP3.13FP3.19 FP3.30 FP4.3 FP4.9 FP4.15 FP4.21 FP4.28 FP5.3 FP5.14 FP6.3 FP6.8 FP6.11 FP6.13 FP7.1 FP8.2 FP8.6FP1.4 FP2.4 FP2.11 FP2.14 FP3.4 FP3.14 FP3.16 FP3.23 FP4.4 FP4.10 FP4.16 FP4.18 FP5.4 FP5.7 FP6.4 FP6.14FP1.5 FP2.5 FP2.12 FP2.15 FP3.5 FP3.15 FP3.17 FP3.24 FP4.5 FP4.11 FP4.17 FP4.19 FP5.5 FP5.8 FP6.5 FP6.15

FONTRICK LITE DOOR OPTIONSFL1 FL2.12 FL3.6 FL4 FL5 FL6 FL9 FL10 FL12 FL15 FL1.1 FL2.1 FL2.7 FL3.7 FL4.1 FL5.1FFLL61.7 FFLL29..112 FFLL130..61 FLF1L84.1 FFLL15.2 FFLL26.8 FFLL39.2 FFLL41.08 FFLL41.122 FFLL61.52 FFLL61.1.14 FFLL82..21 FFLL122..72 FFLL63.1.74 FFLL14..31 FFLL25..31FL3.9 FL3.12 FL4.3 FL5.3 FL6.15 FL9.3 FL12.9 FL15.3 FL1.4 FL2.10 FL2.16 FL3.4 FL5.4 FL6.4 FL6.10 FL8.4FL6.7 FL9.1 FL10.1 FL18.1 FL1.2 FL2.8 FL3.2 FL4.8 FL4.12 FL6.2 FL6.14 FL8.2 FL12.2 FL6.14 FL1.3 FL2.3FFLL39..94 FFLL310.1.24 FLF1L24..130 FFLL65..136 FFLL61.1.55 FFLL92..35 FFLL122.1.91 FFLL21.51.73 FFLL31.1.41 FFLL25..150 FFLL25..166 FFLL63..54 FFLL65.1.41 FFLL86..54 FFLL61.21.05 FFLL185.4.5FOFLP1NTRFLPI1C.18K LFILPT4.E6 PFLAP4.N12 E LFLP4D.15O OR O PFLPT6.2I1O N SFLP6.22 FLP9 FLP12.16 FLP1.1 FLP1.7 FLP2.7 FLP4.7 FLP6.1 FLP8.1 FL3.11 FL5.5 FL5.6 FL6.5 FL6.11 FL8.5 FL12.5 FL15.5 FLP6.20FL9.4 FL10.4 FL12.10 FL6.16 FL1.5 FL2.5 FL2.11 FL2.17FLFPL1P21.1 FFLLPP11.81.81 FFLLPP41..62 FFLLPP41..1124 FFLLPP24..815 FFLLPP64.2.20 FFLLPP65..221 FFLLPP66..222 FLFPL6P.914 FFLLPP1122.1.86 FFLLPP11..13 FFLLPP11..79 FFLLPP23..73 FFLLPP44.7.3 FFLLPP65..13 FFLLPP68..115FFLLPP182.3.1 FFLLPP1108..31 FFLLPP112..23 FFLLPP115.1.34 FFLLPP21.8.4 FFLLPP14.1.26 FFLLPP35..42 FFLLPP46..42 FFLLPP66..144 FFLLPP162.1.80 FFLLPP112..34 FFLLPP115.9.4 FFLLPP13..53 FFLLPP24..53 FFLLPP35.1.31 FFLLPP65.1.55FFLLPP68..131 FFLLPP1100..53 FFLLPP1152..53 FFLLPP1158..35 FLP1.4 FLP1.16 FLP3.4 FLP4.4 FLP6.4 FLP6.10 FLP12.4 FLP15.4 FLP1.5 FLP2.5 FLP3.11 FLP5.5 Don’t see what you’re looking for? Email us at [email protected] or call with your idea and a sales rep will work with you to create your unique door layout.FLP6.11 FLP10.5 FLP15.5 FLP18.5

Sidelites and Transoms are a great addition to any door and an excellent way to bringmore natural light into your home. Choose from one of the following options, or createyour own custom design.SIDELITESTRANSOMSSelect from many sizes and shapes, or wewill work from your own custom design.PROFILES Dado with Raised Dado with Applied FD 272 Panel Profile Moulding #1 Moulding #303 FD 293 Panel ProfileA unique profile, cope or panel raiseadds intangible beauty to your door. FD 200 Panel ProfileChoose from the following optionsor ask about our complete range ofcustom options. FD 111 Panel ProfileCUSTOM UNIT LAYOUT EXAMPLES

Fontrick offers the following standard lumber options, as well as many other wood typesupon request. Some of our not-so-standard custom veneers are also shown below.Call or email us today for a complete listing!STANDARD LUMBER OPTIONSAfrican Mahogany Beech Cherry Genuine Mahogany HickoryKnotty Pine Maple Pine Poplar Quarter Sawn Red OakQuarter Sawn Red Oak Sapele Spanish Cedar Teak White OakVertical Grain Walnut White Ash White Oak Wormy Chestnut Douglas FitCUSTOM VENEER OPTIONSMacassar Ebony Bird’s Eye Maple Waterfall Bubinga Wenge Zebra WoodGLASS OPTIONSOur standard glass options include: Clear, White Lami, Acid Etched, and Beveled. Some common Pattern Glassoptions are shown below. For more custom glass options, visit or call us today!Aquatex Rain Pattern Glue Chip Ice

YOUR VISION MADE REAL 9 Apollo Drive | Batavia, New York 14020Phone: 1.800.246.0335 | Fax: 1.800.906.6033 | Email: [email protected] W W W. F O N T R I C K D O O R . C O M © 2015 Fontrick Door, Inc. All rights reserved.

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